“No liability” from the Vaccine Injury Compensation Act

“No liability” from the Vaccine Injury Compensation Act

I’m Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. I’m the Chairman of the Board and the Senior Prosecuting Attorney for Children’s Health Defense. Consider this: that all of the companies that make vaccines, Merck, Sanofi, Glaxo and Pfizer have all paid billions of dollars in penalties in their pharmaceutical business for lying to the public for cheating on their testing or deceiving regulators and for committing other crimes in order to sell products and maximize their profits. Why does anybody believe and if you suddenly gave them immunity from all liability – which we’ve done with vaccines – they’d suddenly stop doing bad things to our children and to the rest of us. It makes no sense and of course they haven’t.

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  1. Congress is not doing their job if there's a way to get a document showing the lobby money and going to each individual Congress person we can have some ammunition to work with

  2. Most people don't know vaccine manufacturers are immune from liability. When I tell people, they are shocked. Even my neighbor who is a nurse didn't know. Moreover, people don't use the technology they have to see all the deadly chemicals in vaccines even though the info is out there. People are either too lazy or too blind to do the research. They falsely believe that our govt wouldn't allow such harmful things on the market.

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