Otosclerosis Diagnosis And Treatment Options | Ear Problems

Otosclerosis Diagnosis And Treatment Options | Ear Problems

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  1. I have the same problem and doctor recommended me a surgery but I am afraid that if the surgery fails then I would not be able to hear from hearing aids as I do now

  2. I have the Oticon Opn1 and they are working great for me. I have an MRI scheduled for Oct 3rd. So many possible side effects with this surgery and they only do one ear at a time. It’s terrifying! This is a great video explaining everything. Not a lot of good info around about it. Thanks for making it.

  3. I was diagnosed with Otosclerosis 6 years ago. That’s on top of the sensorineural HL I already had, in same ear. This ended up with mixed HL in that eat. Otoneurologist refused to do the surgery, because of my age. I am now 67 years old. He thought that surgery was too risky for someone over age 60. Do you agree? I am a speech pathologist. I wear bilateral hearing aids. The mixed HL has resulted in much frustration, because the hearing on that worse side, is still very poor, even with the hearing aid.

  4. Dr. Olson, Can you do a video on autoimmune hearing loss, or hearing loss that may result from severe allergic/immune responses to certain drugs? Thanks.

  5. I was afraid of the reason that I might lose hearing altogether. Now the tinnitus seems to get louder and louder and hearing is declining too. What are the chances that tinnitus will go away if surgery is successful. I am hesitant about surgery as my CT scan came normal.

  6. I just had my surgery one week ago. I feel the tinnitus became very loud, especially when everything is quiet, my tongue taste like metal. I have dizziness which prevent me from driving, even walking where there is a car's noise. After my research, it shows that i should feel the difference after 3 weeks or more, hopefully my hearing get better. I feel some strange sensations on left side of my head. At sleeping time, I feel some liquid inside of my ear (mid ear) moving back and forth when I move my head. Every sound even the normal ones sounds very loud for me and make me nervous. My walking is very slow because I try to find a balance. So, this is all about my First Week After Surgery. I will let you know how I will feel the second week. Inchallah it will be much better. please Doctor after reading this, let me feed back and tell me if this feelings are normal or no ? May God heal every single person who struggle from sickness. amine.

  7. Dear doc….my mom has an unilateral hearing loss for nearly 13 years…her age is 50+…in 2017 we visited an ENT..He confirmed after tympanometry it is otosclerosis bt did not perform any MRI..my mom used to feel as if her ear was watery and water will drain out from her ear…she is also suffering from headaches in the back of head…is there something to worry about??…plzz inform me..

  8. i need to undergo stapedotomy and as of now my TSH levels are a bit high (9.96) can i still go through the surgery in 3 days?

  9. Dear doctor I had my sinus surgery 4 years ago and I also had hearing loss for 60% only due to sinus and now I m again feeling sinus and suffering from hearing loss, what would I do plz help, doctor advised me for otoslerosis

  10. I have had 2 surgeries and now left with nothing to attach..per my Doctor in UW Madison. Will a hearing aid work? I was told no in 2013, the last surgery caused meniere's. I went to the ENT for vertigo last week and he told me a hearing aid would help me now.. that they have improved.

  11. Hello doctor!
    I have bilateral otoselerosis doctors recommend me to get surgery..but I'm not sure it'll get successful..so pls tell me what should I do.
    I'll wait for your reply.

  12. My ears rang so much before that most of the time I could not hear, however that was before I used hearing problems solution “Kαmkαmfο tdα” (Google it). Now, there`s less ringing and I can hear a lot better. Just starting but notice a little enhancement after Two weeks on hearing. .

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