Our Holistic Approach to Medicine

Our Holistic Approach to Medicine

Hi it’s Jaime from Guildbrook Farm and welcome to The Dirt. Today I want to talk about our holistic approach to medicine. so think of The Dirt as a getting-to-know-you session and today I want to talk about our holistic approach to medicine and why we believe what we believe and how that applies to different illnesses or sicknesses that may come up, especially now since we are coming to the end of fall and beginning winter. And of course that means cold and flu season. So I thought it might be a good topic to cover right now. In order to tell you why we believe what we believe, I need to tell you the stories that happened to me that led me to make the decisions that I’ve made. Now there are several stories that happened quite around the same time period so i’m going to kind of try and separate them as best as i can so they make sense. But sit back and grab yourself a cup of coffee or tea, or in my case a dandelion chicory coffee, and I’m going to tell you some stories. So growing up, I grew up during the seventies and eighties and it was the time of vaccines and antibiotics. I got sick a lot as a kid and every time I got sick of course we were dosed with amoxicillin and given tons of vaccines and pills too of course were always given. And if you had a cough you took cough medicine, if you had a fever you took tylenol and they’re were really not a lot of natural remedies that that we used growing up so I took that with me as I grew up and as I had kids. I was the first one in line to get my flu vaccine every year and and I always went to the doctor when ever I had colds or if I had a cough or anything like that. Dimetap or Sudafed when you had sinus issues or anything like that. None of that stuff really worked. I actually always felt worse but i never knew of any alternatives out there, and it wasn’t until i had my own kids that i started to change my philosophy on medicine quite a bit. So it all started when my oldest daughter was born. Now for one reason or another i was unable to breastfeed her so i had to use formula. After about five and a half months she switched to a formula and she had terrible terrible terrible reactions to the formula. She had extreme allergic reactions to the formula. She had extreme diarrhea, projectile vomiting, she had open sores on her bottom that ended up like turning into like a staph infection. Really really terrible terrible wounds because she just, every time she drank a bottle it would just run right through and come out the other end and then that caused sores on her bottom. We ended up of course going to doctors, pediatricians. And like most Western doctors they took a Western approach which was to put her on medicine. So she went on a medicine Zantac to help prevent reflux for the vomiting. Also they gave her medicine for her bottom to help with the open sores and we ended up switching formulas to a very expensive formula called Nutramigen. Elementum and Nutramigen which I believe was somewhere in the thirty to forty dollar range for a little container. And even as I switched her over to foods and whatnot or started introducing a little bit of food into her diet she still remained very very very sick. She had fevers that ran really high and of course the doctor said give her Tylenol. Make her feel comfortable, and I did. Eventually we got referred to a gastroenterologist for her she went to two different gastroenterologists and the one did tests on her to see if anything was wrong. They couldn’t find anything. They just recommended sticking with the Nutramigen. We got sent to a nutritionist who told us to put butter on all of her food, and we only went to her once. And she actually went and had a surgery to test for Celiac disease, but she was only 12 months old at that time and there wasn’t, they couldn’t find anything. So she hadn’t been introduced to food very much for it to do any damage if at all, so they really couldn’t find anything there. And that was before they had the Celiac testing that they do today. So I was getting quite frustrated. Probably the breaking point for me was when she went passed 12 months and they started to be very concerned about her reflux and they wanted to monitor her reflux over a 24-48 hour period by sticking a tube up her nose and down her throat to measure the reflux levels. And and I’m in there watching as they’re doing this to her. She’s gagging and choking and sobbing and crying. I’m watching the nurse just jam this up her nose and down her throat three times and I said enough’s enough. This kid has been tortured for like the past 13 or 14 months and this is not working. I went the route that everyone had recommended and it just was not working. Now in the meantime while this is going on i’m doing research online. Probably since my oldest daughter was a very young age, and all these instances started happening, I started doing research online, getting on forums, finding out from other people if they experienced similar things. And I found this one woman who straight up told me that the same thing happened to her daughter and what I needed to do was an elimination diet, that my daughter had food allergies. It could be from dairy, it could be from soy, could be from any number of things, but that I needed to remove that from her diet and slowly introduce one at a time to see what was triggering them. Now I brought this up to my pediatricians and they didn’t recommend it, so of course I didn’t do it. But once they tried to do the tubes down her throat and that wasn’t working, that’s when I said I’m going to try this, because nothing else was working. Wouldn’t you know it? I took out gluten, soy, and dairy from her diet, and no more reflux, no more diarrhea, no more eczema. That kid had no more issues after that. That was one of the biggest enlightening points that I had when it came to medicine. This was something that Western doctors weren’t open to or they weren’t aware of, and it worked. You have to understand that this was 12 years ago. This is before Celiac disease had been as exposed as it is today. The second thing that happened was, as I took those foods out of her diet I took them out of mine as well, because it didn’t make any sense for me to cook or make food for two different people. Plus gluten can be quite contaminating depending on how you have it in your house, so it just made sense for me to take it out of my diet as well. Well lo and behold, issues that I’ve had since I was a kid were all gone. Now whether or not I have Celiac disease or not, I don’t know. I highly suspect it. But i can tell you for a fact that growing up I had stomach issues, I had issues with weight, I had issues with sinuses and breathing, and probably I’d say one thing that was really surprising is depression. I was highly depressed as a kid growing up, and as soon as I took gluten out my diet I was not depressed anymore. That was completely gone. And if you do any research on gluten today, or celiac disease, you will find that there is a connection between gluten and depression. so that was like the second enlightenment period for me about medicine and food. So another thing that happened was, you know growing up I was raised with vaccines and antibiotic. My kids you know when they were born I brought them in for their vaccines. And anytime they were sick I gave them antibiotics as well or whatever the pediatrician had recommended, thinking that they know best. And what do I know about medicine, right? So one thing that happened was one of the vaccines that my daughter got, my older daughter, she was about two years old at the time, and she was talking really well and she went in for her MMR vaccine. I know im gonna get a lot of flack for this but this is the fact. This is what happened. I brought her in for MMR vaccine and within 24 hours she could not talk. She lost her speech for up to six months. It was after the first couple days that I was really concerned. I brought her to a doctor. Doctors didn’t know what was wrong with her. I ended up taking her to a naturopath at that time. Now this naturopath is an ND, but she’s also a naturopath and a homeopath. We cleaned up her diet and took all preservatives out. She had a very very clean vegan diet at that point, under the supervision of this doctor. And within six months she was talking again. That’s another thing that happened. I’m not gonna go further into that right no,w but that’s another incident that happened. And then one other thing… two other things… one other thing that happened is my kids both got the flu at one point. Now when they got the flu I brought them into the pediatrician, and at this time there was this new medicine out, Tamiflu. And everybody was pushing the Tamiflu. It was this “miracle drug” to stop the flu within 2 or 3 days, so of course they gave it to my kids. And I took it as well and so did my husband. And that was another incident where within 24 hours my oldest one was screaming her head off non-stop, and the youngest one was sitting in a corner banging her head against a wall… for days. I tried to pull her away from the wall and she’d go over to the wall and start banging her head against the wall. I did some research on that and I find that… I don’t know if the stories were true or not but… that apparently there were people who were getting Tamiflu in other parts of the world that were committing suicide after taking Tamiflu. That was the last time I gave my kids Tamiflu. And then finally one other incident which was really really big was when my oldest daughter was six months old. And I referred to this in a previous video about a life-or-death situation with my daughter. She got very sick. When she was six months old she got rota virus. It’s a pretty common virus in kids. It causes diarrhea. On top of everything else that was going on with her she gets rota virus, and she was under the supervision of a pediatrician. And it was towards the end of the week I brought her in and he said keep fluids in her, just monitor her temperature, she ought to be alright. And this was friday. He said I’m not going to be on this weekend. There will be another on-call doctor on this weekend. If you have any issues just call the office. My six-month-old was projectile vomiting and diarrhea at the same time, non-stop for days. And saturday morning when I went to look at her she started to get emaciated and I was really concerned. I called the pediatrician and the pediatrician on call said don’t worry about it she’ll be fine. Just keep giving her fluids. This continued on. Saturday night I called the pediatrician. Don’t worry about it she’ll be fine. Sunday morning my daughter is, she was only six months old, she was a very lightweight very small baby to begin with and somewhat under weight, especially with everything going on with her food allergies. So it’s Sunday morning and she is completely and totally emaciated. She’s screaming. She’s clearly very very ill. Very pale. I called the doctor and I’m explaining this all to her, and I said you don’t understand. She’s very sick. I think I need to bring her into the emergency room. And I was told by that pediatrician that I would do more damage to my daughter by bringing her into the emergency room and having her hooked up to an IV, than if I would keep her home and keep fluids in her. I listened to her. I listened to her. Come Monday morning I brought her into my regular pediatrician who was in Monday. He immediately called ahead to the emergency room and had a pediatrician waiting for me at the emergency room because my daughter was in such bad shape. She ended up being in the hospital for well over a week, and while we were there they said that her potassium levels were through the roof. I think it was her sodium levels as well. And that she almost died. They said if her levels dropped very rapidly that she could potentially have brain damage. It was during this period that her levels did drop very quickly and they were doing brain tests on her to see if she had brain damage. Luckily she did not, but that was a hard lesson that a mother’s instinct goes a lot further than sometimes what doctors know or have learned in school. Now when that doctor came up to visit us in the hospital and the on-call pediatrician the hospital pediatrician was there in the same room as this doctor that told me not to come in. They were both in the same room and she said I just don’t understand I don’t understand what happened and the hospital doctor said she was dehydrated. She needed to come in and get IVs. This is something where I went with what I thought was right based on skill, and I ignored myself, and I’m just very very grateful that nothing worse happened to my kids. So getting back to the naturopath that I went to… all these incidents basically changed my perspective on medicine and how to approach medicine. And while you might think that I might be anti-western medicine, anti-vaccine, anti antibiotics, I’m actually not. I think that everything has its rightful place and I just think that all too often the different practices of Western medicine and naturopath and homeopathy and some of the other Eastern medicines when you get into acupuncture and stuff like that… They’re all taken separately and none of them are taken as whole. And I think that is really the key when it comes to maintaining your health. I really think that there is the right place at the right time for every single one of these practices. So if I were to get into a car accident, break a bone, require major surgery, or if I had a really bad infection, i’m gonna go to a Western doctor and I’m gonna be very very grateful for that Western doctor. But for pretty much everything else, when it comes to nutrition, when it comes to everyday colds and flus, I’m going to rely more on naturopathy and homeopathy because I think that those are better suited to treating those types of illnesses. So how does that play out in my everyday life? Well this goes back to my naturopath because she really did help guide me in changing the way that I approached medicine as well. And because she is an MD as well, she’s not anti-western medicine either. She knows that everything has its rightful place but she really helped guide me in my thinking. So one of the things is, when it comes to something say like a flu, you don’t treat the flu with flu medicine or a vaccine. One of the things that we do is we treat it with homeopathy. I’ll probably do a video on this sometime in the future for anybody who’s interested in homeopathy, but flu is something that I would treat with a combination of homeopathy and naturopathy. Naturopathy being more like chicken soup, garlic, natural things to help ease your symptoms. For something like a fever, now in traditional Western medicine, if you get a fever, even if it’s 100 or 101, they recommend you take Tylenol to reduce that fever. What I learned is that fevers are the main defense against any bacteria or viruses. Your body temperature raises to kill off the virus or those bacteria, so when you suppress that fever you’re also allowing the bacteria or the virus to grow. In a lot of cases, because antibiotics only treat bacterial infections, if you have a viral infection, that is the only way to get rid of that virus. So when it comes to fevers I do not give Tylenol. I do not suppress the fever. I let the fever run, and I’ve let fevers run up, under the guidance of a naturopath, up to 104 or 105 without any intervention from medicine. When it starts getting very uncomfortable? Absolutely bring in the Tylenol. If it gets concerning, bring them to the emergency room. That’s my philosophy. Most fevers are around 101, 102 or 103. I don’t give anything for it. Maybe cold compresses under the armpits, or in the legs, around the feet, or behind the neck. But no I do not give, or take myself, any kind of Tylenol or anything to suppress fevers. When it comes to coughs, same thing. A lot of times when you have a really bad cough there’s a reason for that cough. That cough is trying to get out bacteria or phlegm or the things that are in your chest. You need to get that out and when you suppress that with cough medicine then all of a sudden those bacteria and all that gunk in your chest is allowed to grow. Ao again I don’t give suppressants. I don’t take suppresants. I allow that. I actually encourage that if I can to try and get that out. But overall i would say probably the biggest thing that I do when it comes to health and wellness is naturopathy on a daily basis. I don’t wait until I’m sick in order to start treating myself before any kind of disease or any kind of illness. So flu season coming, I’m not gonna wait till I get the flu to start eating chicken noodle soup and taking ginger and eating garlic and some of these other natural remedies. I include that in my diet on a daily basis. Things like dandelion coffee, chicory, eating blueberries, things like that. I incorporate these into my diet on a daily basis so that it helps prevent any illnesses from happening in the first place. You know the old saying: An ounce of prevention is worth more than a pound of cure. That is my philosophy when it comes to health and wellness. I try and do everything up front before I get sick. Build up my immunity in my system all year long so that when I am confronted with colds and viruses and whatnot, I have a better chance of fighting that off if even getting them at all. And i can tell you that in the past 12 years in doing this I hardly get sick at all anymore. And i can tell you that without a dought that it’s based on how I eat, what I eat, and how I approach my medicine. So there you go guys that is my approach to health and wellness. Now i am not a doctor. I’m not a naturopath. I don’t practice medicine and i am not advising you to do or not to do anything. I’m simply telling you what we do and why we do it, and it’s just something that I’m sharing with you guys. If you guys also do anything with homeopathy or naturopathy or Western medicine or whatever your philosophy is, I’d like to hear about it. Leave it in the comments below and if you have any questions or comments, again I’m not here to give advice particularly on any kind of medicine, but if you have any advice that I can offer, or any questions that i can offer advice on, leave those below as well and I’ll try to do my best to answer them. So thank you guys for watching and if you like this kind of stuff, “like” and subscribe. I’ll probably do some more videos on some of the different ways that we incorporate health and wellness into our everyday lives and how we approach different illnesses that might come up along the way. So if you like this kind of stuff, “like” and subscribe and I’ll see you next time. Thanks. You want to be on camera too? Ts that why you keep jumping out? Yeah? Are you a ham?

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  1. oh…mygosh my daughter had the MMR vaccine and got so sick and almost stopped her breathing, the doctor said never again, and she has eczema and alopecia right now at 21yrs old as her daughter has constant bum sores 18mons old… I mentioned gluten and my daughter is lactose intolerant, her husband started his last but 6th chemotherapy treatment for aggressive lymphoma, today was their 1yr anniversary amazing your story has such similarities!?!?!?!

  2. my MD for my oldest son had ADHD along with allergies to pasterized milk so we went to goats milk and he did great but for the ADHD we tried the 2 meds on the market that was available he had BAD Reactions to both meds….so my MD said try strong unsweetened black tea warm to see if it works…in the 1st cup he loved it and was calm all day! And this was my MD telling me this, so cool!

  3. I hardly ever took my children to the doctor . . . mainly because we had 4 very young kidlets . . and no vehicle for years. Waiting room experiences were 'painful'. But, one of my daughters takes her kids to the doctor ALL THE TIME . . and now, she, herself, has been in the doctor's office constantly for 3 years. 🙁

  4. You have some crappy doctors in your country. Rota virus especially in children is quite a lethal one – if I remember correctly it is the most common and lethal form of diarrhea. Kills a bunch of kids yearly. Very strange behavior of your doctors.

  5. I am so glad that your daughter is ok!!! Please do a video on homeopathic treatments, tips and tricks. That is such a good idea. I am learning so much!!

  6. Have you heard of a British TV program called "Food Hospital"? Real Doctors and Dietitian treat all kinds of ailments with food and the removal of certain foods from the diet. It was a very informative program. I wish my PBS station would broadcast it instead of stupid stuff like How Much is Your Junk Worth aka "Antics Roadshow". I guess the large contributions from drug companies to keep the public in the dark is working.

  7. It's amazing what a illumination diet can find my daughter has just had to put my grand daughter on one after three years of digestive troubles and regular antibiotic treatments she got a diognosis of ibs and my daughter was told she will just have to live with laxatives for the rest of her life my daughter went to a naturopath who suggested the illumination diet and she came up lactose intolerant
    So like you my daughter has gone on the same diet as my grand daughter removing gluten and dairy using coconut milk as a replacement and put her on a natural probiotic and all problems have stopped my daughter after a life long problem with migraines has not had as much as a head achesince

  8. I used to think, that antibiotics are okay for serious infections, however I do not think so anymore. They are not safe. I never seen my son in such a bad shape as when he last time took antibiotic. It made him sicker than disease. His undereyes were sunken and black, he was getting sudden sharp headaches, and was generally very sick. When I called doctor, she never called us back, and I am quite sure she didn't report side effects either. From then on, we never took chemical antibiotics, and always use herbs. Cayenne (3 teaspoons a day) resolved my tonsilitis, vit c and lomatium resolves my son's coughs before they get a chance to turn into bronchitis. There are many wonderful antibacterial/antiviral/antifungal herbs, that can cure infections, that chemical antibiotics can't or can with side effects.

  9. doctors are pretty good at fixing broken bones but that is about where it all ends.all the big pharma drugs are just plane crazy and thats all doctors can use .prevention is key and none of them will talk about that.we all have to go back to the natural ways unless we want to die of death by doctor.sooooo keep doing what your doing and lets live long and happy lives and allways be happy! S.D.

  10. What an ordeal with your young children! Yes all these medical avenues work better as a whole. Flu shots give me a reaction. Instead, I opted for a one time only treatment for bacterial pneumonia. That worked well for me. Naturopathy is a wonderful approach that I try to live by for the most part.. Traditional medicine has its place. My diet is key as well.

  11. It's so strange for me to hear the different approaches to medicine in different countries. I've lived in (and gone to doctors in) three different countries, and the approach in these countries seems to be a lot more hands-off than what you describe in your video. I always receive the same advice when it comes to normal seasonal illnesses like flu or stomach flu: just let the flu run its course and stay home, rest, drink fluids and if you get an uncomfortable fever, take some ibuprofein. I get sick quite often, and have just been told to make sure I live a healthy lifestyle (eat healthy, exercise and sleep 8 hours a night) and deal with it 😀

    I've found that almost all doctors have been very careful with prescribing antibiotics as well. Like I said, mostly they have told me to just take an ibuprofein if I get a high fever and feel uncomfortable. Some have recommended some sort of herbal tinctures, but I've found them to be pretty useless generally, so usually I don't actually treat the flu with anything other than nasal irrigation.

    I really recommend nasal irrigation by the way for anyone with the flu or suffering from allergies! For me, if I start it as soon as I feel any symptoms, it really helps with managing a blocked nose, irritation etc. Again, something recommended by a "normal" doctor years ago.

  12. I drink echinacea tea when I feel like I am getting sick. It either helps me to not get sick or to not be sick for as long. It's important to only use echinacea when you are feeling sick or it will lose it's effect or so I believe.

  13. Good video, we are acupuncturist, actually my husband is, and I can tell you that people use acupuncture as a last resource after everything else has fail, when acupuncture should be use as a preventive medicine, and once people try, they see and they feel the difference, they get their life's back and they change their mentality in regards using western medicine for their health all the time. We have the same approach as you, we don't discourage western medicine, but definitely we try to keep out health and diet in shape so we don't need the doctors. Thank you for sharing.

  14. This happened to me! At 18 months old I was starving to death, wouldn't eat, was constipated and the coeliac test was negative. Fast forward to my 19th year and a life of gut problems and illness later and my symptoms couldn't be ignored. I got tested for coeliac(took three goes with the last under anaesthetic as my gag reflex is too strong for the scope) and low and behold, I had coeliac. So eighteen years of suffering could have been averted if the doctors had put me on a gf diet early. Sadly in 1996 in the uk, we didn't know what we do today. And on the gf diet, I feel great.

  15. Just please remember people that not all medicines are bad. So many conditions are painful, deadly or none-physical and NEED to be taken.

  16. I haven't had the flu or a cold in id guess 20 years. I cant remember ever being sick except having too many drinks years ago when I use to party. I don't get sick. Its the weirdest thing. Ive gave my kids medicine for colds and have licked the spoon afterwards on purpose just to see if anything happens.. Nothing happens. The only pills I have in my house are Generic Zrytec which I take one ever morning. That's it. Only thing I can figure is I have a Killer immune system.

  17. Since I started with homeopathy, naturopathy and acupuncture my health has been the best of my whole life!What a difference in how I feel and how I approach health.Thank you for your wonderful video.

  18. I heard you talk about stomach problems and depression. Well I dealt with that issue for all my life too and one day when I was reading the the bible I saw that we are not to eat pork as it is written so I quit eating it. with in 30 days all my stomach problems were gone, along with the depression, and even my joint quit hurting! And it took me a long time getting use to going to the bathroom normally. Then the hard part is watching what I buy from the store because so many products have pork in them, you know like they have gluten in them. So for those people who don't think they eat that much pork it's in some cheeses, some sour creams, some yogurts, and some places use pork to get to stick sesames seeds to stick to the buns, even watch some toothpaste, and some Ice creams! God knew what He's talking about as it is written. (note Kraft brand is one of the top cheeses that use pork in the cheese unless it says, "all natural.")

  19. I couldn't agree with you more about using naturopath &, homeopathy. My son woke up one school morning with pink eye, which meant him missing a day of school, me missing a day of work & getting him into the first opening our clinic had available that day. Instead, I looked up his specific symptoms in my homeopathic book, found & dosed him with the remedy, and within 10-15 minutes his pink eye was completely gone! He made it to school and I made it to work on time. A few years ago I was home alone, tripped and sprained my ankle & broke a bone in my foot. I immediately started taking Arnica Montana, dosing myself every 5-10 minutes while I hopped one legged to the truck & drove myself to the ER. I only had it in 30C potency but it worked. I never experienced any pain at all! They sent me home in a splint and some heavy duty prescription pain meds but I never took any, I just continued the Arnica Montana until I didn't need it anymore. I also stared a remedy for broken bones and healed incredibly quickly. I am an absolute true believer in homeopathy!

  20. Amen, amen, amen!!! Thanks so much for sharing your stories with us. It is very encouraging to see I'm not the only one out there.

  21. I agree with you almost 100%. I am a nurse for a very long time. now I use my food as medicine. and i haven't had a cold or seasonal allergy for the last 3+ years! I am vegan by the way.

  22. When my eldest was born, he had problems the same as yours. But our doctors here recommended the elimination diet. It worked. That was in 1999. Not all Western doctors were like the ones you had. I never got a flu shot because common sense told me that you put a live virus in your body, you get it and that the flu shot was based on the previous years flu. This would not help the current flu virus because it changes every year. Sorry that you went through what you did but nothing but helpful here. It was good that you did what you did for your kids and for yourself.

  23. I’ve watched and liked many of your videos. This one made me subscribe and ding the notification bell. I’ve been down these same paths and can only applaud you for putting this out there. Well said and well done.

  24. My grand daughter had similar problems but with bloating and constipation and at the age of two doctors said she had irritable bowel and just get used to it she would need laxatives for life my daughter was discusseded and went to a homeopath who said get her off dairy and try that the change was immediate same as you my daughter changed her own diet and migraine which she has had fro the age of five stopped and it really changed her out look she is eating a much simpler diet now and as she is learning to shop differently and cook differently they even manage to eat out by asking carefully what is in foods at cafes and restaurants they often have a suitable alternative

  25. I had a physician tell me once alway trust your mothers instinct it was when I rang at night with a sick child with a high temp and he asked me if she had a temp and I said I don’t have a thermometer his response was you know if she got a temp or not trust your instincts he ended up doing a home visit at midnight in a rural area and I was so greatful

  26. I had my son have a febrile convulsion from a fever which was very scary for coughs a combination of steam and physio is often all you need to break up a tight chest my son used to get croup every winter and it was frightening when he seemed unable to breath but a steam bath would bring instant relief

  27. No flu shots are giving to self and all my children same as any shots! They have never been sick! I'm sorry you all had to go through all that but if it wouldn't have you most likely would have been a sheeple to them you know!

  28. In Brazil we have yellow fever, polio, thetanus (I don't know if it's the proper English word) and other horrible diseases, and we need vaccines desperately. So the "no vaccine" thought is very dangerous for us. But everything else is very good information.

  29. Thank you so much for sharing your story!
    This is basically the same thing that happen to me with my son, he is 6 now and healthy ❤️

  30. Vaccines are great, but there is a small population of people that just cannot have them for the effects you mentioned, so it's important for others who can get them safely to do so and protect these people. Also I am a little surprised that your whole family was given Tamiflu – it was my understanding that it is generally only prescribed to people with compromised immune systems that may not be able to handle the infection. I'm sorry this happened to your family. Some doctors just throw pills at you, but really, taking any medication can come with a price so you have to use your own discretion.

  31. …. we are 'peas ina pod' young lady… we see medicine(s) EXACTLY the same way. the ama's approach to the health industry, as far as i'm concerned, is a ponzi scheme to perpetuate continued reliance upon treating the symptom not healing the source… an easier explanation, would be $$$$$. Thanks for the videos 🙂 … & make your ol-man earn his keep.

  32. My daughter had the opposite reaction she had a hard time passing it instead of it coming out too quickly and she ended up on Alamentum too. Not only was it super expensive but it made her poo smell worse than normal, she was passing it at least. I think had I known then what I know now I would have given her goats milk. It's like the universal donor it's not as strong as cow milk and easier to digest for those of us with issues with cow milk. So gentle you can raise abandoned puppies and kittens on it. I wanted to breast feed but almost died and was on serious antibiotics. To breast feed anyway would have killed her.

  33. Loved it! My mother was into a lot of natural medicine which is inspiring me. She has passed away on her terms not on a dr's terms (or court order)! When my children were little they had a few ear infections. Dr said take this medicine, so we did. My mother said how about not giving the children milk. Maybe they have an allergy or sensitivity to it. I asked dr during the last ear infection about food allergy, he said if you find a cure for ear infections you'll be rich. ( He out of a job!) I stopped giving both kids milk product 2 hours before bedtime. Have not had a problem since. They did grow out of it eventually.

  34. Another great video. Western medicine for people and pets is a joke – just a money grab. Nice work Jamie…and so beautiful too.

  35. I would like to share our experience. My family used to get sick often, but since we took some food allergens out of our diet (dairy and soy for me) and started drinking a green fruit smoothie most mornings that is packed with all sorts of healthy ingredients as well as water kefir for probiotics, my family hasn’t been sick in about 6 years. I shouldn’t say never, maybe 3 times and all were mild. Definitely a vast improvement. I also did an elimination diet to discover my allergies. I’m still not perfect (I still have some digestive issues, probably wheat), but I’m definitely a lot closer to where I would like to be.

  36. Doctors and pills. What a joke. Western doctors are really nothing more than legal pill pushers. I will not even visit a doctor unless he is more than 40 years old. Doctors younger than 40 just don't have the experience. As you said to set a broken bone any doctor will do. I am 75 and in excellent health where most of my friends are already in heaven. I eat a varied diet rich in vegies and very little meat. I drink milk, eat lots of fish and legumes. My present doctor is older than I am. An excellent doctor although he does not practice surgery or give shots (his nurse gives the shots) he is just a treasure trove of medical knowledge. I do not take aspirin or Tylenol, have never had a flu shot in all the years they have been out nor do I take any over the counter medications. I still hope to live at least another 30 or more years (God willing).
    God Bless Joe

  37. Jaime I knew there was more the. One reason I started following you and your husband. Besides the homesteading/prepper. I totally agree with you 100%. I’ve had some instances like you did with your kids. I applaud you for making this video because the opinion is not a popular one.

  38. Great vid – I like and subbed.
    Ps anyone else noticed how at 23:13 she says "and I can tell you that without a fact"? ?

  39. Hi Jaime, I'm really getting interested in holistic medicine. I've been ill with a virus and I can't seems to shake it. Do you have any suggestions as to what I could do. Regular medicines aren't working and I'm going on 3 weeks with this. Can you help me?

  40. Big pharmaceutical controls medical school. We generally do the same as you. With a fever we generally don’t treat it during the day but will give Tylenol at night to help with rest. We also have found a great benefit to essential oils. Great video again and thank you for sharing!!!!

  41. I'm a seasoned, (ok, OLD) nurse, and I have to agree with everything you have said here. You have gleaned a lot of wisdom with everything you have been through. Something else you might think about next flu season is adding oregano essential oil. I have heard that it is even effective against MRSA.

  42. After viewing your videos, I come to a conclusion that you would like to live in eastern Europe countryside. Here we have everything you and your family are talking about. But story is bit different. We do it not because it was a better way, it is the only way. Queque to a doctor a month or two! Similar approach to homesteading. Not because we want to, but we have to. After trying other ways of living I eventually returned back to it.

    Side notice. If you catch a cock or flu there is no better medicine than a hot tea of a homemade raspberries jam. If you have a fever or trouble swallowing it also works. Take a cup of tea of a homemade raspberries jam, but before that take soup spoon of vodka or some other white alcoholic grink no less than 38% alcohol. After taking this go to sleep. It will cap body temperature to 103.5F you will start sweating like a pig but in the morning wake up as a new man. Tested and working. Sometimes this must be repeated for two or three times. If that does not help, you have something serious.

  43. I nor my sister will get a flu shot. You can contract Guillian Barre' from it and well I will take my chances from the flu. My Mom contracted it from having pneumonia. Was put on a vent and had to be weaned off it. Months passed before she got to come home and it was a nightmare. Too much to explain as to why but a nursing home at the end was the worst of it. No choice she had to be weaned and well medicare had its say as to when she had to leave Select Care and go there. They would not wait till a bed opened elsewhere. But God blessed us that she got to come home and she was with us for another 2 yrs before she went to Heaven. So NO I will never get the flu shot as far as I'm concerned. And I agree with most on here that others have to say about doctors, if not all of what they say as well as yourself. Oh and by the way anytime I have told a doctor, (I've had several since then, ie moving, doctors moving) about my Mom getting Guillian Barre' they also agree I should not get it. So there must be a chance that if immediate family has contracted it your chances are higher, or there isn't enough studies done on it to see.

  44. Raw Honey & Raw Milk Has Been know to heal a host of infantchildadult health issues
    Remembers Dr'sdrug companies DON'T want U 2 B healthy. They will b out of income… LOL
    Yes Gluten, Lactose & ALL the other issues of today's society, has become an increasingly big health issue due to ALL the additives & depletion of the actual food [Eg Hamburg, sausage mostly fillers] (yet they never existed in my generation).
    Blame the Gov, food & drug companies…

    I was born & raised on the farm eating healthy home grownraised food.
    We are ALL healthy long lived.
    We still eat Raw Honey, Raw Milk, & we grind our own meats & sausage >from homeopathic< animals.

    Glad Ur all living a healthy life style.
    We ALL should…

    Gr8 Show watched & love them all I await Ur next one 😉

  45. In my little circle, ppl tell me they hate taking pills, yet, they take handfuls just because they have a sniffle, or think they might have a sniffle!  I hate taking pills, (for real!), and I'll use honey if I feel like a sniffle coming on, I'll drink tea, sometimes I'll make a hot toddy if I have a really bad chest cold, and I'm interested in using more herbs for illness and pain.  I truly think you are healthier if you stay away from as many pharmaceuticals as you can.

  46. Sovereign Silver, garlic, elderberry syrup, organic balanced diet, adequate sleep, exercise, mindfulness keep me in homeostasis year after year.

  47. You're a smart woman and you are on the right track. Drugs don't work, they just temporarily alleviate symptoms.
    I've spent the last 15 years researching all health aspects. I can tell you this – I have not even had a cold in 15 years. Diet and lifestyle are everything regarding health. I think naturopathy has a place but is limited – they just tend to sell their own "herbs and spices" and usually very expensively! Really, these days with the internet there is no excuse for ignorance. I will provide some names to Youtube below, but I cannot stress enough maybe 2 things – a good chiropractor and drinking smoothies. I believe these with selected supplements have kept me running (I''m 64) without any problems.
    Look up:
    Dr Lorraine Day (cured her own cancer ignoring Western medicine & hates big pharma)
    Rick Simpson – Canadian who cures cancer using hemp oil)
    John Bergman (has Youtube clinics on all aspects of health) EXCELLENT!!!!
    If you want a good book: Elaine Hollingsworth " Take Control of Your Health & Escape The Sickness Industry"

    Diet is the key to 95% of all health problems.

  48. Thanks for putting this information out. Your channel is a treasure trove of stuff I've been looking for. One central place for realistic and useful info on all the areas I have had to research separately. Your story and background is crazy similar to my own and I appreciate your perspective. Keep it coming!

  49. Oh my goodness, my daughter did the head banging thing after medicine, I never knew what was wrong, she is 26 now and back then no one ever knew what was happening this makes me such sick that I'm just now learning things

  50. I think you are quickly becoming one of my favorite people. Thank you for sharing your stories. In addition, I have takin my 4 day old to a chiropractor. My 3rd child started receiving chiropractic at 11 months. Both have had almost no ear infections or other diseases. (Peppermint oil is nice for fevers too). Also, I like what you said about how you don’t wait to get sick to take care of yourself. You do things daily to keep healthy. I struggle so much with the knowledge that I have and my love for junk food. Messed up I know. I hope for one day to bridge the gap between my personal knowledge and experiences to my own health. Lastly…Mother’s intuition is so powerful! When I had my oldest I felt the need to have him at my midwifes home with a delayed vaccine schedule. I did this. Turns out he is high functioning autistic. He remained healthy and developing when he was young with a short delay at 3 years old. Now he is12 and thriving but I’ve had to help in some small ways in the area of alternative medicine on our journey. Sending my best. Thanks again for your candid approach.

  51. My gosh. You went through so much with your first baby. That surely must've been traumatic for both of you. I've been let down by doctors as well, and now I have permanent and disabling nerve damage in my whole lower body and I'm only in my 30s. All because of a spinal cord malformation that I absolutely cannot believe they missed my entire childhood. So many clues were there, and certainly MRIs when it should have been seen.
    I am new to this way of thinking as of this year, but I am a believer for sure based on what an incredible difference I feel only having changed over to clean eating. I take over a dozen medications that I'd love to come off of, but I'm not sure how. I love the way you analyze these things and I really hope you continue doing videos on these topics.
    Thank you for sharing your story. You are an incredibly brave individual.

  52. I am so blessed by you and your family living on the planet at the same time that we were granted life. I wish I could bless you as you have blessed me. I am a huge fan. PLEASE keep doing what you are doing. You are making people's lives so much better in a world that needs what you provide.

  53. I have a similar experience with my children. I also feel the same as you do on all the issues that you shared in this video. Thank you for sharing this with young or desperate parents.

  54. Thank you so much for sharing your story. I think you have a very healthy approach to healing. I wish I had known better 20 years ago. Hopefully more people will begin to understand the importance of their diet and nutrition from watching this

  55. I have arrived at the same conclusions. Not as early as you, only in the past 10 years or so, but I surely do believe the same things as you about health care and prevention.

  56. I had my husband watch the clips about your daughter at 6-months-old. Our daughter is 16-months-old, and I am so grateful I started questioning before she came into our lives. Thinking about how I would've handled something like that… I don't even know what I would do after a call that close. I am so glad she has recovered and has you to fight for her.

  57. Thank you for sharing your story. I also have had bad experiences and now I TRUST MYSELF! That is our best defense to MANY things in this world. 🙂 God BLess!!

  58. Great Message Jamie, I am a live long asthmatic, and I am now gluten free, it is changing my life, I also use ginger, and garlic, fire cider, My daughter is a doctor, she is shocked that I went off asthma steroids, her husband is a lung dr. they think i'm nuts, not my problem Doctor's Prescribe, they don't cure. I have been off dairy, seafood
    fish, chocolate, some nuts, most grains most of my life, Gluten is a culprit too, I hate the prices on gluten free breads, bagels, eEnglish muffins etc. I spend $50.00 every few months and get free shipping from Canada from Kinnikinnick that's like 10 loaves of bread or 5 each of bagels and English muffins.

  59. Thank-you for sharing your story. My eldest cousin had the MMR and within 24 hours suffered severe seizures from brain swelling. She's now 44 years old but has the mental capacity of a 6 year old and no emotional regulation. In the generation before ours, 2 babies died within 24 hours of their first round of vaccines. As a result I am only partially vaccinated (as i also had severe illness afterwards) and i and many of my family wont vaccinate our children anymore. Our own family doctor has 4 unvaccinated children after he saw such an increase in severe reactions amongst his patients, did his research and couldn't believe none of the research looking at all the negative effects hadn't come through into his training. He terms vaccination 'the Great Experiment' as a result. Medicine in the West is no longer as good as it could be. Because of political vested interest and financial vested interest on the part of the drug manufacturers which have such huge influence in everything from textbook creation to sponsoring training. The hippocratic oath is compromised in the face of these two factors as a result. Medicine should be never anything but genetically informed, personalised and consenting, we have a long way to go in western medicine to unpick all the damage done and get it back to a state of being more effective and wholly integral, for ALL our benefits. Since we changed our diet (for us its plant based) and i and my husband stopped getting boosters, we now haven't been sick in 7 years (going from tonsilitis/flu once or twice a year at least) we use prevention first (good clean food, moderate hygiene practices, plenty of outdoor contact) and then if a little sniffle does crop up or we know we have come into contact with someone sick we use home-made elderberry syrup or add more garlic/lemon/ginger into our diet. We're both first aid trained and symptoms trained, if ever we felt we needed emergency care or antibiotics, we'd go get it. Informed medical care uses the best of all strains of research and strains of thought and its important to maintain a mindful balance and to read new research as and when its available, and we'd all be healthier for it.

    I've recently discovered your channel and have found your advice very helpful and your videos well produced. Keep up the good work!

  60. You have been through so much with your children. Bless your heart and theirs. That had to be so scary. I didn’t change my diet unfortunately until I got sick. Since then which is about 7 years, I have gone, soy, gluten, wheat and milk free. Stopping the soy helped my pain level. I hoped it might stop it all together but it didn’t. My CRP went from over 100 to 3. It’s supposed to be less than 1. It is a measurement of inflammation. I stay on an alkaline diet. Whole Foods only.
    I love homeopathy. In my 20’s When I got a cold I would put a few drops of Coloidal Silver in water and then it was gone. I never had childhood illnesses and have only had the flu twice in my life. I don’t take a flu shot. Even when I was working in healthcare around sick geriatric patients. I am currently trying to come off my meds. I’m just nervous to try to come off my anti depressants. You are totally right about gluten and depression. My mood improved so much but I’m still on antidepressants. So, one at a time. This is another great video. I believe it helps to hear what others have gone through to help each of us to be more objective about our own situation. Thank you for sharing your story with us.?

  61. Doctors are like everyone else. It's all about experience. The more job you do, the more experience you have. A license really means nothing without experience. I used to lived in the Oakland, California. It's a poor city. People get shot almost every day. The doctor have so much experience in it. The survival rate is high. A couple of miles away from Oakland. There's a nice safe suburban neighborhood. They got the best doctor money can buy, but when someone gets shot. Their survival rate is low, because they don't have enough experience to save you. It's not modern medicine to blame. It's our luck getting the wrong doctor.

  62. I always say… doctors are in the business of sick people- if they healed us, they would be out of a job. I steer clear of western medicine unless I am unable to treat myself or my family.

  63. Have you ever read the license on your doctor's wall? It reads "License To Practice," there ya go! Thanks for another awesome video. God bless ❤

  64. I was raised on homepatic medicine. It wasn't till was older that I started getting sick. I had many issues and still deal with sinus infections myself. I saw MD and he wrote in so many words that the infection was in my head but he prescribe amoxicillin any ways. I started seeing a naturalist and he did a delayed food allergy test and it was everything I was eating: Bread yeast, shrimp, onions, garlic, pineapple, walnuts, bananas and milk. The elimination diet was torture but over the years I have learned what I can cheat on, but I think I have developed other allergens since, because now other foods give me digestive issues. I am still getting sinus infections ever season change but now I am trying find what I can boost my immunity with since, I can get sick easily. I wish I could try some of the fermented garlic, but raw garlic is a form of torture. I am looking to eliminate gluten to see if that is one thing that didn't pop up 13 years ago.

  65. My oldest is 7 and hasn’t had an antibiotic since he was 2 and had the flu last year and kicked it in 2 days. He was so sick the first few years of his life, and a lightbulb went off! I did research and lots of praying and I’m so grateful my 2 year old now doesn’t have to go through it. Love your channel!

  66. Your life experiences are very interesting to learn about. I too love the natural healing powers of homeopathy and a natural path. I don’t follow these things as often as I should but I do try to incorporate them a little bit every week. My natural path saved me from a handful of pills needed to be taken every day for early onset arthritis in my hip that felt like other things were going on…a whole video of it’s own. Food is medicine

  67. I am so sorry you went through all this with your precious children. Thank you for sharing your stories. I am a mom too and like you I am doing the best I can for my kids according to my instinct and research. Going against the grain can be difficult at times but I have surrounded myself with likeminded families which really helps. Take care and keep it up! You are a great mom x

  68. I'm 64 and I was told by my mother (who didn't breast feed me) that I had a severe reaction to what at the time, the only formula available was National Dried Milk. There were no other alternatives and I was bottle fed Semolina. No adverse effects.

  69. Thank you for sharing your experiences, thoughts and opinions. I found the information that you presented to be very helpful.

    Rob S. (Rockford MI)

  70. My son keeps having kidney infections and I would like to know if you have any tips to treat & prevent these.

  71. Parents always need to go with their own instincts. Doctors do not know everything. Most of their skills come from experience not a textbook.

  72. fluids fluids fluids and cold compress for fever. Fever dehydrates as well No milk with fever. fluids break up mucus…An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. …you are what you eat. ….build your immunity with foods etc, rest, rest rest when sick….research, learn ….. people have taken care of themselves for thousands of years without modern medicine…I've been saying this for 20+ years…..T Dollins RN

  73. Thank You for this video! I also had many health issues growing up my family was the farthest away from natural as you could possibly get. They still look at me funny now that I've switched over to a more holistic natural Life. I'm still trying to repair my body after all those years. My husband and I went through 10 years infertility issues as soon as I switched over to herbal natural remedies 6 months later we were pregnant with our first child. That was when it first fully opened my eyes.
    We have been learning and changing ever since. My kids are SO healthy. Even when they do catch a minor cold that are sick for maybe 2 or 3 days max.

    I truly believe these plants have been put here for us to use. Our society has gotten so far away from the natural ways and society now so many health issues. I wish others would open their eyes too.

  74. hey bruh, you are about an hour north of charlotte, i lived there 12 years. yeah man, this is all true, if you knew all the research out there omg. there's more. good foryou guys.

  75. I have an autoimmune disorder that can only really be kept under control with a combination of diet, exercise, and biologic medications. I have several doctors on my care team including a holistic ND. They all talk to each other and have access to my chart. I can't imagine going back to strictly one or the other.

  76. Totally agree with you on the vaccine issues! … I have read tons on this issue and know people personally that have had issues with their kids because of the many vaccines children have to take now a days. Glad you are looking in to homeopathic and natural ways to deal with medical issues! You are truly well-read. :0)

  77. Thank you, I used to be very focused on natural medicines but life challenges have taken my mind elsewhere. This is a timely reminder of what I should be doing (based on my past experience). Good health and blessings to you and your family.

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