Online BA in Complementary and Alternative Health | Ashford University

Online BA in Complementary and Alternative Health | Ashford University

I’m Dr. Erick Cervantes, a faculty
member here at Ashford University’s College of Health Human Services and
Science. The Bachelor of Arts in Complementary
and Alternative Health is a fascinating program that exposes students to a
variety of holistic medical systems in use today by licensed practitioners.
Students will be introduced to a wide variety of deeply rooted and innovative
medical systems that have recently grown in popularity and analyze their use in conjunction with
western medicine as well as stand-alone. Our curriculum
explores the rich history of these system’s, their motive diagnosis, and the use of
specific modalities for treatment of imbalances and disharmonies in the body. Along
with advanced degrees, many of our faculty members have clinical
and practical experience in the field, and they incorporate best practices and
real-life applications into their courses. Personally, I’m a trained naturopathic
doctor with clinical experience in the state of California. Some of my personal favorite courses in
this program include Holistic Health, Foundations of Complementary and Alternative Health, and Integrative Health. Ashford University’s Bachelor of Arts in
Complementary Alternative Health Program offers a global perspective on health
and disease that will enrich the lives of students
and can provide a stepping stone for a variety of careers.

5 Replies to “Online BA in Complementary and Alternative Health | Ashford University”

  1. This is my major at Ashford 🙂 I plan on continuing my education after I receive my Bachelors of Art degree, at the National University of Health Sciences to get my doctorate as a Naturopathic Doctor 🙂

  2. Nice! I just finished my Degree in Complementary and Alternative Health at the beginning of August 2013. I am looking to continue my education as well. This was a great Degree program for me and I enjoyed my entire time as a student at Ashford University!

  3. Do you know if this degree program actually completes the requirements to take the following step at a School like Bastyr University, and becoming a Naturopathic Dr.

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