Patch Adams (2/10) Movie CLIP – Group Therapy (1998) HD

Patch Adams (2/10) Movie CLIP – Group Therapy (1998) HD

Well, Everton, we’re meeting in here
so that Rudy can participate. – It’s cramped.
– Does anyone else
have a thought on that ? – Cramped !
– l think he has a question. [ Patients Laughing ] Do you find that funny, Hunter,
making fun of a man’s infirmity ? Maybe he does have a question.
He’s alive. – He’s catatonic.
– Well, he still has a brain. – Maybe he wants to participate too.
– [ Rudy ] Yeah. Maybe he has a question. Yeah, maybe. Maybe he knows why we’re cramped !
[ Laughing ] [ Laughing Continues ] Maybe Beany knows a lot more
than we give him credit for. Excuse me. Beany ?
Which way is heaven ? – [ Loud Laughter ]
– That’s correct ! That’ll be enough, Hunter. Beany, how much taller
is Wilt Chamberlain than you ? – Right.
– [ Laughter Continues ] Hey, Beany ! Beany !
Where’s the ceiling ? – [ Laughter Continues ]
– That’s enough. Stop it. Where do the birds fly, Beany ? How do you say hello to Hitler ? Beany, how does Hitler say hello ? [ Adams ] How do you check
an elephant for a hernia ? Who would win a staring contest ?
Beany ! Who– Who farted ? Beany ! – Who likes to masturbate ?
– [ All ] Yea ! – [ Laughter, Shouting ]
– l do ! l do ! [ Adams ] Hey, Beany, how does an
one-armed referee say ”field goal” ? [ Everton ]
Ha ha ! Hey, Beany ! Ciao, Beany !
Arigato, Beany ! [ Rudy ]
Bye, Beany. lt was a really good session,
l thought.

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  1. Watching Robin took my thoughts away from depressive thoughts. And yet, I realize that for him, perhaps, not so many gave him the opportunity to take away his depressive thoughts. Because he was too busy making people happy – with his generosity, with his gift of laughter and company…Maybe, just maybe…Thanks Robin!

  2. My favorite scene from this movie. It may not be 100 percent true to life, but I did learn quite a bit about the connection between laughter and therapy. I'm a direct care worker, so this is true every day.

    R.I.P. Robin Williams. Thanks for the lesson in laughter.

  3. Rest in peace Robin. Their will never be a man like you, and when I say that, I truly mean it. No one can ever replace the eccentricly funny times you eased the tensions on film. You made us all see something inside of us, by giving us your gift of making us laugh, wonder, and even cry. May your soul rest peacefully in paradise. ?

  4. Laughter is the best medicine everyone needs. Young or old; sick or good health, smart or slow to learn. Everybody has a since of humor.

  5. This movie seems to be to blame for his movie career's eventual decline, but this part alone is priceless. A good example of his "improvisational" type of humor. He could have kept that up all day, and every question he asked would have been a riot!

  6. Hmm – whilst Patch Adams managed to get a 'talk of a time' out of the others – particularly for Rudy – why did he have to do it on Beanie? I mean whilst the Doctor is apathetic and somewhat 'sucks at his job' – if not lackadaisical … the Doctor atleast made a point it wasn't appropriate to make fun of catatonic individuals or one's medical condition … I mean it seemed whilst the others got some 'therapeutic happiness' this was at the cost of Beanie 🙁 …

  7. how can anyone believe this is funny. This is horrible, he is mocking someone with a disability and making fun of him. Everyone else is laughing, but at that guy. This is horrible. This person is being an asshole
    I dont believe the real hunter adams ever did anything like this
    This movie sucks and its insulting to the real Hunter Adams.

  8. Hear that, kids?
    It's absolutely acceptable to mock a person's deformity/illness as long as you do so in favour of humour!

  9. I couldn't help but curl my toes with anger and indignation at the callousness of this scene. Yes, I'm aware of this film's aim, proving laughter and cheer to be the best medicine, but surely there's a day and night difference between the intentions of 'Patch Adams' and exactly what it feeds the audience.

  10. I don't think Patch is mocking the man, I think he is letting him participate. He can't move his body or say anything, so Patch is helping him participate in the group session by letting Beanie answer questions without having to move his body! I'm sure it gets quite lonely for him, many people may not pay him much attention…

  11. I don't care if I'm in public if someone randomly shouted "WHO LIKES TO MASTURBATE" I would raise my hand instantly :^)

  12. Guys I suddenly realized one thing – do you think the DOCTOR ONLY got intervention more out of spite because he must have realized Patch Adams could engage and get the group talking and participating compared to just him sitting there and asking questions and realizing 'oh shit Patch Adams could do it better than I can' OR he was actually annoyed at the antics of Patch Adams and out of concern for Beanie he got intervention?

  13. In todays movies you couldn't do this. however this was a great scene movies were so good in the 90's and mid 2000's.

  14. hell when robin williams roasts you even you will end up laughing so damn hard you'll pull a muscle and vomit and yourself

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  16. Mercy hospital Philadelphia: group therapy is disrespectful to patients and discovery for prosecutors

  17. Who likes to manipulate? They all raise their hands. I'm dead. I wanted to participate too so I raised my hand on that question.

  18. This makes me realise that my sense of humour would have me deemed psychotic back in the 70's.

    I'm glad today I'm just viewed as a nihilist ?

  19. This reminds of a time I was in phychratric unit playing Uno with a group of fellow inpatients and we were all basically high after taking our meds. We shared each others messed up stories why we were all screwed up and bursted out laughing at it all, it was the most therapeutic session I had!

  20. OK, I kind of noticed they did something like this in another Robin Williams movie—AWAKENINGS. The old woman who seemed to be a living corpse. But she could catch a pop fly like…

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