Optimized Hormone Health and Tonic Herbalism with Sage Dammers @ NEXT|HEALTH

– So yes, you guys excited? (shouts)
(laughing) All right, so now it’s my
honor to introduce to you the Willy Wonka of health
and wellness and super food chocolates, Sage Dammers
of Addictive Wellness. (cheering and applause)
– Thank you. Hi, everybody, thanks so much. Thanks so much to everyone
for taking the time on this beautiful summer evening
and coming and spending it indoors when there’s
beautiful sunsets to watch, but we’ve got a beautiful place
here for everybody as well, so thanks to everybody
here for taking the time and coming out. This is really a pleasure
to be able to spend this evening with you all,
and we’re gonna be talking tonight a lot about hormones. This is something that is
so simple yet so powerful, and it affects every minute
of every day of our lives whether we realize it or
not, and in most cases nobody realizes it. So I have a bit of background
in chocolate making, as you guys have probably
been tasting hopefully and enjoying, but I’ve
had a lot of passion for well over a decade going
back into my teens for natural health and nutrition,
and just whatever could make the body perform at
a better level and get you closer to being able to live
you ultimate life experience. And for me I realized
along the way that hormones are a key part of this
because they’re kind of the master switches of your health. You can get a lot of
things right downstream. You can be taking some of
the right vitamins maybe, and you could be getting enough
sleep and getting a few of these pieces right downstream,
but if upstream your hormones are not in the right
place, and you’re not doing all the right things in
terms of lifestyle and diet and nutrition for these
hormones to really be thriving, it’s gonna affect everything downstream. It’s like if you are
trying to make a call on your phone, right? And you’re dialing the right
number and you’re saying the number is right, the number is right, but your phone’s in airplane
mode, something’s wrong. It’s just not gonna work. You could have the
right number every time, but the call’s not
gonna go through because the master switch is turned off. That’s how hormones work. That’s how things like
testosterone and oxytocin and estradiol, estriol, estrone,
these are all master switches that if you get them
right, it kind of has this cascade effect of everything
downstream getting into the right place without you
even having to worry about it. So you may have all
these different symptoms, and you can go after it
in sort of a western model where we’re treating symptoms,
and you can even do it in a naturalesque way,
taking certain vitamins, certain supplements,
certain things for a symptom here and there. But if you go upstream,
sort out the hormones, oftentimes a lot of this
downstream stuff tends to work itself out. Now the biggest enemy that
we deal with when it comes to hormone health has to be
stress, and this is something we just have an abundance
of in the modern world. And here’s why this is the
problem, and don’t worry. I’m not just gonna talk
to you guys for the next half hour about why stress is so bad. We’re actually gonna get
into some solutions on how to deal with it because
the last thing you need when you’re stressed is for
somebody to come up and say “stop stressing”, because
then you just wanna punch them in the face, right? Because that’s not a solution. So when you’re stressed,
you produce a hormone called cortisol, and you produce adrenaline. And these are things that
are evolutionarily designed to help you survive really
crazy situations, right? If you come around the
corner, and there’s a bear, you want that cortisol because it’s gonna help you really move. If you’re threatened by
your neighboring cave man who wants to take over your territory, and you need to fight, you
want that cortisol because it’s gonna help you smash
his face in with your club. But in our modern world where
often we get in these loops of stressing about things
that don’t have immediate solutions, or that we
can’t physically react to, we end up in this chronic
situation where we’re always producing this cortisol,
always producing this cortisol because we’re always feeling
that we’re sort of in imminent danger because
we have so many things going on in our lives, right? And the reason that this
becomes a problem is that you have a hormone factory
in your body basically, and that hormone factory
can produce all kinds of hormones for your health. But evolutionarily your body
is not gonna keep producing those hormones if you’re
stressed because, imagine. If your body is going along
producing normal hormones, and suddenly the boss calls
down, your nervous system calls down and said there’s an emergency, your body doesn’t recognize
whether that’s just an emergency because your
boss is yelling at you at work or because there’s actually
a legitimate threat to your life. But what happens is your body says okay, we’re shutting down production
of all of these other hormones because our priority
is immediate survival, right? The humans, our ancestors,
maybe someone who were trying out different kinds
of systems, and their systems no matter what prioritize say
testosterone and oxytocin, even when there was an
emergency, they didn’t survive. They got killed by that
saber-toothed tiger. They didn’t survive to
pass their genes on. It really didn’t work out for them. But that’s kind of a
double-edged sword because we get in this challenge in our
modern world where there’s always this chronic low level of stress, and you’re constantly
producing this cortisol. And your adrenals and your
other hormone-producing organs like your pituitary and
pineal gland and thyroid aren’t able to focus on
producing to other health promoting hormones, right? And so two of the really
most important hormones that we’re gonna talk a lot about
tonight are testosterone and oxytocin. And something really important
to understand is that biologically men and
women have very different hormonal systems. We produce a lot of the
same hormones, right? Like men, women both have
testosterone in your systems. Only difference is guys need
about 30 times the levels of testosterone as a man. Women are more reliant on
oxytocin, so our systems are different, and the way
that we need to address them in order to really
be experiencing thriving hormonal health is gonna be different. And when it comes to our
hormones we hear a lot these days that oh, you need
to take this supplement, that supplement, this herb. You need to not stress so much. A lot of it may be even,
some experts are saying 50% of your hormone situation
is actually lifestyle and behavior and relationships. The other half comes from
diet, and it’s more of a chemical situation where
you’re taking the right supplements, you’re
eating the right foods, getting all the good
healthy fats in your diet. But such a huge percentage
of it is behavior and how you behave in your relationships. Guys, we do great when we
keep our testosterone high, and that is something that
guys, high testosterone brings down stress. Women, high testosterone
does not bring down stress. High testosterone will
actually cause more stress. It will make you feel
for a time empowered and strong drive and really
focused, but it’s gonna cause more stress. So it’s different people
need different things. For women it’s more about oxytocin. For guys, if you have a lot
of oxytocin in your system, you’re gonna bond, you’re
gonna have more empathy, but it’s actually gonna drive
down your testosterone levels, and it can kind of make you
lethargic and a little bit more prone to irritation. So it’s different, and you
gotta look at what lifestyle behaviors are gonna
bring up this oxytocin. For guys it’s gonna bring up testosterone. So you can really easily
find explanations of this in male/female relationships. For women, you come home from work, you’ve had a really challenging day. What do you wanna do? Do you wanna go and just
sit down and watch TV? Or would you like to talk about it? (laughing)
See how you’re feeling? Talk about what other people were feeling, what the other person
said, what they might have been feeling, what if this
happens and what if that happens, and again how it’s making you feel. And you want someone to
listen to that, right? You know what all that does? It drives up oxytocin. Those are the bonding hormones. Evolutionarily, why are
women wired to do this? Think back to kind of tribal times, right? Guys were out doing the
hunting most likely. I’m sure there were some
badass women who were doing hunting, too. Much respect. But for the most part guys
were out doing the hunting. Women were cooking, gathering
food, taking care of children, preparing food, picking berries, you know, whatever it may have been,
dealing with different herbs and things of that nature. During that time it’s really easy to talk. You can talk about all your
problems, emotionally connect with each other, whereas
guys, we’re out there. If I’m talking with my buddy
about all the different problems going on my
relationship and all the things I’m thinking and feeling, that animal, that moose we were going after
is gonna hear us a mile away. We didn’t get to eat. Our tribe is now gonna suffer, right? So guys, we go quietly. We do physical activity. We have a cycle of rest and
action and rest and action, and then problem solving. When you’re problem
solving, it helps to release more testosterone. That’s why if you give a
guy a task to fix something, he’s all over it. If it’s not too complicated,
and he can figure out (audience laughs)
how to do it, right? No, because like the last thing
you wanna do is give a guy a thing that’s like whoa,
you don’t know anything about computers? Can you fix my computer? You don’t wanna emasculate
the poor guy, right? Give him a chance, let
him fix a toaster or something like that. Start easy. But problem solving is great for guys. Girls, you bring up a
problem, and you hate this, but girls, you bring up a problem, guys, we wanna problem solve, we
wanna come up with solutions. Well you don’t want solutions. You wanna talk about it. You wanna talk about the
emotions and be heard and felt. That brings up your oxytocin. So here we have a problem. The things that build
testosterone are not the things that build oxytocin. Things that build oxytocin
don’t build testosterone. What are we gonna do about this, right? Because that seems a problem,
and it is indeed the source of a lot of friction in our
relationships because ideally you wanna bring the stress
down with these good hormones that are right for you as an individual. Then your whole body can
thrive, and you can be happy in your relationship, and the
other person will be happy. So for women, get it to
where your guy can understand that you wanna talk about the emotions. You don’t need an immediate solution. AnnaBlanca and I, what we
have in our relationship, when a problem is brought
up we say plan A or plan B? And what that means in our relationship, plan A means I want a practical solution. Help me actually figure this out. Plan B, I just want you to be present. I wanna just be heard,
I wanna be supported, and for guys that can be
sometimes as simple as just a grunt that you hear it. (audience laughs) And it sounds like it’s
too simple, but if you just like the power of one empathetic mmmmmm, makes her feel so heard. And of course you can do
more, but if you’ve got a lot going on, and that’s all you
can give, it’s a million times better than saying so
what, what do you want? Or just trying to fix the problem. Or saying what do you
want me to do about it? You don’t need to do anything about it. You just need to plan
B, be present and listen and make her feel heard
and supported and safe and that nothing really
too bad is gonna happen. And then for women to build
the oxytocin, all your oxytocin doesn’t have to come
from your male partner. You get that also from
bonding with female friends. Again, back to the tribal
situation, you’re not hanging with your guy all day long. You’re there working
with the women, right, talking about your things
with your female friends. You can get 90% of your
oxytocin from time spent with female friends. AnnaBlanca and I, we work
together all the time, but we also make sure that
she has female bonding time when she can go out and
build her oxytocin because it’s not all gonna be
able to come from me. If the guy is there trying
to build the female oxytocin all the time, it can work. He can be a totally incredible
guy, but it’s gonna drive down his testosterone,
he’s gonna feel less drive, and in the long term he’s
not gonna be able to be there and be strong and be
as supportive for you. So girls, you can find some
of the oxytocin from your female friends, and that’s
a great way to kind of find some balance. Now on the other hand,
guys, we need to build our testosterone, so you gotta
find this cycle of rest so your testosterone can rebuild. That’s why the man cave exists. The man cave is testosterone factory. That’s where it happens. So when a guy’s relaxing, doing
nothing, just chilling out, testosterone rebuilds. You go out and you do
physical activity and you do problem solving, testosterone
that’s been building up in your hormone producing
glands, now gets released. And then you do that cycle again. You go do something, you fix
the toaster, you go work out, you go exercise, come back, you rest. You go to work, you come back, you rest. So it’s the cycle of doing
and resting and doing and resting for guys that
builds your testosterone and releases it, builds
it and releases it. And so when we work this
out, it’s so incredible. And the other thing to
keep in mind is that women are more in need of
serotonin, and guys are more in need of dopamine. These are really interesting
because these are different happiness chemicals, but guys,
we store 50% more serotonin, and we produce serotonin at 50% faster, so we’re set serotonin-wise. However, women, it’s a lot more difficult. On the other hand, guys, we
use up a lot of more dopamine through the cellular
needs of our muscle mass, and so we need to focus
on things that are gonna build more dopamine. That’s gonna help us be
focused and be really nicely energized. So this is a look at how in our behavior we can really influence our hormones. It’s not just about diet
and about supplements. Anyone knows who’s been in a
toxic or like a co-dependent relationship, you don’t come
out feeling good, right? You don’t come out feeling
like, even once you break up you’re like, you’re down, you
feel drained, you need to like rebuild for a while and
rediscover yourself. What is that? It’s for women go and hang
out with your female friends or rebuild that oxytocin that
you haven’t been getting. It’s a natural thing. For guys you go with your guy friends. You go like, go do sports, right? That’s rebuilding your testosterone. The thing is if you realize
that before you end up in a problem in a relationship, you can save the relationship. It’s so nice, right? So the other thing to keep
in mind in your relationship is keeping your partner’s
blood sugar balanced, because anyone who’s ever
been around a hungry partner realizes they’re not at their best, right? (audience laughs) When your partner’s blood
sugar is low, they’re not there to support you. They may love you from
the bottom of their heart, but they feel like
they’re gonna die, right? (audience laughs) They could fall over and
collapse at any moment. And in falling over and
collapsing, evolutionarily if you pass out because your blood sugar is low, you’re easy prey for a tiger, right? So your body is gonna
prioritize getting food over anything else. So if your partner is
having low blood sugar, first things first. Do whatever it takes to get them food. Make them something. Get them to a restaurant. This goes for men and women
because when your blood sugar’s low, you start
producing cortisol again. That’s that stress hormone
that doesn’t allow any of your other hormones to
be in healthy production. So you’re stressed because
your body needs this, is basically using cortisol
as an alternative fuel, and it’s a really crappy
like dirty burning alternative fuel that is not healthy, and it’s not healthy for
your relationship either. Nobody likes to be
around you when your low blood sugar and on cortisol. So look out for your
partner’s blood sugar, and at the same time look
out for your own so you can be a nicer person to
not just your partner, but to everybody around you. So promised I would give you
guys some solutions herbally to look at stress, right? So one of my favorite herbs
for this is reishi mushroom. This is a bright red mushroom. We have it in our chocolate
drinks you guys have been having back there, and
it grows on dead trees. And it is one of the most
amazing Chinese herbs for dealing with stress. It just, it calms the mind,
gets you out of your head and into your heart,
and it’s something that it’s a tonic herb. Many of the herbs we’re gonna
be talking about tonight are tonic herbs, meaning
it’s not like echinacea or golden seal, something like
that where you just take it when you’re sick, right, to
get better, and you don’t take it for more than like a week. These are herbs that are meant
to be taken in small amounts over the course of your life
to build this foundation of amazing health and just
allow you to adapt to whatever external circumstances you’re in, because the reality of the
world we’re in today is it’s not getting simpler. We’re not getting more free time. We’re just getting busier, right? All these devices that are
promised, oh, is this gonna save you so much time. Does anybody since they
got their last phone, or since they went from like
a flip phone to a smartphone, do you have more free time? What, are you saving more time? No, not me neither, like
it doesn’t work that way. So we’re on a one way street
there, so you’re not gonna, there are more external
stressors that are gonna be hitting us in five years
then there are now. It’s gonna be getting weird. We gonna be in virtual
reality and this reality at the same time trying
to keep it all balanced. Do you think it’s hard
like trying to live in Instagram and real life? Wait until it’s like really hard, right? It’s gonna be crazy, super
stressful on your body. So the idea is we’re not
gonna necessarily be able to stop that procession of
things, but we can take things that enhance our body’s
own natural adaptability so we can deal with it
better, so it doesn’t have the same biological impact
on us as it’s gonna have on other people. So one my favorites, reishi mushroom. Another one, holy basil. This is kind of like, it’s almost like the ayervedic reishi. It’s one of the most
powerful adaptogenic herbs, again a great one for
really quickly bringing down stress and anxiety, and that’s one you can
take every single day. Now because we’re talking
about hormone health, and that connects so close
to reproductive health, I also wanna mention if
you’re a guy, and you are actually trying to have
kids, don’t take holy basil. It messes up your sperm
temporarily in a really weird way, and can be a really
strong thing to stop you from getting pregnant. If you’re a guy and you’re
not wanting to get pregnant, pound that holy basil, go for it. (audience laughs) It can be a great tool, but
yeah, and this is something, holy basil, so many people are into it, but very few people know
that it actually for as short time period really like
makes you sperm go all weird and nonfunctional. So we got those two, and then
ashwagandha is another one of my favorites, and this
supports the whole hormonal system in such a fantastic way. It’s known as the ayurvedic ginseng. It improves your energy and
endurance, but it’s also supporting the thyroid and
bringing down stress and anxiety. It’s doing so much all at once. If you’re into your
health, into longevity, into feeling amazing,
having great fitness, building healthy hormones,
and you’re not on ashwagandha, as long as you’re not,
it is a night shade, so if you’re like crazy
allergic to night shades, I wouldn’t do it. But if you can handle night
shades, and it’s not the end of the world if you have
a little bit of a night shade, ashwagandha is like just unbelievable. And it grows really fast,
so it’s much less expensive compared to most of the herbs out there. So if you’re on a budget,
and you’re like okay, I have like, I can maybe
incorporate one herb or two herbs, I would say like ashwagandha number one, reishi mushroom number two. The range of things that
these can do for your health on a relatively small
dose every day, you know, maybe you’re taking 50 cents
worth or a dollar worth every day, it can just be
absolutely transformational. And the other organ
that really important to talk about is the thyroid. It’s a little butterfly
shaped organ located right here on your neck,
and it comes from the Greek word thyros, which means shield. It acts essentially as
your radiation shield. So when you’re being hit by
radiation, your thyroid is kind of there so soak it all
up for better or for worse. You got these two glands on either side, and they’re connected by a
little thing called the isthmus. Some people weirdly don’t
have a isthmus, and they have just like two separate
glands on either side, but most of you probably
got the full thyroid connected in the middle. And the thyroid is something
that really suffers when you’re under a lot
of stress, like your other hormone producing organs,
but the thyroid especially. And the problem is a lot
of people will get their thyroid tested by their regular doctor, and will maybe just look at T3, maybe T4, don’t get a full thyroid panel,
and the doctor may not even know how to really assess
the thyroid panel and look at the different measurements
compared to each other. But it’s really essential
if you feel like you might have a thyroid issue, or
even if you don’t just to check out what’s going
because so many people suffer from this, millions and
millions of Americans. You need T3, T4, reverse T3,
TSH and thyroid antibodies because a lot of people have Hashimoto’s, which is a form of autoimmune
disorder where the thyroid will be fluctuating between
over active and under active, and it’s just a total mess. And so many people have
not been able to figure out what’s causing their
problems with their health, and they’re trying to do everything right, and then finally they realize
they have a thyroid problem, and they start addressing
it from that perspective, and boom, from like one
week to the next it can totally transform your
health and problems that had no matter what you do, they
never seemed to go away. You hit the thyroid,
everything falls into place. It’s so powerful, and the
problem is most doctors don’t know what to look
for, or they don’t test all the right things. And so people think oh, my
doctor checked my thyroid. Everything is cool. And they hear this for years. And you may even look at a
list of thyroid symptoms, for under active thyroid,
and you say oh, I have this and I have this and I have
this, but my doctor said my thyroid was cool. It must be fine, it can’t be that. Until one day you finally
get a full thyroid panel, and you realize it’s been
my thyroid all along, and I didn’t know all these years. So getting a full thyroid
panel, super important. It’s something that is
worthwhile for everyone to do. The other problem we run
into hormones is we have a lot of things that mimic hormones. You have a lot of chemicals
and plant compounds that look a lot like our hormones. And hormones are essentially
a game of musical chairs. So you have a limited number
of chairs, you guys all know how the game works, and
you have more players than you have chairs. Now these chairs are our hormone
receptors, and so you get good things coming in like
testosterone, oxytocin, estrogen, progesterone, but
then you also get things coming in like phthalates,
like BPA like you get from plastic water bottles. So maybe you go to drinking
out of BPA-free water bottles. You know what they use instead of BPA? BPS, which stands for
basically plastic shit. (laughing) It’s basically the same thing. They just swap out a different chemical, so really, really, really try
to go for glass if you can. And so these all these
different kinds of compounds. You know what else looks
like it is hormones given to animals, so if you’re
eating a conventional animal products, those
animals are eating this stuff all the time, concentrating
those compounds. Same with pesticides if you’re
eating non-organic food. Those pesticides look a
lot like your hormones and take up these seats
and don’t allow the healthy hormones to sit in those seats. Again, if you’re having
animal foods that are not cleanly raised, that are not
grass fed, they’re eating pesticides, they’re concentrating
all these pesticides for you, and then you get a mega dose. How nice, right? It’s no fun. So you really wanna be aware
of these things that are taking up the seats. A great supplement you can
take, two things actually that are often combined,
Indol-3-Carbinol and DIM, diindolyl-methane. For anyone who’s like oh crap,
I don’t know how to spell all of these things,
within the next week on our YouTube channel we’re
gonna put this video up, and then we’re gonna do
all the subtitles for it. So you can just look through
to the part that you’re wondering about, and everything
will have the perfect spelling for you there. So if you can’t spell it
or you don’t get it in your phone fast enough, don’t worry. You’ll have another chance. So these toxic estrogen
mimics are important to avoid and detox the ones you have,
so your actual beneficial hormones can get into these seats. Now herbs that are gonna work
directly on your hormones. So for women there are some amazing herbs, and not many of them are very well known. So you have for example
shatavari or shatavari, depending on how you like to pronounce it. It’s an ayurvedic herb,
and it translates to she who has 1,000 husbands. Doesn’t mean you gotta
have 1,000 husbands or be very promiscuous, but it means
it gives you the strength and hormonal fortitude
to deal with the crap of 1,000 guys, right? And what woman wouldn’t
like to just be able to deal with all these guys, right? So shatavari is amazing. It’s fantastic for building
up all your healthy hormones. And for women another thing
to keep in mind when you’re dealing with hormones is that
you have to build your blood. Guys, we’re fine, we don’t need
to worry about that so much. Women, you’re bleeding every
month, and so you need to really look at what’s
gonna build up that heme, what’s gonna build up that iron, and there’s some great
herbs for doing this. One is white peony, great blood
builder, and when you have enough blood in your body
it creates such a difference in your vitality, right? And for example, there’s
also some Chinese formulas. For example, Ginseng and Longan is one, and Buplerum and Peony is another. These are great blood
building formulas that women when they start taking
these very often they feel so much more vitality coming
back into their bodies. And just you have the fuel in your system. You have the blood to
carry the nutrients around, to carry the oxygen throughout
the body, to carry the oxygen and nutrients to your brain,
and just everything kind of starts working better. It goes back to what we were
saying at the beginning. When you start hitting these
master switches at the top, a lot of things downstream
fall into place. And again I wanna
mention ashwagandha here. Now that we talked about a
little more about the thyroid, it’s gonna make sense. Ashwagandha is one of
the top thyroid herbs. It’s also one of the top stress herbs. So those two very important
parts of where it’s gonna support you hormonally and
allow your natural system to produce these healthy hormones. Ashwagandha helps to sort it out. Now for guys. Some of the herbs are the same. For example, ashwagandha,
I say this for everybody. I’m like a broken record on
this one, but it’s fantastic. Also helps to build your
testosterone, and it’s been tested for building muscle
and lean muscle mass. Other things really good
for guys, cistanche, gelatinized maca. Now everybody’s heard about maca by now. Now a lot of maca out
there is being marketed as raw maca. The thing with raw maca
is it’s not how it was traditionally consumed, and
it’s able to have a lot of starch in it, and it’s
very hard to break down, and it can actually cause
a lot of flatulence. And I say it’s cruel to
give somebody an aphrodisiac herb that’s gonna cause flatulence. It’s just like why would you do that? That’s just, it’s just mean. So gelatinized maca is
matcha that’s been treated with some heat. It’s essentially been like
roasted, so it helps to break down some of those
starches so the whole thing is much easier for you to
digest, and it’s actually more potent, so you’re
getting more for your money. And then we have black ginger. It’s a Thai herb that we also
we put in our love chocolate. It’s a great aphrodisiac. And these are things that are
gonna support your hormones on the most base level. It’s gonna replenish your
kidneys and your adrenals. Also you have herbs like
cordyceps and he shou wu and rehmannia. These are all herbs that
are actually in this chocolate up here, so make
sure everybody comes and grabs plenty of chocolate afterwards. That’s in our recharge chocolate. It’s basically got all the
best herbs for supporting your kidneys and adrenals
and restoring that base core robust vitality. And these herbs, they work
really both for men and women. It’s replenishing your
kidneys and your adrenals in a way that just gives you
this deep source of power that we’ve really depleted in our lives. The other thing that’s so
essential, and this kind of ties back a little bit to
stress, is getting the right sleep at night and the right
sunlight in the daytime. Sleep is essential because if
you don’t get enough sleep, what does your body do
to adapt to make sure you actually make it through the day? You’re producing cortisol again, right? Just like as if you were stressed. You’re producing cortisol all day long. It’s this kind of really
dirty burning fuel to keep you going. While you’re doing that, your
body can’t produce enough of the other hormones as it really wants to. Then during the day you want
vitamin D3, whether you’re getting that from the
sun or from supplements. If you’re taking it as a
supplement, 5-10,000 IUs. But you wanna make sure
you’re also taking vitamin K2 because it tells your body
what to do with the D3 and what to do with the
calcium that it’s gonna help to produce in your body. And D3 is so important. It is actually a hormone. They call it a vitamin. It really acts as more of a
hormone, and it’s so powerful epigenetically in how it
can change your genetic expression for the better. It actually influences over
3,000 different genetics, so it’s amazing. Then dietarily we really
wanna look at healthy fats. If you look at sort of
like a family tree of how hormones break down and break
down into different hormones in your body, right at the
top you get pregnenolone, and also at the top you have cholesterol, as all these years we’ve
been fed this fat-free diet. High sugar, which sends you
on the sugar rollercoaster so you get these blood
sugar problems that we mentioned earlier, and
you don’t have the fats to give your body the basic
building blocks to make these healthy hormones. So we flip that around. We go low sugar to no sugar,
lots of good healthy fats. So you have things like
ghee, you have things like coconut oil, olive oil,
nuts and seeds in a way that ideally they’re raw and
sprouted and things like that, so it’s easier for you to
digest, not too heavy on your digestive system. And you have all of the
great building blocks that are gonna give your body
the ingredients it needs to really build these healthy hormones. Now the last thing, and
when we have a slide show, I show you like Darth Vader
in this one because this is called aromatization. It’s when the good hormones
go over to the dark side. So your body produces an
enzyme called aromatase, and this is something you
produce more and more of as you get older, and it
takes good hormones like testosterone and turns them
into bad hormones like DHT, or good hormones like
progesterone and turns them into toxic estrogens that build
up too high in your system, and that may have been
good for you when you were in your teen years, but
are no longer beneficial when you’re 40, 50, 60. So aromatase inhibitors
are things like quercetin, like broccoli, Indol-3-Carbinol
and diindolyl-methane. Those are all things that
can prevent that conversion, and when the conversion has
happened already in your system, it can help to detoxify some
of these unhealthy hormones. The last thing I wanna share
with you guys is a bit of Taoist health philosophy, and
the reason I wanna share this, not only is it so powerful,
but we’ve covered so much different stuff in a very
short amount of time. I’ve kind of life asked
you to drink out of a fire hose here, I know, and
so I wanna give us a bit of a framework that you can
put all this information in that’s gonna be very useful
and aid you to adapt. And tomorrow morning when
you think back to tonight, I don’t want you to think
like whoa, that was like a lot of information. What actually even happened there? This framework is gonna be
a way for you to store away all of this that you
can return to it later. So in the Taoist herbal
system they have what’s called the three treasures. And they say the three treasures
are what forms your life. And they use the metaphor of
a candle to explain these. So the wax and the wick of the candle is what’s called the jing, J-I-N-G. This is your base core essence. It’s what you’re built out of. It’s essentially your
energy savings account. So we all inherit a certain
amount of jing from our parents, and some more, some less. It’s kind of like a trust fund. Some people come in with
lots, and they’re just like loaded without ever having
to really work for it. Some people come in, and
you gotta work super hard every day of your life
just to pay the bills. It’s like this with your jing. Some people inherit great life
force because their parents and grandparents were eating
healthy food and had great genetics and passed this on. Some people, you know, we’ve
all met people and maybe even some of us who we try so hard
to do the right healthy stuff all of our lives, but we’re
always like kind of struggling and just barely holding on. If we don’t stay super
healthy and really stick to our diet and our supplements and all that, it really falls apart right away. We didn’t inherit too much jing. It’s okay though, because
there are ways to deal with it. But on the other hand you
have these people that the trust fund jing babies
who inherited so much, and they’re the people we
all know who don’t live a healthy diet at all, and
they make fun of you for all the stuff you do because
they’re not doing any of it. They’re like smoking cigarettes
and eating McDonald’s, yet they still have like
tons of energy, right? We all know those people, and
we’re kind of jealous, right, because they get to do it all. But they are, what’s gonna happen to them? They’ll go to like 50, 60,
and then they’ll hit a wall. They’ll have a heart attack
one day, and it’s all over. (audience laughs) That’s how it works, right? And it’s sad, it’s sad, right? But you know, it’ll sneak up on them, and with living this healthier
lifestyle, even if you don’t start out with a lot of jing,
you learn how to respect that jing, and you use it slowly, right? We’re all using jing
little by little every day, and we have what are called jing leaks. This is where you’re
not living sustainably. Your diet’s poor, you’re
doing drugs and alcohol, you’re smoking, you’re stressing too much. Anytime you’re dipping into
the energy savings account and draining yourself and
burning the candle at both ends, you’re dipping into that savings account. You’re not living from your
checking account anymore. You’re dipping into your savings. It’s not sustainable, right? You’re shortening
essentially your lifespan. When you run out of jing, you die. That’s it. So we learn to respect that
jing, and so that’s the wax and the wick of the candle. Next you have the flame. This is the active part of the candle. It’s your moment to
moment energy, vitality, cognitive function,
immune system function. And so if we talked about
the jing as being the wax and the wick, the qi, that’s
gonna be the savings, sorry. So if we talked about the jing
as being a savings account, qi, that’s gonna be the checking account. It’s what you use, it’s
what you gain this energy every day from the air you
breathe, the food you eat and just how well you’re
taking care of yourself. If you’re getting enough
qi, you don’t have to tap into your jing. You don’t have to drain
that savings account, that one time life force
that you kind of inherit. You don’t have to start tapping into that. Then ultimately, your ultimate
purpose is not just to have a lot of energy, right? It’s cool, but it’s not your
ultimate purpose in life. And the candle, its
ultimate purpose is not just to have a big flame. It’s to give off a great light. That’s the third
treasure, that’s the shen. It’s your ultimate purpose,
it’s your higher self, it’s the light you give off
and share with the world. But if you’re a little
birthday candle with no jing, you’re not gonna be able
to give off a lot of light. You’re not gonna be able to
impact a lot of other people and really be a blessing
up the world if you’re struggling health-wise,
and you’re kind of a burden upon those around you, right? So we start with the jing. We start with these jing
hormone building herbs. Jing is almost a metaphor
for the robustness of your hormone health, and that’s what
we’re talking about tonight. And you build up this big
candle, and eventually you can have a great flame, and you
can give off an amazing light and have a great spirit and
have such a beneficial impact on your friends, your
family and the whole world. (cheering and applause) Thank you. Thank you. So I think we have some time for a Q&A, so let’s just jump right into it. Anybody who has questions about anything, I’m an open book. This is my favorite
part of the whole thing, so just raise your hand,
and we’ll get into it. Go ahead. – [Attendee] Are there any herbs that can, you spoke about holy
basil, how it could be a detriment to men. Are there any herbs that
are negative for women? – Yeah, so it depends, you know. Certain testosterone building
herbs for women you don’t wanna overdo, because like I
said guys, we want 30 times the amount of testosterone as a woman. So a woman may benefit from taking like a little bit of tribulus. It helps normalize ovulation, for example, but overdoing it obviously,
not gonna be good. Pine pollen as a tincture is another one. It’s very androgenic,
testosterone building. Small amount could be okay,
but women could benefit more from pine pollen as a powder. Pine pollen powder, people
talk about it as being always so good for hormones. It’s not. It’s very nutritious, but
it doesn’t have much of a hormonal affect as the studies show. For that effect, you go to the tincture. And then if you are trying to have a kid, basically lots of these
herbs that we talked about, the reality is they haven’t
been studied and tested for safety during pregnancy
and breast-feeding because there’s not a lot of women
lining up to say oh yeah, I’m pregnant, go ahead, test
this thing on me, right? No, who’s gonna do that? So basically the thing is
take all these best herbs right up until the point of ovulation. Then stop taking them
until you find out either you’re pregnant or you get your period. You find out you’re pregnant,
don’t do any of this until you’re done breast-feeding. If you get your period,
obviously you’ve got another two weeks or so of being
able to enjoy all the herbs. Yeah, sure, go ahead. – Ashwagandha should be fresh
or you can buy the capsules? – So ashwagandha is a root,
and a lot of companies will sell what they call the crude powder, and this is where the root
has just been powdered down. It’s not very good. It’s a very cheap way of processing it, and it’s not maximally beneficial. You want what’s called an
extract powder where it’s been extracted into water, made
much more bioavailable and concentrated, and
you’re gonna get a lot more out of it that way. Yeah, my pleasure. Go ahead. -[Attendee] With the Indol-3-carbinol
is that something that we want to make part of
your supplements every day to be detoxing, or is
that something that you, is a cleanse? You know what I mean? – Both, both because–
– Like can you take that– – You can go like kind of
high dose for like 30 days, and in 30 days it will
radically transform the levels of unhealthy hormones and
hormone mimics in your body. So it’s awesome to do like a
big dose, 30-day detox of it. Take it on an empty stomach. The labels will often tell
you take it with food. You get a lot more out of it
taking it on an empty stomach, and it doesn’t really
disturb your digestion. And then long term you can
take it because the fact is we’re constantly being
exposed to, as I said, these different estrogens. You get a hug from somebody
with great cologne or perfume, that’s full of phthalates
that are gonna block up your hormone receptors. It’s kind of ironic, right? We put on cologne or perfume to be sexy. It’s one of the unhealthiest
things for your sexual health. It totally messes you up. It’s such a joke, right? And so we’re constantly being
exposed to these things. You may be trying to eat
all organic, but you know, you go out to dinner, and
you have something that is not organic or whatever. You’re getting things in all
the time that are suboptimal. That’s just a reality of the modern world, so if you were living full
pure caveman lifestyle in the old days, you
probably wouldn’t need it, but it’s a nice thing to
take on a regular basis, or do a cleanse from time to time. But yeah, it’s an easy one that
can do on an ongoing basis. – [Attendee] Which one? – That’s Indol-3-Carbinol. You can just Google that as I3C. Jad, go ahead. – [Jad] Would you recommend
DIM for men as well, and also on a 30-day program? Would that be– – For both, for both yeah,
because guys, we also get into trouble. We build up too much estrogens,
and DHT as we get older, and we’re producing more aromatase. The aromatization, turning
those good healthy testosterone that we’re working so hard to build, it just gets turned into
other things like DHT, which causes balding, and
then it can also turn into bad estrogens that will mess
you up as well and take up these seats in our game of musical chairs. – [Jad] Is there a certain
kind, I know there are a lot of different kinds of DIM extracts. Is there are kind of DIM
X that you recommend? – For me I, so I’m kind
of hard core with the way I take things. I like getting them just in
a pure powder from a company like Bulk Supplements,
and I just will put it in a little water. Like DIM actually tastes kind of nice. I just kind of pop it on my tongue. It’s not too difficult, and same with like trimethyl glycine or Indol-3-Carbinol, their taste is not too rough. You just need a little
bit, and just pop it. But for most people honestly,
capsules is probably gonna be the most convenient way to do it. The key thing when you’re
deciding like how am I gonna take it, am I gonna
take a tincture, am I gonna take a powder, a capsule,
figure out what is gonna be the easiest for you, what
you’re reasonably gonna do on a daily basis because
if I told you powder is the most potent, but you’re
like this is disgusting, I’m not putting powder in my mouth, you’re never gonna take it. You’re not gonna get any good out of it. So figure out what’s
gonna be the form that actually works for you, I would say. Go ahead. – [Attendee] Sage, thanks
for sharing! Which of your chocolates is most
conducive to men’s health. – Conducive to what, sorry? – [Attendee] To men’s health. – Oh, to men’s health, yeah, absolutely. I would really say, I mean
it depends what’s going on with the men’s health,
like you know, there can be different things going on. Overall the recharge
chocolate, the black one, this has the most powerful
hormone supporting herbs for men and women in there. It’s things that, this is
essentially a jing chocolate. We talked about about
that jing, that primordial kidney-adrenal reserve
savings account energy. These herbs in there,
so we have cordyceps, you have he shou wu, eucommia, cistanche, rehmannia and morinda. These are like the six most
powerful, like you could maybe throw in things in there
into that category say like deer antler or even placenta, but coming from the plant
world, these are like this is it for building
the kidneys, adrenals and the hormone system. Yeah, I think you’ll
really enjoy that one. Go ahead. – Me?
– Yes, you. – Okay, do you recommend
anything for a woman with PCOS say like if you have
one herb or one vitamin besides just? – Yes, I’ll mention two things. So we talked about
Indol-3-Carbinol and DIM. There’s a huge bad estrogen
component very often to situations like that. And then the second one
is systemic enzymes, specifically serrapeptase. I really like a product called SerraGold. It’s spelled S-E-R-R-A-G-O-L-D
from Enzymedica. And if you take one a day,
it’s not really gonna do much. You gotta go more like 10 a day or more if you can afford it. It’s basically one of
those things where I say it’s so good for you, you take
as much as you can afford. You do it with a lot of
water on an empty stomach at least two hours away from
food in either direction because if you take it with
food, your body will just use it to digest. You take it on an empty
stomach, and it works to go eat things up and eat up scar
tissue and things like that, and eat up cysts. And I have a number of
personal friends who have had like transformational things
happen with that in like 30 to 60 days. – Great. – Awesome. – Daniel. – [Daniel] So I don’t
think I’ve had a blood test in like 5 years. I
need to go get one done. – Well, you better enter
the drawing plan to get your baseline hormone panel done if you went. (laughing) Post on Instagram? You gotta get posting, yeah. – [Daniel] So I would
do a full thyroid thing, like thyroid panel and
things that aren’t normally picked up by your typical doctor. Are there any other things
kind off off their radar? – Thyroid is the one
where they miss the most. You wanna definitely look
at your different estrogens. You wanna look at your cortisol. This is something they test
for, but often another thing is you wanna get somebody really
good to analyze it because– – [Daniel] Would you do that? – You come over, bring some bee pollen, and we’ll work something out. (laughing) But basically what happens
is the relative ranges are so wide, and most
doctor’s will say oh, you’re within range, you’re all right. But the real healthy range
for like the kind of health that everybody who’s
coming here to Next Health really wants to achieve
is a much narrower range that you wanna be in. Jennifer. – [Jennifer] I have a
question in regards to, remember when we talked about
the PCOS, a lot of times insulin resistance goes
hand in hand with that. – Yes, thank you for
mentioning that as well. – [Jennifer] Does this
I3C also hold a pattern to that herb that also helps
with insulin resistance? I know about intermittent fasting
and time restricted eating – Supplement wise probably
one of the most impactful is bitter melon. Also reishi is actually really good. Reishi is very underrated
for this and its ability to regulate blood sugar and insulin. So yeah, I would go look
at reishi mushroom as well. And you can come at it from the stress side of things as well. Basically anything that’s
gonna be helping with stress is gonna be helping to regulate the whole blood sugar department. Go ahead. – [Attendee] For autoimmune
diseases, what is ? – So I have to do a
little disclaimer here, and I should have done this
earlier, but I’m neither doctor nor a dentist nor a medical professional. I am sharing things purely
as humorous education. This is actually a comedy
show, no matter what it may look like.
(laughing) Now if I had an autoimmune
situation, first like you gotta look at diet because so
much of that can cause autoimmune flare ups. Then look to the thyroid,
a lot going on there. And then you can look at
a lot of these adaptogenic herbs that are adaptogenic
from an immune perspective. You have things like reishi mushroom here. That’s one I talk about
it so much because it does so many things. It has these long chain sugars
in it called beta glucan polysaccharides that are
up to three feet long. They’re wrapped up in little
balls, and they come into your body and they kind of unwind, and your white blood
cells chop them up into smaller pieces, and they attach
to your white blood cells and essentially teach them
how to do their job better. It’s like an operating
system upgrade for your immune system, and then
it gets even more sci-fi. Then your white blood cells
can shoot them off like missiles and weapons
against foreign invaders and pathogens, it’s amazing. – [Attendee] And is reishi
a type of herb that’s reserved for at night? – For nighttime? Yeah, yeah, you can
really do it both ways. It’s not a sedative, it just
makes you feel peaceful. For people who stress is
interfering with sleep, great. It’s awesome one to take
morning and night because you have stress during the
daytime as well, right? Nighttime isn’t the only time
that stress is the problem, and it can help you adapt to
so many external challenges. – [Attendee] What’s your
favorite way to take reishi – Ooh, good question. I lately my most common
way of doing it is I have a really strong dual extracted
reishi powder that, it’s basically what we use
in our tranquility chocolate. We don’t have it for sale yet. We will in the future
because it’s like it’s so freaking good I want it to be available. But I just, and this is
a great way to experience any new herb. I really like this. If you have an herb in a
powder, take about two to four ounces of hot water and
put like say half a teaspoon of the herb in there and stir it up. And just drink it like that. It won’t taste good,
and I apologize for that in advance, right? But I think anytime
you’re taking a new herb, before you start taking
it in capsules or tincture or blending it into
smoothies, it’s really amazing to take the individual herb
in a little bit of hot water on its own on an empty
stomach, and really kind of meet that herb, right? It’s like if I claim to
really know any one of you because I just met you real
quick tonight in passing, or I saw you out in the audience. That’s what it’s like
when you put an herb in your smoothie, right, and
you say oh, I know exactly how this feels. Maybe, but when you, at
least the first time, meet the herb face to
face, take it own its own. Get to know it, get to know
all the flavor notes of it, how it makes you feel on its
own, and then you can put it in whatever you want, I don’t care. I mean look at me, I’m
putting herbs in chocolate, and you don’t taste them. But that’s why we also
started to come out with individual herbs, like we
have the lion’s mane and the blue butterfly and tremella
because I wanted people to meet them firsthand. Now reishi, often tincture
is also a very powerful way to take it because it
soaks up in the mucus membrane of your mouth, and you
start to feel it right away. The most powerful feeling
I ever experienced was the first time I ever
took wild reishi tincture from Dragon Herbs. I thought I was taking
something else, and it was that by mistake, so I wasn’t
even, I had no preconception of how it was gonna influence me. I actually thought I was
taking deer antler at the time, and so I was expecting energy. What I got was very different, and I realized it very quick,
and I checked the bottle and was just like whoa. I just like my mind went quiet. My heart felt like it was blossoming. I was just about to go into a yoga class, and it was Astanga Yoga,
so I wanted the power of deer antler, but I got this instead. And I just kind of went
and stood at the front of my mat like this, and just like, wow. (audience laughs) This is really nice, this is really nice. And it’s kind of like that with herbs. You’ll always have, that’s
why I say take it on its own the first time and really get to know it. The first time you ever
take an herb will be your most profound experience
with it most likely. When you’re driving a car,
you don’t feel speed, right? You can be going 80 on the freeway, it doesn’t feel that fast. But when you floor it in
a sports car going from zero to 60, you really feel that. You feel the acceleration,
you feel the change. So when an herb the first
time you take it totally creates a shift in you,
you’ll really feel that. If you’re taking it every
day forever, you won’t maybe even notice it so much because
you just get used to it. Your body becomes accustomed. You’re still getting all the
benefits, and you’re being kept at this high level of
speed, and you’re still going 100 miles an hour, but you
don’t feel it like when it accelerated you from zero to 100. Did I see a hand over here, yeah. – Hi.
– Hi. – [Attendee] Can you please
tell me about the sugar alcohol? – Oh yeah, so there’s lots
of different sugar alcohols. You have things like maltitol, sorbitol, erythritol, xylitol. They’re all kind of scary sounding. Most of the are very scary. Most of them are made from
GMO corn, which obviously is no fun for anybody. It’s not fun for the planet. It’s not fun for the soil. It’s not fun when you have
ground up residues going into your gut and causing you
all sorts of problems and leaky gut, and as we saw
glyphosate now shown to cause cancer, proven by that
court case the other day. Who saw that in the news? Great, how awesome is that,
that Bayer and Monsanto just got taken down for
$289 million dollars. And did you guys know
there’s thousands of other similar cases pending against them? – [Attendee] Wow. – And it’s funny because,
I’ll get back to your question in a second, but I was
just thinking about this to other day, like we all
were so sad when Bayer and Monsanto merged. Like oh no, two devils like
are gonna come together and be one like big bad beast. What if, and this is just
being optimistic here, but what if Monsanto was
the poison pill that Bayer swallowed by accident and now kills them? Just fingers crossed, I
like to be optimistic. (audience laughs) I like to be optimistic. But yeah, so there’s these
different sugar alcohols, and we use xylitol in our
products, but we only use xylitol made from hardwood,
made from birch trees. And this has actually been
shown in studies dating back as far as the ’80s to
have beneficial effects on the gut microbiome. It kills off bad bacteria
in the gut, and actually has prebiotic effects. Because it does kill off
some bad bacteria in the gut, if you take like a tablespoon,
which is far more than we put in anything that we
do, if you take a tablespoon or two and you’re not used
to it, you can have some flushing through of things. Now there is a different
problem that happens with other ones. You know, many people
will try like a sorbitol or something like that, or
maltitol, and just have like absolute disaster in the
stomach and on the toilet, and will never go back to
any form of sugar alcohol. The kind really matters in
the way it affects the gut. There’s a big difference,
and what it’s made from makes a huge difference. Yeah, all right, any other
questions before we go to party time, just go wild on chocolate. Last call, last call. Okay, thank you guys so much. (cheering and applause)
It’s been a pure pleasure. Thank you so much. – Sage, I just wanna thank you so much. You are a complete wealth
of knowledge and so fun to listen to.
– Thank you. – I don’t know where you get
all your information from, but it’s incredible.
– Thank you so much. – And you know, it’s such
an important topic that you talk about with hormones. Hormones is something
that affects everyone, and I think it’s one of
the most overlooked things that we deal with because
pretty much everyone after the age of 30, your hormones
start depleting, right? – Goes downhill. – It’s the aging process–
– Exactly. that everyone deals with,
but the problem with that is once your hormone levels
are depleting, then you’re, you know, aging is, you’re
accelerating the aging process. Your body now becomes
susceptible to the onset of all chronic diseases,
dementia, Alzheimer’s, cancer. So having the ability of
keeping your hormones optimal is a complete game changer. So I just, I love that you’re
spreading that message. These chocolates, I mean you
didn’t talk much about this. – I’ll let you guys taste
it, and take it from there. – This chocolate, I mean
I’m sure probably everyone’s had it here, but it’s
the best thing you ever tasted in your life. We sell it, but I promise
you our staff eats 90% of it. (laughing) And you know, so much of what
we try to do at Next Health is give people the ability
of taking an active role in their health, and it’s all
about healthy habits, right? Because if you have to make
these monumental changes, it’s hard to do that. So what we’re trying to
do is make it easier. Make little attainable goals
and steps that you can take that are gonna improve
your life exponentially. So the fact that you made
these things that are so delicious, and they do
everything that you just talked about is phenomenal,
and you know I just, I love what you’re doing, and
we’re all gonna support you, and I’m glad that you’re here. – Thanks so much I really appreciate it. (cheering and applause)

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