Passionfruit/Passiflora spp.

On today’s video we’ll be talking about
passionfruit. So passionfruit or passiflora is a palmately lobed
sometimes “tri-lobed” in this instance vine that is a twining vine produces an
edible fruit as you may well be aware. Now, there’s a lot of different kinds and
that little wiry fellow right there is what you call a tendril. And that little tendril
is like a grappling hook and allows the plant to climb up this little solanum
now this is another type of passion- fruit here and this is your native
passion fruit it’s got a much more shallow lobe and it leaves a lot smaller
we’re going to take you for a little walk to another passion fruit and
hopefully the sun doesn’t blind you on the way. So one thing that all the
passion fruits do have in common is that they are vines and that you can use
those vines to weave and I’ve woven this lovely little basket that’s about 12
centimeters higher by about 34 centimeters in diameter which brings us
to this useful native plants book because I do have my critics out there
believe it or not who would like to say that I don’t know what I’m talking about
but today this lovely book is gonna help me to debunk them so there we go this is
the “tri-lobed” native passion fruit yeah look at that all this glorious
information right now the young fruits are poisonous but this is the same with
many fruits of the world now the flowers of passionfruit you can use to make
passiflora tea or passion flower tea and that is used as a calming tea before bed
to help you sleep. Another thing what is another thing ah yes there is medicinal value to the
fruits of some varieties, some say that you can use the fruit of certain
varieties as snake poison healing for snake poison and snake bites but again
don’t take my word for that because that was only one tribal elder that’s told me
that so anyway passionfruit/passiflora again with a little twining tendrils
here and those little tendrils make for a really nice addition to the basket I
think tells a story of the basket anyway passionfruit

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