Overhead Squat Therapy

Overhead Squat Therapy

Go nice and slow, Cassidy. Slow, Cassidy. Slow, Cassidy. Slower. Pull back a little, Cassidy. Slow, slow, slow, slow, slow. Stand. I love that fight. I love that fight. We’re going to do that again. Okay? I’m going to support her a little bit. Tighten your belly down. There you go. Press up a little bit. Pull back a little bit more. A little more. A little more. See where that puts the bar? Let’s start there instead of trying to find that. Go slow. Slow, slow. Press up. Stop. Press up. Slow, slow, stop. Press up. Slow. Rotate, rotate. Yeah, there it is. There it is. Find it. Find it. Keep it. Keep it. Stand. What do you guys think? Athlete 1: Keep her toes down.
Athlete 2: Turn her feet out a little bit. We’re seeing a balance issue, right? Yeah. Something’s happening where we’re like, “I could keep doing that, but I don’t know if it’s benefitting the squat.” So, let’s think before we just give more cues. Because that’s probably one of the things that we’ve all done, right? We see something going wrong and then we throw a lot more cues. What’s that going to do to Cassidy? (indecipherable) She’s going to forget the shoulders. She’s also going to become frustrated, because she’s realizing that what she’s doing is not right, and now something else is wrong. I want to just switch her gears around altogether. I want to give something for this for her to feel, so let’s do something similar to the squat therapy, but a little different. Come on over here guys. We’re going to squat like this. Instant feedback to whether it’s coming away or whether it’s rotating, but what she can do as she squats is she can press against it and feel what’s happening on the shoulder, and then you can slowly improve where those feet go. Good. Here. Press here. Bring your feet back a little bit. Widen them up a little bit. Do you feel the pressure right there? Obviously she’s not going to overhead squat like that. Right? The bar is way forward. So I have to move her forward. It’s squat therapy for the overhead squat. Slow and squat. Slow, slow, slow. Butt back. Slow, slow. Knees out. Knees out. Knees out. Harder, harder, harder, harder. Harder. Do you feel that Cassidy? Go ahead and stand. What do I do next? Push her forward a little bit more. Give her a little bit more. Even more–(indecipherable). I love it. Thank you for that illustration. Tighten that up. Ready? Push against the bar. Ready, go slow, slow, slow, slow, knees out, slow, knees out, knees out, harder, harder, harder, harder, harder, harder, harder. Look at that. Go ahead and stand She’s close. Farther forward. Farther forward. Dah! Good. Point your toes out or else this is going to be painful. Tighten that up. Now this would be reality. Right? We’re only going to go like Chris said until we think what we’re going to slow or where we’ll start to see a problem. Go nice and slow. Slow, slow, knees out, slow, slow, stop. Push your butt back a little bit. Knees out. Slow, slow, slow, slow, pull the bar back, slow, slow, slow. Now look what happened again. Go ahead and stand. So we kind of found her limit. So doing this type of work is really important for the athletes to build an understanding of where they should be and to build her flexibility, right? I’m pushing the limit of her flexibility as I do that.

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  1. Wow this actually helps me a lot, I've been having the same issue when doing the OH Squads. Thanks a lot!

  2. Outstanding overhead squat tips. So helpful for me and anyone else challenged by them. Definitely will use those training tips. Thanks!

  3. That was a good overhead quat assessment . But towards the end she found out what her issue was.. The couch did t say what it was. Could it be her shoulders needs more work?

  4. This is just what I needed after 17.3. I am looking for a path to evaluate and improve upon and this is perfect. Spot on training. CrossFit needs more experienced trainers like her.

  5. "Let's think before we throw out more queues…what's that going to do to Cassidy?" "She's gonna forget the shoulders." Wrong answer. ROFL.

  6. it was all wrong she explained it all fucking wrong!!!!!! Every thing in that overhead squat lead to injuries guys please watch out go watch olympic weightlifting videos if you like to do overhead squat!!

  7. The shoulders are too externally rotated. A good squat assessment for beginners overall, but those shoulders ain't right.

  8. Thats the way i would Talk to cassidy in bed….slow slower come on cassidy ..DO IT CASSIDY…YESS CASSIDY …CASSIDYYY

  9. Her hyperextension In the elbows should be addressed, add a load to that and shell break her arms

  10. This is bad.

    Her T-7-10 vertebrae is clearly restricting her movement. This is evident at 2.17, where the instructor has her hand on her back.

    But hey!!!! Crossfit cant see this and believe you can just smash it. The instructor is a liability.

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