18 Replies to “Panchakarma Treatment – My Ayurvedic Cleanse Experience (Feat. JONAH KEST)”

  1. Great vid! For me the most uncomfortable process was the first one – ghi in the eyes, ewww. Thanks for sharing the experience!

  2. I am so surprised that you guys kept open mind about it. People in India have hardly done any of it.
    Kudos to your work, now I am definitely trying it.

  3. wow, the videos literally keep on getting better. Convincing my bf to do this with me. I always heard about the treatments but never really looked into it and how intense it was.

  4. You have amazing story telling gift! May god give you all the opportunities that you deserve and you come out to be one the greatest creators of our era! I really hope to see you make more videos and get involved in more bigger projects. May God Bless you! Do great in life! Also I would be glad if you could tell me the fees for butter-eye treatment. I really wish to get it for myself. Thanks!

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