Our story, From Diagnosis to Holistic Within

Our story, From Diagnosis to Holistic Within

hello and welcome back this week I want to
introduce to you the people behind holistic within, but before we get to that point i
want to tell you a little bit about the story that has brought us to where we are at so
about twelve years ago my family learned a technique called the bio magnetic pair, but
because it was not a big necessity in our family , we learned the basics and it worked
very well but we never got to deep into it, but that changed because about four years
ago, in 2014 our first child was born and with that came a wave of experiences that
would end up transforming our lives, so first at 2 months old he was diagnosed with profound
deafness, he was completely deaf, and soon after after you know some brain scans, mri’s
all kinds of tests, they gave us the final diagnosis he had 3 different brain malformations,
one was agenesis of the corpus collosum, which basically means that he does not have the
biggest structure that we have in the brain, it is what separates the two sides, he also
had malrotation of the hippo campus , and septo optia displatia, now this basically
meant that he was a deaf blind kid, but not only that, but he was also going to be incapable
of taking care of himself, he was not going to they said he was not going to be able to
walk, talk, or pretty much do anything, they even mention the phrase “bound to a wheelchair”
so that made us really thirsty for all things holistic, for alternative medicine, options
you know. so we went back to mexico, we dove right into
the world of Biomagnetism, and then we learned about the transgenerational biology, new germanic
medicine, epigenetics, anyways all this brought a world of options and the more that we learned
the more that we were blown away and we got to the point that we said we cannot keep this
to our self, and we decided to make holistic within a reality , anyway here we are now
and I’m happy to report that our child is doing very well he is going to preschool he
is walking with the help of a walker sometimes without the help of the walker, he puts it
aside and walks he is starting to say his first words, and overall he is a healthy and
very happy boy, and tonight I want you to meet him, I’ll bring him in just a few minutes
but before we get to that I want you to meet my cameramen, my producer, my audio engineer,
my media consultant, all wrapped into one, actually I should say all wrapped into two,
because we are expecting, we are very exited, although she is not going to be able to help
me too much as a therapist, because we both do the same thing, but for the next few months
she’ll be taking some time off. and hum let me bring my child… all right so here he
is, please welcome Mr. Estevan Reyes ven papa ven mijo’ vengase vengase vengase muy bien,
mijo dile hola a la camara, dile Hi! Hi! anyway he is the drive behind holistic
within and I thank you for for watching, and don’t forget to subscribe we have a video
coming out every week. thank you Thank you

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  1. Beautiful story. You should have a lot more subscribers and comments. Always sad to see the best most authentic channels have so little attention. I hope you all are well and happy still. I’ll be bookmarking your website. Thank you.

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