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  1. Doctorate of Google? That's what Drs say when you tell them that you've been doing some reseach and… This may change his whole career.

  2. Thanks so much CBS LA, and in particular Jeff Vaughn, for your excellent coverage of this incredibly important story! The exploding fluoroquinolone (FQ) community thanks you from the bottoms of our badly broken hearts. What a great job! Thank you also Dr. Mark Ghalili. It takes courage and integrity for a doctor to get on television and say that he has been harmed by the pharmaceutical industry. It also takes courage and integrity for a newsroom to step up and tell the truth about a dangerous drug when the drug industry helps keep the lights on in the building. This story is HUGE but is still just below the surface, about to explode as the number of victims grows and the number of newscasts add up. Someday soon this will go national!

    The executives of the companies pushing these drugs know exactly what they are doing to us, but peddling pills is their business and they are actually quite happy with all the damage that FQs do to people, damage which usually occurs weeks, months, even years after discontinuation of the FQs so patients rarely make the connection. A huge percentage of patients who take an FQ go on to become lifelong customers who need all sorts of drugs they never would have needed otherwise, and much of which is addictive, or at least habit forming, including psych meds, pain meds, muscle relaxers, antacids, anti-inflammatories, dizziness pills, anti-seizure and anti-convulsive medication, anti-diarrhea and anti-constipation meds, bladder control pills, Rogaine, Viagra and of course more antibiotics. We also often need all sorts of surgical supplies, implants, ointments, bandages, crutches, canes, walkers and wheelchairs, all of which criminal transnational corporations like Johnson and Johnson (J$J) and Bayer are ready to sell to us, or to our families or our insurance companies or our governments, and all at exorbitant prices. They don't care who pays or what the physical, psychological, financial and social damage is to the people who take their poison pills, or to the families, communities and societies they live in. It's all about the money.

    We are victims of a MASSIVE ONGOING CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY. The executives who did, and who are still doing, this to us all belong behind bars until the day they die, preferably at a date and time set by the court. Yes, every single executive from every company mass marketing FQs should be executed; they are criminals of the highest order, somewhere on the spectrum between Manson, who was a far better human, and Hitler, who was clearly a bit worse. Of course, when we speak of Hitler's atrocities, Bayer is front and center in the story, as the corporate conglomerate they ran with BASF and some other German industrial giants, called IG Farben, was the driving force behind the concentration camps. They used slave labor to produce all sorts of chemicals for the war and for sale around the world, despite the war, and this was the single biggest factor in why they rounded up more and more people. They used them up in the factories then disposed of the bodies. The people running these companies now are just as ruthless, just as evil and a whole lot more sophisticated. Don't let their slick ads and other slick media manipulation fool you, or what to them are tiny contributions to hospitals and other charities for that matter, donations which leave those who receive them beholden. They are drug dealers, plain and simple. Not like drug dealers, they are drug dealers who routinely sicken and maim people in mass in order to sell them more stuff, and FQs are their single most effective tool, although there are, of course, many many others. A really great drug to them is one that first delivers obscene profits from the initial sales at hundreds of times the cost to develop, test, authorize, produce, package, distribute and market, and then, it delivers new customers as the hidden health problems start to show up. Who suspects an antibiotic they took 6 weeks or 6 months ago when their tendon ruptures or their stomach gets a hole in it or their lung collapses or they get a hernia or their hair falls out or they get seizures or anxiety attacks or they get visual or auditory disturbances or any of hundreds of other health issues set in? Worse yet is the fact that the majority of us experience many of these "symptoms" of FQ toxicity either all at once or in rapid succession. Every other drug in this class is used for chemo, so they are some seriously toxic chemicals which wreak havoc on our bodies and minds, from head to toe, and everyone needs to know a lot more about this. Please keep covering this story and please, folks, google some of the key terms you see here and follow the links people share, explore and see where it goes. You will be stunned.

    Thanks again and best wishes to all!

    Mark A Girard
    Fluoroquinolone Toxicity Advocate

  3. This doctor is bringing light to a hidden epidemic that has ruined lives, Thank you all who helped in making this public.

  4. I just mentioned dr ghalili on the fluoroquinolone toxicity group and was blocked on commenting.said to never mention his name again.was a legal matter.thought I was providing helpful info.

  5. Thank you for covering this!! Cipro injured me. It was terrible. I have healed after doing Gerson therapy, bemer therapy and hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

  6. Sorry to hear about this Doctor experiencing this TRAGIC event………. So now is he going to WARN people about these poison antibiotics ? ( Anti means Against — Biotics means LIFE = ANTI LIFE )…… What about the POISON VACCINES causing MILLIONS up MILLIONS of DEATHS and DISEASES….. will this Doctor have to experience a horrible event with VACCINES before WARNING people about VACCINES ???????????……. WAKE UP EVERYONE !!!

  7. I was poisoned 11 months ago by this poison. Trying to recover from severe tendinitis, arthritis and extreme fatigue. Doctors ran over 20 exams and lab test and wouldn’t give me an answer. I was very fit and went from benching over 425 pounds to not being able to get out of bed and not able to lift my arms. Please spread the word, as I won’t wish this on my worst enemy.

  8. DON'T TRUST these Toxic Drug Dealer Doctors, Nurses and pHARMacists ….. they are ALL BRAINWASHED zombies for evil big pharma who wants everyone sick so they can continue their evil business.

  9. Do someone here has received Dr. Ghalili's treatment to recover from fluoroquinolone toxicity please ?
    I don't really know if it's reliable or not. The despair makes you an easy target.
    5 days of IV therapy cost 8500$
    Stem cell is 8500$ too

  10. "Doctor, you had a 'gonnococcal' infection, (staph)?"; "that's what Cipro's for, right?"; "a 'gonococcal' infection, are you serious!"; "you can lose a limb or have your organs shut down on you, right?"

  11. "a gonococcal infection derives from a roadkill or carcass or something, right?" ("and when a patient doesn't have access to IV antibiotics they're then forced to use high doses of oral antibiotics, and the Cipro's twice daily, right?")

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