Pakshaghata (Hemiplegia) paralysis ayurvedic treatment srilanka Dr M.R. Waththage

Pakshagatha. Pakshagatha means hemiplegia, and is commonly known as paralysis. As per the western medical concept, paralysis is caused by high blood pressure levels causing damage to certain nerves of the brain. As a result the organs which are related to the damaged nerve will dis-function. Even it is commonly concept, Ayurveda states, vata (the principle force of motion in the body and mind), Pitha (toxic material, heavy, sticky, undigested residue that can weaken digestion), sema (phlegm) are the main causes for the same. However if paralysis is caused, mainly due to vata, it is the most dangerous. It is considered dangerous if paralysis is completely based on vata dosha. How is this condition caused? A condition which effects a part of the body is caused due to the non-blood circulation through nerves and veins. And the body segments that are enriched by the flow are effected. Paralysis can also be caused due to either internal or external bleedings if an internal bleeding is caused to the brain, this will effect the organs that are mainly enriched by the blood circulation. Then the condition will come to peak, where blood pressure is considered, this will mainly effect the ones who neglect high blood pressure or the ones who stopped taking medication for high blood pressure. The severity may vary upon the growth of the condition. If the patient is very old, an infant, pregnant or recently given birth are considered as severe stages to be effected by paralysis. The medications are used for these are fresh herbs, along with oils, massages, ayurvedic tablets along with exercises, this will help regain the body flow in order and speeds recovery. All these medications will be done by this location. All treatments can be done at this place through our most recognized ayuruvedic doctors If it is a prolonged paralysis patient, the recovery process eill not be fast, however if the patient is newly paralysed the recovery process will be fast. This medication procedure will be very effective.

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