Paul Thomas, MD- Vaccine Friendly Plan

Paul Thomas, MD- Vaccine Friendly Plan

Something else we do in my practice is, if
you start to see developmental delays, you stop all further vaccination. I’ve had so many patients join my practice
who their pediatrician says, “Oh, no. There’s no link. Just do them all.” Even when the child’s starting to show signs
of a problem neurologically, they’re continuing on. It’s reckless. We had, in our group 1, who followed the vaccine
friendly plan, 3 kids who were starting to look headed down that autism road. They weren’t quite severe enough to have a
label or a diagnosis. By stopping, they ended up being completely
normal. Kids are hurting. People are hurting out there. When you over-vaccinate, and you over-tax
the immune system at a very young age, you shift people towards allergy and autoimmunity. The chronic diseases we’re seeing today are
partially due to that very issue. We’ve got to change what we’re doing. We’ve got to individualize medicine. We can not do one size fits all medicine anymore. My son says, “Dad, you’ve got a lot to say. We ought to get you on YouTube.” Yeah. Let’s get this stuff out there. I’m going, “I don’t think so, son.” He’s like, “Come on, please. It’ll help me. I’m just trying to learn how to do this.” I did it as a favor for him. We had a couple of videos that were doing
well, a wart video, and then my wife walked in. I told you that story. It was a Saturday. She said, “I’ve got something in my ear. I think it’s wax.” My son was here. He says, “Wait, wait. We’re going to film this.” “Okay, whatever.” We were kidding around, and it was this sort
of combination of cute and gross, and that thing’s got twenty million views. That’s incredible. On YouTube, you can just put “ear wax” and
it pops up in the top five. Well, Dr. Paul, before we start, I just want
to have a moment of gratitude, because when I first met you in 2011, my wife, we were
talking about having a baby, right? You gave me this sheet. It had a lot of sense to it. A lot of science. You said, “You know what? This vaccine has a lot of aluminum. I wouldn’t do this. I wouldn’t do this.” Now, you have this wonderful book out that
comes out by the time folks watch this. The Vaccine-Friendly Plan. I want to commend you and also, again, extend
gratitude, because without that sheet, I would have been lost. There’s not a lot of science. There’s not a lot of practitioners out there
that understand this. First of all, thank you for giving that to
me way back then, and now congratulations on the book. Thanks. I appreciate that. As you probably know, since 2011 when I gave
you that sheet, there’s been a huge change from the CDC with regards to a recommendation
for pregnancy, which is the Tdap. I would have put on that sheet a very big
“No Tdap.” I’ll tell you why, in case you wanted to know. Yeah, let’s talk about it. Since you brought up pregnancy. It’s a pet peeve of mine. Every day in my office, almost every day,
I have a new couple sitting there excited they’re about to have a baby. Mom’s just ready to pop, you know? They want to do what’s right for their kid,
and they’re wondering about this vaccine issue. In pregnancy, if you go back a couple of decades,
it was a sacred time. The womb, you don’t put toxins in your body,
right? I mean, you eat organic, you avoid medications,
you don’t drink, a lot of things we would do to keep the unborn child protected from
toxins. In 2013, and big push in 2014, the CDC came
out with the recommendation we’re going to inject a Tdap vaccine, mainly because of the
pertussis component, to every pregnant woman in America, so almost 4 million unborn children
are getting exposed to a huge dose of aluminum, at a neuro-toxic dose. The FDA has a document that’s live today that
says, “Don’t exceed 5 micrograms per kilogram, especially in premature infants,” because
they found studies showed it caused developmental delays and brain problems. Somehow, that information is being ignored. I’ll tell you why they’re ignoring it. The theory is, we inject mom. She’s going to develop antibodies against
pertussis, give it to her baby, who’s born with protection. It’s probably a true theory, and it might
reduce the risk from 5 to 10 deaths per year to something lower than that, out of those
4 million births. In my way of thinking, however, is it worth
poisoning four million unborn babies to potentially save 2, 3, 4, 5 lives? I don’t know. I don’t want to make that decision for anybody,
but if it was my kid, if my wife was pregnant, there’s no way I’m guaranteeing a poisoning
for that 1 in a million chance it might help my baby. Right, because 600 micrograms of aluminum,
and you said the adult daily maximum is 5 or 25? Adult daily max is 50. The per kilo dose is 5 micrograms per kilo. That unborn child is definitely, like, less
than a kilo. You shouldn’t give more than 5 micrograms. The vaccine has 250 to 330, depending on the
brand. It’s a ridiculously toxic dose. The thinking must be, by the manufacturer
or the regulatory body, is that, “Well, that mercury’s not crossing the placental barrier,”
which we know that a lot of things, heavy metals and so forth cross, right? Right. Aluminum, in this case. They got the mercury out. This is aluminum. We just don’t have long term studies, so what
we would need to do, and of course the American population is the study, is have a huge group
that’s not getting this vaccine, and a huge group that is, and follow those kids over
a 5, 10, 15 year period, because it takes time to see chronic problems from low dose
toxicity. The studies haven’t been done. Each mom in America is part of the study,
if you elect to have that vaccine. Let’s talk about that. The dearth of studies. The lack of data. It’s really surprising. I mean, a lot of folks, when we think about
drugs that are prescribed through physicians, we think of randomized, placebo controlled
trials. What’s really interesting is the filing, and
I learned this from watching the movie Vaxxed, which I would encourage folks to recommend
no matter what side of the spectrum they’re on, vaccines have this little loophole where
they’re kind of, there’s recommendations and there’s not a lot of safety studies or data. Can you talk about that? Well, there’s lots of studies, but what’s
missing are the randomized controlled studies, as you mentioned. Vaccines sort of get a special privilege and
kind of a fast track. We really need to do proper placebo controlled
studies. The classic one that’s just very upsetting
to me is the HPV Gardasil vaccine that’s being given to teenagers to prevent cervical cancer
in women. The package insert from the company that makes
that vaccine, it’s all laid out for you. They used, except for one tiny subset, they
used aluminum at very high doses, the same high doses that are in the vaccine, as their
control. There is no control. Then, of course, their outcomes were the same. Well, of course. You injected the same amount of a huge toxin
to both groups. To make matters worse, in that particular
study, they stopped it at 3 and a half years, long before you could ever determine whether
it was actually going to prevent cervical cancer. It’s a hypothesis. That’s what’s missing. Long term, good, placebo controlled studies. What we need for vaccines is what we did with
tobacco. I was born in 1957, the year the US government
started the huge, millions of people, nonsmokers versus smokers, and they followed these people
for decades. Well, we all know, right? Tobacco’s not a really good thing to be doing. You’re going to increase your cancer risk. We need that same sort of dedication and commitment
from the government, from the CDC. Take a huge sample of non-vaccinating, a huge
sample of partially vaccinating, and a huge sample of completely vaccinating, and follow
these kids for 10, 15, 20 years. Look at the outcomes. There are clues in the literature. JAMA, Journal of the American Medical Association,
in 2013, published a study from Norway. 80,000 pregnancies followed for an average
of 6 years, half the kids the moms took folate, half didn’t. The autism rate if you took folate was 1 in
1,000. 1 in 500 if you didn’t. Now, this is at a time when the US, the autism
rate was 1 in 100. 1 in 1,000 in Norway. 1 in 100 here. Why? Well, the study wasn’t designed to address
that. It’s just, I throw that out to the viewers. If you’re a thinking person, you’re going
to go, “Hmm. I wonder what could that be.” Since I think it’s really an issue of toxins,
toxins, toxins, I’m thinking, “Okay. What toxins do we have in the US that they
don’t have in Norway?” Well, GMO is banned in most of Europe, so
there’s 1 exposure. The other one was the hepatitis B vaccine
for newborns, which we’ve been doing in this country for almost 20 years. They don’t do that in Norway. In fact, in most other industrialized countries,
you only give the hepatitis B to babies who need it. If the mother has it, for example, right? Exactly. You catch hepatitis B from sex and IV drug
use. Babies don’t do that. Babies can get hepatitis B if their mom has
it. Those babies should definitely get the vaccine,
and HBIG as far as that goes. In the US, the CDC says 1 in 100 moms have
hepatitis B. I’ve read other studies where it’s more like 1 in 1,000. That means we’re injecting a 250 microgram
toxic dose of aluminum to either 99 out of 100 or 999 out of 1,000 infants for a disease
they’re not at risk for, and it just flies against common sense. Last time, during our autism intensive interview,
you talked about the immunity that’s conferred through that early life vaccination only affects
like 20, or the antibody level, it was something to the effect as 25% of 17 year olds. You want to talk about …?
There’s several studies now, because we’ve been doing this for 20 years, 15 to 20 years
depending on where you are in the country. 20 year olds, only 24% have immunity. A recent study just showed that if you give
those teenagers a booster, it works. Expect there will be a recommendation soon
for adding a booster for hepatitis B, when really all we need to do is change it back
to the teenagers who are about to be sexually active, for example. Then, they have lasting immunity because their
immune system is more developed. Makes complete sense. You’re a big enough person that that 250 micrograms
of aluminum is not as toxic, either. Right. There’s enough neuro development there that
you’re not going to affect these pathways. Neuro development is well along its way. I remember when I was 9 years old, that’s
when hep A, hep B, hep C came in. When I was 9, 10, 11, we had to always go
to the doctor for that. That newborn, I didn’t realize that amount
of aluminum was in that as an adjument. Let’s kind of talk about this personalized
approach. You like vaccines. We’ll talk about Hib, one of your favorite
vaccines from last time, and so forth. What we’re seeing in medicine in general with
adults and so forth is personalized approach, where we’re looking at genomics, environmental
susceptibility, genetics and so forth, and trying to figure out the best plan, whether
it’s lifestyle, medicine, whatever, but then when it comes to infants, it’s like there’s
the cookie cutter, one size fits all approach, which you talk about in the book and on your
YouTube channel, is not the right way to go. How do we customize the vaccine approach so
that we’re helping folks that have high risk, that have parents with autoimmunity and so
forth? Let’s kind of talk about that. This is the area that we sorely lack good
studies. You have to really dig and find them. There are studies that show there’s an increased
risk of autism if you have inflammation in the womb. One can extrapolate, and there’s another study
that shows there’s increased inflammation in the womb for those who get a flu shot. Just add 1 plus 1 equals 2. If the flu shot causes inflammation, one study,
if inflammation triggers autism increased risk, another study. Perhaps we shouldn’t be doing flu shots to
pregnant moms. Now, they should do a bigger study, but that
is an example of how you need to take the data and individualize it. To speak to genomics, I’ll just use one example. There are thousands, hundreds of thousands
of single nucleotide polymorphisms, and a lot of people doing some good work in that
area. I know you’ve worked with Ben Lynch. He’s just come out with an amazing program
that will help people get their 23 and Me analyzed. What I really like about what he’s doing is,
he’s not ignoring the fact that there’s a major factor that comes from your environment,
from your food, from the toxins you’re exposed to. Of course, as my book outlines, we need to
also take into consideration the toxins that are in vaccines. The elephant in the room that we call autism,
it’s not just autism. There’s no one autism. There’s toxicity that’s affecting actual brain
development. There’s toxicity that’s affecting your immune
system. There’s this new condition, or relatively
new syndrome called ASIA: Autoimmune syndrome induced by adjuvants. The main adjuvant in vaccines is aluminum. Lots of studies in the last 5, 10 years showing
that aluminum triggers autoimmunity, and there’s a connection between autoimmunity and brain
problems. MS is one that we’re very familiar with, but
autism might be … There’s a subset where there might be an immune mechanism going on. It’s time to get away from one size fits all,
as you were pointing out, and allow families to individualize the approach. Parents know best what their risk factors
are. I mean, obviously they want to share these
with their doctor. Let’s say you’re a parent, and you come to
me and you say, “Dr. Paul, I’m a homozygous for the MTHFR defect, and my wife’s a carrier,
so our kids are 50-50 going to be homozygous.” Just that defect alone tells me we have extremely
higher risk for toxin damage, and I probably wouldn’t give a child like that, if it were
me, any vaccines. At least not until I’m sure that this child’s
going to be okay. That’s a crazy statement, right? It’s like, “What do you mean?” Let’s just say you already have an autistic
child. You understand if your next child is a boy,
their risk is about 1 in 5. It’s at least 1 in 20, compared to the going
rate, which sadly is 1 in 45 or 1 in 67, depending on the study. The risk doesn’t have to be that high. I present in my book some data. The research was approved by Western Institutional
Review Board, because it was a retrospective look at our experience in my practice. It’s very interesting. Family history is a huge risk factor. We’ve known that. Not vaccinating at all, especially when you
have risk factors, reduces your risk. The main part of my study broke my practice
… The group that we were looking at was kids who were the age that entered my practice
when I started integrative pediatrics, which was in 2008. We picked kids who were at least 2 years old,
and up to the time of the cut-off of the data bank, they would have been 7. They were ages 2 to 7. Average age of about 4 and a half. Most of the severe autistic kids would have
shown up by then. Group 1 was those kids who vaccinated in the
vaccine-friendly plan manner, the selective approach where you don’t do the hep B if you
don’t need it. You only do one aluminum-containing vaccine
at a time. You wait until age 3 for the MMR. You wait on polio, and you don’t do the rotovirus. That’s sort of in a nutshell. We had no new cases of autism or autism spectrum
out of over 1,000 kids who vaccinated that way. In the unvaccinated group, which was 238 kids,
we had no new autism or autism spectrum. In the third group, now, this was a bit of
a hodge podge group, so you can’t extrapolate too much from it, because these were kids
who, some of them joined my practice because they were starting to get nervous about seeing
some little glitches. Some of them got the hep B as newborns, which
isn’t something I recommend. That threw them into group 3. We had 15 cases of autism or autism spectrum
out of almost 900 kids. It was a rate of 1 in 60. Pretty close to the going rate out there. By the way, the significance for group 1,
doing the vaccine-friendly plan way of vaccinating, had a P value of .00001. You don’t get much more power than that. That means for people who are not statisticians,
which actually I’m not. I got help with my statistics. That means the chance that that could have
happened just by random chance was 1 in 100,000. Wow. That’s amazing. Fairly significant. Now, for our listeners that may not be familiar
with your practice, you have … I would say a higher risk population, right? People are seeking you out because of your
different approach. They might know internally or have some hunch
that, you know … They were referred by a friend or what have you, so that’s really
unique in the sense that it’s that statistically significant that the vaccine-friendly plan
… Again, it makes a lot of sense. You’re using informed consent and so forth. For your viewers, the reason I even started
this practice was I had a last straw incident in November of 2007. I walked into an exam room, and right in front
of me was supposed to be a healthy 2 year old visit. A well child visit. I had a little fellow, I’ll call him Jack,
and he’s in his stroller just looking like this. There was just no … I’m like, “Jack. Jack.” I can get kids to interact. “Jack. Jack. Jack.” There was no one home. He was gone. I looked back through the chart and he’d been
normal at 1. He was starting to talk. He was normal in every sense of development. He had lost his eye contact, lost his language. He was gone. That was the fourth kid in 4 years in my practice
who had gone from normal at 1 to severe autism by 2. It was the last straw for me. I knew better. You know, when you know better, you can do
better. I think, sadly, a lot of people just have
their blinders on, and it’s one size fits all, like we were talking about. They just don’t know better. I’m hoping that this book will kind of open
people’s eyes. I mean, this is a well-referenced, over 300
peer review references that are talking about all the issues. This isn’t an anti-vaccine book. I do vaccines every day in my office. No, not at all. One thing that I noticed in my study, when
we did our chart reviews, we looked at every single visit in the chart. This was a very labor intensive, took over
a year, of 3 different medical students spending summers and evenings. I mean, we really pored through these charts. Something else we do in my practice is, if
you start to see developmental delays, you stop all further vaccination. I’ve had so many patients join my practice
who, their pediatrician says, “Oh, no. There’s no link. Just do them all.” Even when the child’s starting to show signs
of a problem neurologically, they’re continuing on. It’s reckless. We had, in our group 1, who followed the vaccine-friendly
plan, 3 kids who were starting to look headed down that autism road. They weren’t quite severe enough to have a
label or a diagnosis. By stopping, they ended up being completely
normal. In our smaller group that were more heavily
vaccinated, we had 5 such kids who ended up fine.
These are kids who I have no doubt would have progressed on to autism if we just kept hammering
our way, dosing them with more toxins. That’s an example of individualized medicine
in the simplest of forms. You have to take each child in front of you
as an individual, and tailor what you’re doing to what you’re seeing. Examine the patient. It’s good medicine. Examine the patient. It really makes me sad that we seem to be
losing informed consent. When I was in medical school, back in the
age of the dinosaurs in the early 80s, we were hammered by our professors about informed
consent. You do nothing to a patient until you have
explained explicitly the risks and the benefits of the procedure. You also need to explain the alternatives,
and in the case of vaccines, which is a procedure, you’re injecting something that can have ill
effect, right? Potential benefit. Potential side effects. One of the options has to be not doing them. Well, when you have mandates, your viewers
probably understand that in California this year, July 1, 2016, if you live in California,
and you don’t do all the CDC vaccines, you can’t go to school, daycare, whether it’s
private or public. California just released a study last week. They have 97,000 children with an autism diagnosis
in the public school. They have a 7 times, 600% rise in autism since
2001. They have kindergartners this year, compared
to last year, 17% more autistic kids. The crisis is just exploding. It just baffles me that people aren’t willing
to look at all the science and use some common sense. There’s so many variables, from environmental
toxins, GMO foods and so forth. We know we have control over this variable,
being the vaccine, and the toxins in the vaccines, so why not minimize exposure? I have 2 questions. The first one is for the people that are into
the herd immunity, and when they hear, “Oh my gosh. You’re not vaccinating?” They get really reactive. I notice this particularly online. Talk about this, like the rates of polio,
and stuff like that. Herd immunity is this concept that if we vaccinate
enough in the herd, in this case, the human herd, then if the disease is introduced into
the herd, it can’t take hold. It actually has some validity. If you think about measles. That’s the one that scares everybody, right? We had the Disneyland measles epidemic. That was the whole rationale for mandating
vaccines in California. There were less than 200 cases of measles
tied to that epidemic, but in the whole country, there were less than 800 cases if I’m not
mistaken, in 2014, when we had this epidemic. The usual flux of measles in this country
is 200 to 800 over the last decade plus. There have been no deaths in the United States. That’s an example of herd immunity working. In Oregon, there was one man who caught measles
from Disneyland. He was 40 years old, approximately. Lived in one of the bigger towns in Oregon. Not a single person caught measles from him. That speaks to how well the measles vaccine
works. People are going to say, “Well, Dr. Paul,
you clearly have disregard for the public if you’re going to be anti-vaccine.” No. I’m not anti-vaccine. In our vaccine-friendly plan, we do the MMR
after age 3, as long as it’s safe to do so. There are families who have, it’s just too
risky. There’s some interesting data. In fact, the data that was presented by Dr.
William Thompson, the whistle blower for the CDC, actually showed it was safer to give
the MMR after age 3. When I opened my practice in 2008, I picked
3 as a probably safer age, not knowing this data. That data was hidden. I did it for this reason. I had seen with my own eyes, in my own practice,
4 kids deteriorate after the MMR. The rationale I thought was, “Well, if the
neural networks are established, which is usually by age 3, kids are talking. They’re very connected with their world. Maybe …” I was just hoping that if the MMR
is causing mischief, it won’t be as bad. The brain is all well set. It seems to have worked out. I’m not saying that we don’t need more studies. We definitely do, but I have a feeling that
it’ll be safer to give that vaccine at age 3. You still maintain herd immunity, so if a
case of measles comes in to the population, people are still vaccinated. You might say, “Well, what about those who
are under 3?” Well, what about autism? You know what I mean? You have to somehow use science and common
sense. You mentioned polio. There hasn’t been a case of polio since 1979
that was acquired here in the United States. Basically, polio is transmitted through drinking
water that was contaminated. The lack of good water. That’s not a problem anymore in the United
States. It’s not going to be a problem. We don’t need to worry about polio. You have to take each vaccine one at a time,
and that’s what this book does. This book will take you from chapter 1, which
is all about toxins, because really it’s not just vaccines. I think people get, when they hear the vaccine
anything, people are polarized, right? Pro or anti. Let’s get rid of this polarization and just
be scientific. We start with pregnancy after dealing with
toxins, and in pregnancy, keep it sacred, including minimizing stress. Then, the books walks you through each age
that you would see a pediatrician, so that you know and you’re armed with what to do. When you go in to the pediatrician, you’re
going to know what they’re expecting you to do, as far as vaccines, but everything else. All the normal growth and development is covered. The common childhood illnesses are covered. In the vaccine arena, we address each disease,
the risks, the benefits of doing the vaccines, and try to make common sense decisions based
on all the literature that’s out there. This is really a primer for parents, of all
… It’s what to get after you get What to Expect When You’re Expecting. It’s, like, the follow up book, really. I was telling Sam in the car, because it goes
through everything, from colic, and “My baby has a rough throat when they’re breathing.” All these things, for new parents, it kind
of freaks you out. At least, the first go around. The second go around, you’re like, “They’re
going to be fine.” That’s really fantastic. Now, one thing that I remember from the book
was, pediatricians, generally, like to follow the CDC rules, and so forth. If a pediatrician gives a parent a hard time
for wanting to go follow this vaccine-friendly plan, your advice is find a new pediatrician. Talk about that empowerment. A lot of people are scared by their health
care practitioner. Just talking to one of my staff members who
has a friend who just went through this very thing. Being threatened about kicked out of the practice. She’s vaccinated her previous 4 kids completely
on the CDC schedule. Her fifth kid is having some problems, and
she wants to slow it down, and she’s being threatened with being kicked out. I get patients every week who have been kicked
out of somebody else’s practice, because they won’t follow guidelines. Why are pediatricians doing this? Risk, probably, right? Liability? There’s a number of things. The biggest driver I think is ignorance and
misinformation. However, pediatricians are good people. They really care about people. I went into the practice of pediatrics for
that reason. I loved all the pediatricians I saw. They were family men, women, they love kids. They’re trying to do what’s right. When I was a new pediatrician, I figured,
“Well, how could I know more than the CDC?” No way. All the smartest doctors are there at the
CDC. What’s become apparent is that there’s some
conflicts of interest at the level of the CDC. As a result, you really have to think independently. You can’t just rely on CDC guidelines. The hepatitis B is that perfect example. They have the information. It is long past time that we’re still injecting
newborns with hepatitis B vaccine who don’t need it. Clearly, there’s something going on. Conflicts of interest. Time for pediatricians to think for themselves. Well, then why are they still doing this? It turns out, there’s a lot of pressure to
follow guidelines. This pressure is now coming forth in the form
of quality measures. You see, a health plan will say, “We’re going
to be looking at your rate of vaccination, and we’re going to look at 2 year olds, and
see how many of your patients have gotten all their vaccines that they’re supposed to
have by age 2.” If you don’t meet a certain standard, let’s
say it’s 70% or 80%, you’re a bad doctor. You’re going to actually lose your bonus,
or we’re going to cut your pay, your reimbursement rate, because you’re a bad doctor. Now, it’s hitting doctors in their pocketbook,
and office overhead has gone through the roof. Now, it’s actually survival. You’ll have office managers pushing. “We’ve got to do this,” and setting up office
policies to make sure everybody’s getting vaccinated. There’s all this pressure, and I think people,
pediatricians, they’re just not paying attention to the fact that, “Hmm. Wait a minute. Why are we giving hepatitis B to newborns?” It’s complicated. I don’t think there are bad people out there. I think they’re just under all this pressure
to do what’s right in the name of public health. You know, it sounds so good. “We’re going to have a public health and quality
measure improvement process in our office. We’re going to make sure we’re the best we
can be.” The number 1 thing for a pediatrician to look
at is their vaccine rate. Is this pressure from insurance companies? Reimbursements? Yes, at times. At times, it’s from insurance companies. The other thing that’s happening in California,
for example, the only way to get an exemption is if you get a medical exemption. What they’re doing there with their new law
is there’s a real pressure, any doctor that’s giving a lot of exemptions, they’re feeling
the scrutiny of the system. Even the schools are not wanting to follow
through with medical exemptions unless they are per CDC guidelines. Now, big brother, CDC and government, is not
only behind making the rules that you can only have a medical exemption, they’re going
to tell you what kind of a medical exemption. If I’m your doctor, and I know your MTHFR
status, and I know you have 2 kids with autism, your risk is through the ceiling. You should not give the one size fits all
vaccine plan. The CDC doesn’t see that. The only thing that qualifies in their mind
is allergic reaction, severe autoimmune issues, right? It’s complicated. What tips do you have for a pediatrician listening
right now? Hopefully, folks listening would share this
with their pediatrician. If they want to use a sensible approach like
you’ve laid out in your book, what do they do? Like you said, there’s pressure coming from
all angles here. You know, pediatricians, it’s time to stand
up. We have got to return to informed consent. We’ve got to be science based. We can’t just follow guidelines without really
thinking about what we’re doing. You know, I would urge you to avoid contempt
prior to investigation. I was once just like every pediatrician. I totally believed everything that came out
of the CDC. When I started doing a little deeper digging,
wow, there’s a lot of information out there, on the toxicity of mercury, the toxicity of
aluminum. ASIA, the new autoimmune syndrome induced
by adjuvants. The list just goes on and on. Then, to find out, for example, what was in
Vaxxed, that the CDC knew in 2002, when they were charged to do the study that looked at
the MMR vaccine and autism by congress, they found data that showed there was a link. Well, they couldn’t publish that. They did some maneuvers to get rid of that
finding, and they published a study in Pediatrics in 2004 that showed no link, using the very
data set that had a link. Now, that, that should be criminal. Of course, I don’t have privy to the 1,000
pages that have been submitted to congress, so, for pediatricians, before you pass judgment,
and I’m not passing judgment either, let’s get Dr. William Thompson subpoenaed in front
of congress. He said he wants to testify. Let’s let him testify. This is bigger than Watergate. I mean, this is huge. If there’s a link between vaccines and autism
that’s been hidden from the population while the autism rate skyrockets, we have over a
million autistic kids in the last decade. Almost 100,000 in California public schools
now. They weren’t there. When I was in medical school in 1981 to 1985,
guess how many cases of autism I saw? None. You’ve interviewed me before. There were none. In residency, I saw a handful of mild cases
of PDD-NOS, pervasive development disorder not otherwise specified, which is what we
would call autism spectrum today. Today, it’s just out of control. It’s really scary stuff. That would open Pandora’s box, you know? You know, we’ve got to do it. We’ve got to do it. I mean, at some point, we’ve got to stand
up for real science and not allow … There’s a lot of research being done that’s sponsored
by pharmaceutical companies, and their interests are to show benefit. You do little tiny studies, and when you get
one that shows benefit, you publish it. Think about if we looked at tobacco that way,
and we compared a pack a day smoker to a 2 pack a day smoker, and we looked at them 6
months and a year out and looked for lung cancer. We wouldn’t have found anything. See? Smoking’s safe. It doesn’t work that way. We need better design of our studies. Yeah. Absolutely. Just to kind of summarize as we finish off
here, for folks, this is a really personalized and customizable plan that you can kind of
piecemeal together, that you’ve laid out in this book here, The Vaccine-Friendly Plan. Basically, what I heard you say, there, Dr.
Paul, and correct me if I’m wrong, that if your child is high risk, autoimmunity, and
you see some developmental delays, slow things down and personalize the approach. If you go off, don’t vaccinate at all, especially
the aluminum containing vaccines, there’s enough herd immunity that you’re at very low
risk, and look at each vaccine and which disease it confers benefit against individually, and
look at the risk-reward benefit. In a nutshell, you’re right. In the appendix, we actually have The Vaccine-Friendly
Plan outlined, that we’ve used in my practice. We have, in this particular study and data,
over 2,000 patients who have done very well with this. I think there’s a lot of nuance that’s written
into this book as well, so you can’t just take a prescription from an appendix. You really ought to read it, because there’s
situations where I think it’s very clear you should avoid this particular vaccine ingredient,
or this particular vaccine. I did my best to bring that research forward,
and we need more. Well, speaking of research, I know you spend
a lot of personal time … I remember, like on Sundays, we would talk about other things,
and you were diving into the research. A couple of final questions here is morning
routines. That’s the first question, and we know that
busy practitioners and influencers in our community have a morning routine. This is more we’re getting personal here,
Dr. Paul. What do you do in the first couple of hours
of your day that’s special or unique? You are getting personal, aren’t you? I have a new kitten, and the damn thing … Oh,
sorry. You can’t say that on video. It’s all good. Wakes me up way too early. No, that was just recent. I start my day every day going through the
world literature. I have a few listservs that I subscribe to,
where I get all this data, and I scan the abstracts, and if it looks like, “Oh, this
is important …” I’m not saying that other things aren’t important, but I’m saying, important
for the world of preventative health, pediatrics, having babies safely, avoiding toxins, vaccines,
in that arena. I will save the abstracts that I need to read
the full article and go through that later. This year, I wrote my book, and so I’ve got
over 1,000 saved articles that I have to get to, but I read the abstracts. That’s the first thing I do. Then, starting real soon, I’m purchasing an
enclosed bicycle. We live in the northwest where it rains. I’m anticipating the rains coming. I’m going to leave extra early and pedal to
work. I’m going to ride my bike. It’s about 6 miles, but a lot of start and
stop because it’s city. I’m going to get a workout, because this bike
is heavy. It’s covered, so when it’s raining, then you’re
not going to get wet. No matter what. Wow. Is this a new bicycle? I haven’t seen this. It’s called an ELF
I’ll have to check it out. Look it up online, yeah. Because I’ve been too busy, first with raising
10 kids, and then with my huge practice and writing a book, I’ve neglected exercise a
bit more than I wished I had, so I’m going to add that in. I think that’s important, and then a little
bit of meditation would be good. I’m a little weak in that department. I need to add a little spiritual and meditation
component for sure. That’s awesome. The research is a big component every morning,
it sounds like. Very much so. I don’t feel like I started my day off right
if I breeze past that. I just don’t want to miss anything. I’m sure I do miss things. You can’t keep up. There’s so much information. I think a lot of times, busy physicians in
the trenches seeing patients, I mean, my practice has over 13,000 patients, sure, we’re a team,
but they’re my patients. We don’t get a lot of time to read. We end up relying on the CDC to sort of encapsulate
for us, or the Academy of Pediatrics, and they do a pretty good job in some areas, but
when it comes to the particular issue here with the vaccine-friendly plan, where you’re
looking at neurological issues, autism, and vaccines, and toxins, there’s a lot out there,
folks, that you just miss. It’s not being brought to your attention. What I’ve noticed, doing consulting work in
the doctor space for the past 10 years, what really separates the integrative functional
medicine practitioners from the general insurance-based, Medicare type folks is that self-study. That wanting to sharpen the saw and look deeper. It’s really unique, in that, like you mentioned,
a lot of practitioners just don’t have time. If you don’t make time to study, you’re not
going to get the time. I would encourage other practitioners, when
you’re just following guidelines like I used to, medicine can get pretty boring, really. It’s cookie cutter. Anybody could do it. When you delve into the research and you become
integrative, you become a functional medicine type doctor or an integrative medicine, you
incorporate other practices, naturopathic, et cetera, it gets exciting. Not only are you now addressing root cause,
instead of just treating symptoms, but you’re helping people get better. I mean, every day I’m getting stories where
people have seen all the specialists, mainstream, they’re not getting anywhere. They come and we start figuring it out. It’s exciting. That really is exciting. There’s computers and robots that can do this
algorithm-based medicine, so if you’re practicing that model, it’s obsolete. You’d better start doing more functional based. Speaking of functional medicine, what’s your
favorite herb, nutrient, botanical, or whole food? You’re going to go live on a desert island,
vitamin D and omega 3s are covered. You can only take 1 thing with you. What would it be? You hit my 2 favorites, vitamin D and omega
3s. You’ve got to have those. What other nutrient? Well, I would say, if you have the genetics
that too many people have in this country, which is the MTHFR defect, you’ve got to have
methylfolate. I don’t know. There’s so many antioxidants that are so important. You know, vitamin C, There’s a lot. You personally, because you’ve shared this
before, you have the MTHFR snip, so for you personally, folate would be up there. It needs to be methylfolate, though, for the
most part. For parents listening, for kids, I know you
probably do injectable methylfolate. Efficacy, or the effectiveness of oral versus
injectable? What have you found for children? Actually, I have not delved into the injectable
methylfolate a lot. I’ve done some injectable b12. I have found that if you push the methylfolate
high enough, it often works, but there’s folate trapping. It’s a complicated issue, and I’m not really
an expert, per se. Not like, say, someone like Ben Lynch, who
really understands all those pathways. This is a really important area of research
and study. If folks want to learn, we’ve done a couple
interviews with Dr. Ben Lynch, so they can find that on the link below this video. Dr. Paul, final question here, if you were
to bump shoulders with someone from the World Health Organization, or a future president,
and just had 30 seconds to bend their ear in an elevator perhaps, what would you want
them to know, and why? I would ask them to read this book, to be
open minded to the fact that the current direction we’ve been on with the World Health Organization
and the CDC is very myopic. I mean, it’s basically, “Vaccines are safe
and effective, period.” We’re ignoring all the potential side effects. I love vaccines, but we have got to change
this one size fits all, because we’re doing more harm than good, I believe. If you can’t change … I can not un-see what
I’ve seen. I can’t un-know what I know. I can un-learn bad information, and this is
what we need. We need to start learning what’s really going
on, and start getting rid of some of the bad information that we’ve accepted. Paradigm shifts are hard. I think especially for the World Health Organization
and the CDC, their whole basis of existence is preventing infectious diseases, right? It’s like, so you go to war to prevent infection
diseases, you use vaccines. That’s your weapon. Weapon of choice. Nothing wrong with the weapon, for certain
particular fights, but we’ve overused this weapon to such an extent that the collateral
damage is just ridiculous. I would just ask you, as a person in power,
whether you’re the president, or somebody in a high level at the CDC or the World Health
Organization, you know, kids are hurting. People are hurting out there. When you over-vaccinate, and you over-tax
the immune system at a very young age, you shift people towards allergy and autoimmunity. The chronic diseases we’re seeing today are
partially due to that very issue. We’ve got to change what we’re doing. We’ve got to individualize medicine. We can not do one size fits all medicine anymore. This kind of just came up, right? If the vaccines didn’t contain the adjevents
like aluminum, for example, would you be more open to, say, MMR perhaps or other vaccines? Well, MMR doesn’t have aluminum. Its challenge is complex. I think very potent, 3 live viruses, all in
one, for one thing. Let’s just take the Tdap. Diptheria, tetanus, pertussis. It has a pretty high dose of aluminum. For a number of reasons, that vaccine isn’t
very effective anymore. There’s the protactin protein. We’re finding that the organism has mutated
and shifted so that the vaccine doesn’t even work a lot of the time. On top of that, it has all that aluminum. There’s a couple problems with it. Let’s rework it. I really think, for the vaccines to become
safe and effective, that little clich’e9, we have got to put liability back into the
equation. If insurance companies were liable for the
damage their products are causing, they’re going to improve their products. Unfortunately, a long time ago, we did a misguided
thing by removing liability. I understand why it was done. It was felt to be in the interest of the safety
of the country, but it’s backfired. We need to put liability back where it belongs. Go to individualized medicine. Get rid of mandates. Return to informed consent, and it’s going
to be okay. This is the problem. Everybody, “The sky is going to fall. We’re going to have all these diseases return.” No, they won’t. They won’t. I mean, there might be a little case of measles
here or there, right? An occasional death. I’m not saying that’s nothing for that family
that loses somebody, but if you’re looking at public health, you’ve got to look at the
whole picture. What’s the damage, the collateral damage,
compared to what we’re preventing? And the long-term damage, in terms of care,
in terms of, yeah. Our world is in a crisis with cancer. What’s that about? That’s immunity. It’s our immune system that prevents cancer,
and if you’re affecting your immune system negatively through toxins, toxins, toxins,
and vaccines are a piece of the toxic puzzle, as well as too many, too soon, too fast against
an immature immune system, triggers shifts, maybe we’ve got something there as well. I would love to see the CDC and the World
Health Organization take their focus off of just preventing infectious diseases. That was a century ago. Shift it to health and wellness. If we shift our focus to health and wellness,
we can change the world. Thankfully, we now have a tool to do that. Your book, The Vaccine-Friendly Plan. Dr. Paul Thomas, as I mentioned before, it’s
really an honor to sit here and speak with you, and it’s so great to see this manifest
over years of working and knowing you. I commend you. Keep up the great work. As we kind of part ways here, you have a wonderful
YouTube channel, which we’ll have below this video if people are watching this, and in
the show notes on iTunes. People want to connect with you. What website should they connect with you
on? I have a website, It’s relatively new, but this is the website
I’m going to grow to be able to connect with patients, and just people who are interested. I’m already putting up the references from
this book, will be available in as much as I’m able to do so legally, so that people
can actually read the abstracts that are referenced in this book, and in my reference section,
will have tabs developed for each disease that can be possibly prevented by vaccines. There will be tabs on aluminum, on mercury,
HPV, any vaccine. I’m going to work real hard to keep those
up to date, and they’ll have the most recent articles at the top, going all the way down
through the literature. That will be a free resource available, and
there will be other resources available on that website as we develop it. I’d say that’s probably your best bet. For people who are just curious about my practice,
and please, I am not looking for patients, we’re slammed, but is my regular
practice, and there’s just a boatload of information there as well. DrPaulApproved, and I think there’s, what,
50 pages of references here? It’s over 407 pages, I counted. Over 400 pages. Yup. Over 300 references, most of them peer reviewed
studies. I think this could be a very important book. Keep up the great work. It was an honor to speak with you again. Thank you so much. It’s an honor to be able to talk with you. Fantastic
Take care

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  53. I am an M.D…..My wife was an R.N…..My 2 brothers were M.D.'s….My mother and sister were both R.N.'s….We were all taught to give vaccines and take all of our vaccines…The 5 of us ordered 100's of thousands of vaccines into our patients….Then, our pediatrician bullied us into vaccinating our baby….My precocious, active, creative, talkitive, loving 2 year-old son was injured by his 4 vaccines starting that night…I was an eye-witness to that as his parent… I started a FB site called Vaccine Support Group in their name..Will they shut this site down next…..Maybe today…

  54. I was wrong about vaccines….I hurt my patients by forcing (bullying-ordering) vaccines on my patients…I am so sorry… We now know that we were not told the truth…I started a FB site called ''Vaccine Support Group'' in their name.


  56. You are doing a good work Dr. Thomas, some people may say it's wrong of you not to "choose a side", but honestly I think you can help more, be a more influential voice, by retaining your medical license, taking this stance. I get it.

  57. So it boils down to whether society wants to sacrifice lives in autism in order to prevent deaths caused by diseases, or sacrifice lives in getting diseases and autism is prevented. Pick your poison?

  58. I see comments of people saying that if your not vaccinated you will die within weeks. Is there any truth to that?

  59. Hi doctor Paul I really love watching you I know you may never see this comment But I have a 9 month old She was born 3 weeks early but I feel like she is missing the curb she does not crawl yet and when she flips over she leaves one of her arms behind her this is concerning to me my other 2 children did not do this could it be vaccine Related

  60. YouTube made it very hard for me to find you. When I searched for "Dr. Paul Thomas vaccines," only two out of the top ten results were you. But now that I've found your channel and subscribed, I watch your videos often. Thank you for trusting parents to make decisions for their own children by sharing relevant information.

  61. If your a real doctor you will study well like this one and be honest your patient will increase as you trustworthiness increases


  63. We need more studies like this vaccinated vs non-vaccinated. This brilliant study by Dr. Paul shows that non-vaccinated don't get autism, at least in these cases. And the alarming increase in rates of autism show that it is not a genetic thing. I wish there were more Doctors like Dr. Paul who genuinely cared about our children and actually try to do something about the elephant in the room (increase in these neurological illnesses). How can we say vaccines are safe when they contain ingredients that are known to be incredibly dangerous?

  64. Hi Paul I just saw your new Journal Article. Can you advise which manufacturer uses less aluminium in DTaP? My surgery stocks Infanrix Hexa and the ingredients list does not state aluminium amount.

  65. No vaccines should be administered to anyone, PERIOD! Why wait until a child gets early signs of autism before stopping vaccines? It is obvious that vaccines are harmful, and that the risks far outweigh any possible perceived benefits.

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