Obesity – Natural Ayurvedic Home Remedies

Obesity – Natural Ayurvedic Home Remedies

that is stored in the body as a reserve of energy however excessive deposits of fat can result in obesity a useful measure of ideal body weight is known as body mass index if a person weighs 20 percent over the ideal body weights he or she is suffering from obesity a combination of factors leads to obesity excessive intake of high-calorie food more than what the body can use up inborn causes the excess energy to be stored as fat in sugar making a person obese obesity could also be a genetic condition for some sometimes metabolic disorders and certain medication can lead to this condition you are at a few simple home remedies that have proved effective in curing obesity take one glass of warm water add one teaspoon of honey add one tablespoon of lemon juice mix it well drink this first thing in the morning on an empty stomach take a cup of water add three teaspoons of lemon juice add a pinch of black pepper powder also known as collie mix add 1 teaspoon honey mix it well drink this 2 times a day and continue doing this for two months add two tablespoons of the flaw powder in 500 ml of water let it simmer for about 5 minutes strain the liquid drink this twice a day you may add a little honey if needed eat two ripe tomatoes first thing in the morning cabbage has a valuable chemical called tartaric acid which restricts conversion of sugar and other carbohydrates into fats have a bowl of cabbage salad once during the day eat well and take care of yourself for more such natural home remedies visit www.homesmontgomerymd.com

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  11. Hi Thanks for the tips for obesity control please clear do we fallow one remedy at a time or  we can continue 2 ,3 remedies simultaneously please clear this so that we could start using .

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  25. Do these methods really work?? Really want to try them but don't wanna waste time on them if they don't work or do the trick. How do these methods work? Anybody that tried this please reply to me. Thanks. 👍

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  29. The first remedy with lemon juice and honey , how many times should you take it ? Only in the mornings everyday? I wanna try this remedy lol xD
    Thank you ! ;

  30. haiii,
    am really fed up with my pot belly..
    is this method also suitable for reducing it too??
    please suggest a method to get rid of pot belly..please please!!

  31. Hi I wondering if Chuna (paan) was good for your knee and bones or is that true that you can get a stone in your body when you eat Chuna? Thanks!

  32. Heyya…
    I hv been watching ut videos…
    I hd a c section 3 months bck…
    Cn u plz help me witj sum tips to get rid of my belly fat n also my excess weight…
    I hv been drinking green tea n lemon n honey n blackpepper…
    Waiting for a reply…
    Ur doing a gr8 job:)

  33. Why does your videos not contain any mention of why you think these "cures" as you put it, work?

    You deserve a Pulitzer or something if you have the cure for obesity….. Why is everyone so eager to believe this without question or scientific proof.

  34. cabbage sounds promising…. but there is no way I'm replacing my eggs and sausage in the morning for cabbage, maybe if I liquify the cabbage and drink it like a man, YES!!!

  35. One needs to understand there is no miracle drink or food to lose weight..! LEMON AND CABBAGE TO REDUCE OBESITY…SO ONE WHO HAS THESE two things should really be slim and trim right..!

  36. Hi(: Have you tried the Fat Blaze Factor (google it)? Ive hear a number of unbelievable stuff about it and my mate burned lots of excess fats.

  37. Its important to drink lukewarm water ?
    If der is other home remedy widout lukewarm water plzz tell me
    Its hard to drink lukewarm water for me…

  38. Hi mam can I continue this weight reduction treatment while I'm pregnant plz reply…thank u so much for your tips…

  39. Hi homeveda… I want to ask u a question … I m 170 m tall 16 years old and weight 112 kg I want to lose weight I tried a loot of methods but i dont have that much discipline to continue a diet … I hope ur tip will help me to lose some weight … so my question was how much weight i can lose in 1 month of i drink these drinks … Please answer my question 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢

  40. henna girls, Wer do u put up? I am not advertising anything just a concern, would u like to join my gym? in bangalore? I Wil help u to reduce 10 -15 kgs in a month

  41. can i take 2nd remedy (lime, pepper, water and honey) with normal water (not warm or hot)..? and how many months i should take…?

  42. hi, i don't bother about my weight..but my tummy abb size is very high..i tried different types of remedies like pippalli n honey mix for a month..but i dnt get any result..thats why i am asking that pepper powder, lime, water n honey remedy is working for me…? pls help me..

  43. Well , If it helps somebody ,Maintain your Low carb diet and high protein with max amount of fiber (SALADS ) intake depending upon your monstrous meals u serve disproportionately , do brisk exercises early in the morning and evening why not it be cardio ( Runnig , Jogging ) and for those part that matter to u more , And Mandatory few mins of your fav Yoga exercises daily / maximum amount of water intake dailyy , and yes Green tea with lemon and Honey in it (Ginger possibly ). will definately lay u off a very happy , prosperous and Healthy Life . Hence , It helps you prevent from almost all diseases that you may ever be prone to i.e. Enchancing your skin , kEEPING YOUR MOOD AND ACTIVITY EFFICIENT, lowering cancer , preventing diabetes , preventing heart disease , Bp , Headache , Stomach problems , Prevent diabetes , THYROID DISEASE, AND MANY MORE. YOU MAY NOT REALIZE THIS LIL PRECAUTIONS ACTUALLY KEEPS YOU EVER HAPPY ( GOOD HEALTH + ACTIVE LIFE + DISEASE FREE + Prosperity = Eaternal HAPPINESS 🙂 There you go !!! Dr. Sarfraj .

  44. Do you mean to follow all the remedies that you show in the video, or one can choose any one of the remedy????

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  46. 1. Have been drinking lemon water every morn for decades. Have put on weight around belly due to sugar, stress etc.. Dont think it is that easy!2. Triphala may help3. cabbage and tomato are very acidic and bad for Vata- so can't apply to all!4. homeveda – as in home-ayurveda / indian herbalism does not talk about calorie or "energy" or BMI as such. It is more about lifestyle. You can say it is tips from kitchen. Surely not homeveda.

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