Ovarian Cysts | Q&A with Dr. Wang

ovarian cysts are masses that grow within an ovary that are either solid or liquid and their components so oftentimes ovarian cysts are actually asymptomatic and they can be found incidentally by their physician when they’re doing the examination or sometimes patients will complain of some symptoms that are associated with size of an ovarian cyst so oftentimes ovarian cysts are diagnosed based on the physical examination by the physician as well as some imaging studies either by pelvic ultrasound or by MRI ovarian cysts can affect fertility with regards to the fact that it can be difficult to release an egg from the ovary that’s affected [Music] there are a variety of treatment options for ovarian cysts depending on the patient’s age their fertility desires whether or not they’re having any symptoms and how large the cyst is they can range by watching and monitoring the cysts ever time or by removing them by surgery well it is not always necessary to have a specialist to manage ovarian cysts it is important in complex cases to seek out a provider who is able to manage those types of situations unfortunately ovarian cysts can come and go especially if you are preserving the uterus at the time of the original surgery and it’s something that has to be monitored for by your provider the difference between a mentaly evasive approach versus an open approach and removing ovarian cysts is based upon the size of the incision and the number of incisions with the Middl invasive approach it takes about 3 to 4 small incisions what people call band-aid surgery to remove the cyst whereas the open approach involves one large incision either along the bikini line or extending from below the belly button in order to address the cyst if you suspect that you have an awareness it’s important for you to seek the evaluation of your provider and get the necessary tests done in order to determine whether or not you do have assists here at Johns Hopkins we’re fortunate to have a large group of middle invasive fellowship trained gynecologic surgeons who have a great deal of experience in managing complex cases involving ovarian cysts you [Music]

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