Ojas Diet Plan | Immunity Boosting Foods (Ayurveda)

Ojas Diet Plan | Immunity Boosting Foods (Ayurveda)

hi guys my name is Clare and this is
Clareminded so in this video we’re talking about an ojas diet plan and
these are going to be immunity boosting foods within Ayurveda that we use to kind of
build our ojas and because ojas diet plan.. you can incorporate so many
different aspects so I’m gonna list a bunch of food and ingredients and a
couple herbs that you can start to incorporate into your diet plan if
you’re looking to increase your ojas I’ll give you a couple recipes at the
end of things that you can kind of make or snack on but it was just gonna be
like boom boom boom if you have questions let me know. so an ojas diet
plan is essentially foods that are going to build your ojas and ojas remember
is the subtle energy of kapha so it’s got a lot of earth and water in it so
those are going to translate into the foods that you’re consuming and an ojas diet plan so you want to be consuming more earth and more water
something that is going to give you more stability and more like mental stamina
and just structure all throughout so you want heavier denser foods into your diet
is essentially what the ojas diet plan is if you want to check out the
meaning of ojas and get a little bit of a background check out these videos up
here otherwise we’re gonna just dive straight into all of these immunity
boosting foods so I’m gonna list off some ojas increasing foods and herbs
that you can start to incorporate into your ojas diet plan I’ll give you a
couple of ideas for recipes at the end see if you want to incorporate some of
those otherwise you can take these foods these ingredients and kind of make them
your own you can incorporate them and to make your own ojas diet plan you just
want something that’s heavy earthy grounding nourishing so let’s get into
it so ojas increasing foods let’s first start with some herbs so like
herbs you want to start incorporating to boost your ojas are things like
ashwagandha Shatavari and triphala get some triphala in there
it’s got three ayurvedic super fruits it’s good for all three doshas
it’s very nourishing very grounding it like purifies you but also tonifies you
at the exact same time it’s amazing it’s super I love it triphala. Ojas
increasing foods we got mangoes bananas peaches figs dates beets avocado sweet
potato summer squash pumpkin zucchini squash zucchini
carrots, yams and then a bunch of nuts you want almonds cashews macadamia Brazil nuts, pecans.. like the heavier type of nut to really like
hone you down sesame seeds pumpkin seeds are very good coconut milk coconut water
the coconut meat inside. ghee is amazing in Ayurveda something could sub instead of
that if you’re vegan you could also use sesame oil coconut oil or olive oil as
well those are heavier denser type of oils that you can incorporate into your
ojast diet plan you want a lot of whole grains bright brown rice white
rice buckwheat oats a really good whole wheat moong dal and tofu and then the
last thing that I’m definitely gonna recommend if you’re trying to build your
ojas are going to be some bone broth and if you’re vegan you might not want
to consume these and maybe sub in some mushroom broth but if you are super low
in ojas meaning your dealing with like chronic pain fatigue depressed
underweight overweight you just are very like a fatigue, not even lazy
you’re just you know like very malnourished in a sense where you’re
just kind of weak you need some bone broth. bone broth is gonna give you that
stability and that’s strength for your physical body to grasp onto it and kind
of build your own jaws to like increase your stability mental physical spiritual
all the above a couple recipes that you can incorporate some of these things
with is like in the morning something I know just great breakfast if you’re in
there like summertime or you’re just looking for a refresher is a almond date
shake so get a handful almonds soak them soak with like two dates or three days
however you’re feeling. get some coconut milk and then add a
couple grounding spices add some ashwagandha a little cinnamon
and maybe a little ginger to help open it all up put it in the blender blend it
up drink it super nourishing if you’re looking for a snack grab a sweet potato
or a yam put some avocado on there maybe a little hot sauce drizzle or if you’re
looking for something sweet you can top it with some almond butter and a little
maple syrup and maybe some coconut flakes at the top. you can have an
ayurvedic golden milk turmeric latte which is super nourishing I got the
recipe up here and if any doubts and you’re trying to increase your address
eat some kitchari it is like the cure all in Ayurveda we love it. kitchari is the way
to go. Thank you guys so much for watching I super appreciate you being
here let me know if you want more ojas diet plan or specific recipes
leave them in the comments below I’m definitely here for you guys send me
some likes. I love you, see you next time

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  1. Clare ! Thank you πŸ™‚ I am currently going to school for Ayurvedic medicine, I love hearing your personal tips for an ojas diet and I would love to hear more ??

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