PCOD Symptoms and Treatment -Chat with Dr.Bhagavathy Ammal-Sitharam Ayurveda Hosp |Episode 190

PCOD Symptoms and Treatment -Chat with Dr.Bhagavathy Ammal-Sitharam Ayurveda Hosp |Episode 190

Namaskar!!!What’s up!!!Hope you all are doing good Today I don’t have any food recipe to share with you In this episode I can help you people to clear your doubts regarding PCOD I’ve shared some information regarding PCOD in my last 2 videos After publishing those videos,I received so many messages from my followers asking so many doubts regarding PCOD I was shocked to see the number of messages and I never knew that so many people are suffering from PCOD But I’m not a doctor to clear your doubts and give you proper guidelines to overcome or cure PCOD So today I’m going to introduce the person who can help you in this matter So we have Dr.Bhagavathy(Seethram Hospital,Thrissur) with us today So let’s have a chat with her This is our Dr.Bhagavathy.I hope there is no need of introduction anymore She will clear all your doubts regarding PCOD Its nothing like an professional interview but like a casual talk only “How are you madam??” All good.Everything goes well with PCOD problems and its treatment I’m really busy with PCOD treatments There may be so many people who aren’t aware about this PCOD So please tell us what do you mean by PCOD?? Its expansion is Poly-cystic Ovarian Disease A female body has 2 ovaries as a part of the reproductive system A process called ovulation happens once in every menstrual cycle in the ovaries It results in the growth of follicles Regular menstrual cycle and the chances of getting pregnant in future would happen only if the ovulation happens regular in a female body But when it comes to the case of PCOD, ovulation happens inside the ovary Ovum means egg.We can take an egg as an example An egg has 3 parts in it The shell,egg white and the embryo inside it(yellow) Like that,the ovum formed in the ovary which doesn’t have an embryo inside it is called a cyst in the ovary According to Ayurvedic science,its said to be a swelling only Fertilization is not possible with such ovum since it has no embryo in it There arises the problem of infertility or problems in getting pregnant Sometimes it may have so many such cysts inside the ovary “Just like me” Among them ,imagine there is a follicle which has an embryo inside it If a lady gets pregnant with such a follicle,there is a chance for an abortion(90%) before she completes her first trimester If the remaining 10% helps a woman to deliver a healthy baby,I could say that my Lord Dhanwanthari was there with the baby inside the uterus Because it could happen only as a miracle with the grace of Almighty to have a child with no inabilities In short,poly cystic ovary means the eggs which has no embryo inside it It may be in small sizes but so many variety of follicles would be there There may be very small follicles,some which has grown a little like that We can measure its size in millimeters Its very difficult to develop the very small follicles to a bit and then to rapture them It needs treatment for a longer period I always says it with an example that,we cannot make a 2 year old kid to understand something by explaining the matter But we can make a 10 year old kid to understand the matter in a better way Similarly it acts in the cases of small cysts and developed cysts If I take my case as an example,I would like to ask you a doubt My periods are regular for the last 5-6 years.But recently you take a scan and found that I have PCOD Its only because of my severe hair loss that I’ve suggested to take a scan and other tests So how can we diagnose PCOD If a lady has PCOD,there should be some hormonal imbalances even if she has regular periods PCOD causes hormonal imbalances and that results in the increased production of male hormones in a female body It leads to hair growth in face like men and loses hair from the places where it should grow That’s one of the major symptom of PCOD Does it cause weight gain ?? It causes weight gain and acne problems We can diagnose PCOD even before a scan It would be perfect to a 98% There should be a black coloured skin around the neck If a lady is fair enough and with white complexion,but the colour around the neck starts to get dark,we can assume that its the beginning of PCOD In some cases,they might have regular periods,slim in nature,vegetarians etc Vegetables,meat and even rice that we consume daily are all produced by injecting so many hormones and other medicines In my childhood,my mother wasn’t aware about such things Thus I wasn’t aware about of this PCOD in the beginning And when I stated the treatment ,it was too late So what is the important thing a mother should consider about her growing girl child In my opinion,I should start from the very beginning Nowadays,every mother make use of these diapers for their babies, in the name of cleanliness So the problems starts from there itself That is infertility in males and females starts from there itself I cannot keep my mouth shut.Diaper companies,please excuse me Earlier we used to tie them in cloth only Earlier,when a mother goes out with her baby,she used to keep 2 baskets,one for fresh clothes and one for dirty clothes And in bed they used to spread a plastic sheet and on top of it they used to spread a thick cloth. They won’t make their babies lay down directly in a plastic sheet Thus it won’t spoil the mothers cloths If something spoil our cloths,its not a big thing or a disgusting matter,because they are our own babies In the same way,sanitary napkins also causes the same thing Both in diapers and the napkins/pads, they all are made up of chemical jelly The urine that comes out and the blood that comes out of a matured girl,they all are waste products of our body It may have acidity formations during such time So when it reaches the napkin or diaper,the water content in it is absorbed by the gel inside it They all are air tight and water proof materials as we know And the gel inside it swell up by absorbing the waste water content It results in formation of a gas/air/smoke/vapour around it There are 9 important apertures in a human body.Among them,3 apertures lies down in a female body and 2 apertures in the case of a male body So when you wear a diaper or napkin,the pollutes air goes through these apertures and badly affects all the organs inside it One of the important cause for this problem arises due to this So I would say,infertility begins from where you start making your baby wear a diaper Its better to avoid At the same time I have a request to the companies producing such diapers and napkins Let them make it without plastics but with cotton.And let it helps to have enough air circulation If they can innovate something which helps to avoid such problems it would be better So many innovations are happening in our day to day life.So its also possible for them It actually hurts the kids very badly The hot air moves around their diaper hurts the kids.So kindly avoid such harm things to your babies I’m not against the diaper companies.But make them in a more healthier way Its the responsibility of such companies to rectify the problems causing due to their products I’ve heard that in Chennai,some company is making diapers with cotton and without any chemical gels in it.I don’t know the details exactly but its good What should we eat if we have PCOD?? Nowadays we can see that both vegetarians and non vegetarians are attracted to “paratha” There won’t be anyone who hates paratha Actually paratha is very tasty Is wheat paratha good for health?? Wheat paratha is not so dangerous I’ve posted the recipe for wheat paratha only Maida/all purpose flour is one of the most common ingredient in our daily food Maida is included in most of the bakery items But people have a doubt that in the countries like China,Japan etc,people in such countries consumes more maida in the form of noodles and other foods But why they didn’t have problems as much as we have here in Kerala??? Let me tell you one thing.An American woman never do any post pregnancy treatments like an Indian or Kerala woman Its because,the living style of Americans is entirely different from our lifestyle We can have foods made with rice and wheat But Maida doesn’t belong to our food culture Maida was not used in Kerala or India earlier Maida was earlier used as a gum to stick the wall posters In my childhood,maida was used for book binding Simply it indicates that maida is very sticky like a powerful gum These maida reaches our digestive system and stick on the walls of intestine,liver,kidney etc which may leads to severe health problems even cancer One of the reasons for such cancer is this.But people are still acting blind to such clear facts Its like an addiction to the people Let us consider the case of an egg ans a chicken Its a fact that the chickens are injected with male hormones immediately they comes out of an incubator Such chicken grows up without even seeing a Chanticleer and lays eggs for 365 days in a year without mating But the chickens that breed naturally lays eggs for only 45 days in a year And the mother hen goes to the eggs when its time to brood them A mother hen never deviate such natural system So there are types of hens which lays 365 eggs in a year and 45 eggs in a year From this knowledge we can understand that,the people who eat these eggs will definitely gets the bad effects of it Estradiol, AMH (Anti-Mullarian Hormone) are some of the male hormones It will be injected in a high dose but it won’t help the chicken to grow up with its natural qualities How vegetables are made today? They are also made by injecting and by spraying fertilizers which are harmful to our health But the difference in such cases is that,the fertilisers sprayed in the mud as well as in the plant gets reduced while it grows So the amount of poison content gradually decrease But in the case of non vegetarians,the hormone injections are directly given to the animals and birds Recently I got some sort of allergy on my face from the tomato puree At the same time the vegetables that are available in the label”organic”,also spoil quickly even if you keep them in fridge I’ve planted an ash gourd and got one ash gourd from it.I kept its half in the half of it in the fridge and half outside but both spoil quickly So its a period in which the vegetables cannot remains as fresh without chemical sprays and fertilisers Then what is left for the human to eat We Keralites cannot avoid fish We can ignore chicken and satisfy our tastebuds with fish It is not that harmful like a chicken A very less amount of ammonia is added to the fish to keep them fresh for a long time But a chicken is completely injected with hormones Another ingredient called ajino motto is used to add in the fast foods and the foods that are available on the street roads Agino motto is used as the cooking salt in China and Japan For their living atmosphere and lifestyle,they need that salt in their foods and its a must for them But we the Indians or Keralites doesn’t need that kind of salt in our food Its also an addiction factor Even I also felt like having those fast food with the attracting smell that we get while walking through the streets Once you have such tasty food,you feel like eating them more an d more and frequently like a person using drugs I never heard about these kind of problems among our grand parents and such elderly people Have you heard such problems during those period?? During those days there were no concepts regarding infertility Rarely we hear about such cases and adoption processes in a family If it was there in those days,the infertility propaganda must be came during those days itself but it wasn’t there The food habits on those days also has an important role Let us consider the paddy Earlier there would be 2 kinds of store rooms in a house called as “pathaayam”and “arapura” The “pathaayam is again divided into 3 sections and the araapura will be again divided into 2 sections So the very new paddy will be kept in one side of the “arapura” The paddys got just before the new bunch will be on the other side That means,the 3 sections contains paddy of 3 years So the 1st section would contain the paddy which is old when compared to other sections So during the time of harvest,the fresh paddy comes to one of the section and the oldest paddy will be transferred to one of the sections in the “pathaayam” So the rice changes and moves according to its year of harvest So people were used to boil the paddy which are 2-3 yrs old The fertilizers used on those days were all natural products like cowdung,ash,etc When the paddy gets older,the rice inside it which contains so much of glucose content which causes increases phlegm/mucus in our body So when the paddy grows older,the starch or glucose content get reduced and fiber content increases People used to remove the bran from it but they would not remove it completely So the advantages of rice increases as it gets older Not only rice but every cereals when gets older,the benefits of each increases Our Irinjaalakuda temple follows a custom that,if someone do a “punnellari naivedyam” its a must to do “mukkudi” on the very next day It simply teach us that,new rice is not good for our health.Even Lord’s won’t accept it and it is taught to us with such an example The custom states that its not good for the health if we have the new rice even a day Nowadays after harvesting,they take out the rice immediately and spray some chemicals for keeping them fresh and send it to the markets all over the world When you see that,if you keep the rice for even months or more there won’t be any bugs attack in the rice It means that even bugs know that the rice has some poisonous particles in it You cannot find any flies in a fruit shop.Its because they knew that they are full of chemicals and other harmful medicines We the human beings are the only living thing,who consume every poisonous food items available to us The people are not able to cultivate the materials by their own Its affecting our new generation.So by considering the real facts,if the farmers and consumers move forward with a mutual understanding,we can prevent this problems to an extent And also try to choose the quality items among the products that are available to you We can easily avoid eating,chicken,burger,pizza etc But for example my son loves pizza.If I told him not to have it,there begins the wrangle So the mothers are forced to buy such things to make their kids happy Even if you are buying such foods,we should have some restrictions like once in a month or twice in a month like that So they don’t feel about their parents,thinking their parents used to buy those foods atleast once in a month It is our responsibility not to motivate such food habits in our children And its our duty to make them understand about its consequences What is the first symptom of these disease?? According to ayurveda,the three humours – Vatham/vaayu, Pitham, and Kapham are responsible for the occurrence of a disease So when the “kapham and pitham” gets vitiated from its normal state,they act as an obstacle for the “vaatham” Like I said earlier,the bad air blocks the apertures All the processes like ovulation,spermatogenesis,fertilisation,pregnancy,delivery,excretion of human wastes everything is controlled by the air stays inside the lower abdomen So when you use a diaper or napkin,the air circulation in the lower abdomen area gets affected Also the consumption of junk foods increases the amount of fat/kapham in our body It blocks the blood vessels and thus affects the proper blood flow through the passage Thus fat deposits in our body increases It results in obesity After digestion food turns into digestive product,blood,muscle,fat,bones,bone marrow,seminal fluid(ovum in women and sperms in men) If all these 7 functions perform normally,it can be called as metabolism So such problems will not affect a person who has a perfect metabolism in her body So we need to remove the obstacles in the metabolic activities in our body which I used to follow That is,we need to free the air from the blocked regions,purify the contaminated fat,removal of excess fat from the body and thus helping for a proper metabolism This is the only method I used to follow with my patients and I don’t have any magical powers I’ve already seen homeo doctors and allopathy doctors for this treatment All of them have told me the same thing that,PCOD is incurable And they said when you gets older,the intensity will be reduced but its is not completely curable I cannot say like that,because I’ve treated so many people and they all are now completely cured from this PCOD Its not my talent or magic its only the blessing of my Almighty When I mentioned your name in one of my videos,I was shocked to see the number of messages in my inbox asking about your details and so many doubts regarding PCOD There are so many people out there,suffering from infertility,irregular periods etc Such issues leads them to suffer the torture from their mother in laws And our society also torture a woman once she gets married and not get pregnant soon So our younger generation of women are suffering from so many mental torture like this They want to know whether it is curable or not and so many other doubts.See I’ve noted down such doubts in this paper We cannot clear their doubts with this single episode.Even though can you share some information which can help them to recover from this I will never say that it is incurable because I’ve already cured so many women and I’m treating so many women daily But in some cases,it is occurring again and again So I always advise the girls to get conceive as soon as you get married.So If you have a child,there won’t be a problem if you delay in conceiving a second baby I cannot completely agree that it won’t come again There are people who never complained about PCOD once they took the treatment and a very few people are there who had the problems pf PCOD even after the treatment But the number of such people are very few I’ve already told you there might be very tiny cysts in the ovary It is mentioned in the such as periphery arranged,necklace pattern etc If there are more number of cysts,it takes more time to remove them all If there are only few cysts,we can cure them in a short period of time So,once the treatment started,the woman could feel a severe pain like a labor pain and they can see the small cysts going out during their menstrual cycle .Its because the cysts are moving out of their ovary the goes out along with the blood 20% of a labor pain could be felt by the person just because the ovary and the uterus together push the cysts to move out So there should be severe pain and strain during their periods If you are under my treatment,you must follow food diet (pathyam).I won’t give you any considerations regarding the restrictions that you have to be followed in your food intake So I always advice my patients to follow the strict diet and to take the medicines only if they are willing to follow the strict diet as I prescribe Those who followed my diet and took the medicines in time,had recovered from PCOD in a very less span of time And they had 2+ children of their own after my treatment But the sad part is,after recovering from PCOD and after having babies,they won’t inform me about such good news When I met them after years,they used to tell that,”doctor,its my baby”.Then I would say,ok ok ..see you Let me ask you one doubt.How the people like me staying abroad can carry the medicines?? Nowadays we are sending the medicines by air from our exporting department The first meeting with the patient is always good for me to know her health conditions If they are not able to come here,they can contact me and mail their reports so that I can give them medicines accordingly Or they can send their family with their medical reports and we could give away the medicines to them Or we can courier the medicines directly to their address But it is most recommended to be here in person for the first visit,so that I can understand much about her physical status I always prefer that also.So that I can make them to take a scan to know the current condition Sometimes they might be coming with a s an report which has taken about 1 year back or 6 months back So if the scan report is older than 6 months,I suggest them to take another scan which is better for me to prescribe the exact treatment Hair fall is the major problem Not only that,they are complaining about hair growth in different parts of their body even on the face So I used to advice them not to bother about such hair growth.Because once they are free from the PCOD,it will goes automatically Nothing to do with such hair growth If they are keep on complaining about the hair growth,I suggest them to rub turmeric paste in the opposite direction to minimize the volume of hair growth But it won’t give any good results The thing is it helps to avoid re-growth of hair in those areas That’s why elderly people used to say that don’t apply turmeric on a boy’s body Person’s like me cannot make use of it because of the allergy to turmeric The people allergic to such things are helpless I’ve a long hair but the thickness is getting reduced day by day So people are asking me about the tips to stop hair fall So I told them,this is one of the important cause for such hair fall It also stimulates the formation of mucous/kapham in our body.So the dry mucous comes out through the roots of our hair in our head which is called as dandruff So when the mucous formation decreases,dandruff also get reduced We have a treatment called “nasyam” which used to remove the mucous/kapham from our head by putting some medicinal drops into our nose It helps for the normal hair growth also So you can get your hair growth back when you take such treatments This is the main problem faced by the people staying abroad.They are using hard water and the hot climatic conditions etc makes it goes more complicated They are finishes if they have PCOD along with such problems I always try to give solutions to overcome such problems Along with our regular medicines like “kashayam,lehyam,arishtam,I used to give them some tips to reduce the intensity of such problems So let’s discuss about such things after this interview We cannot give it as a general advice or suggestion because it varies from person to person So I tell them to make some simple medicines by their own at home and take it along with my regular medicines So I used to explain such things to my Juniors also but I always advice them not to apply them to everyone and they have to be careful while prescribing them to a person Simply,one method should not be suitable for 2 different persons It depends on their body type and other physical features Do you supply “kashayam” in the form of tablets?? In our company,they used to prepare some “kashayams” exclusively for this PCOD So its difficult to make them in the form of tablets just for my patients We can make this in the form of tablets only if they become established in the proper channel So I try to make them to take “kashayam” in the beginning and used to give some available tablets later So I tell them to take “kashayam” because we don’t have any other choice Actually its difficult to take it in bottles when we move abroad and that’s why I asked I’ve already requested our company to provide some tablets which can replace the kashayams So once we are established in a wide range,we can start making tablets Another doubt is,whether heredity is a factor for this PCOD? Its nothing like that It s a common fact that a mother and child used to take the same food and that may cause them to have same health problems also If it is a hereditary disease,I should also have this problem My mother would be here for the treatment before me if it is hereditary Even the younger generations in my family also have this problem.But their mothers has no such problems So we cannot say it as a hereditary disease Its only our lifestyle causing such problems.It not only related with food and the sanitary napkins we use We need to keep our some important body parts as free And some regions need to be kept closed/tight It is related with our dressing patterns If I comment about the dressing styles of the young generation,thy will punish me,I know.And also the garment owners Be careful when you go out. I’ve to be more careful when I go out again But I cannot keep my mouth shut The garments like leggings,jeans etc are keeping our lower abdomen regions very tight In our childhood,we used to wear inners called “jetty”,today we call it as “panties”,and it reaches our thighs like the trousers when you wear it It gives us protection and at the same time it makes our lower region free Such clothes are not seen today and people are not ready to follow them also But jeans and leggings were introduced in our market very recently But we can avoid such things from our life for a better life Its always better to make our children learn that prevention is always better than cure One thing I’m sure that,the mother’s who are under my treatment now,will change their kid’s lifestyle,because they know the problems related with such habits Is scanning is sufficient or we need to take any blood tests regarding this PCOD? Its not required because if you have PCOD,it is sure that you will definitely have some hormonal imbalances. So I won’t make people to spend more money to take such blood tests Most of the people are coming to me because they don’t have any other choices left.So they will definitely have the reports which they have already taken Its not required to take the hormonal tests regularly.But I used to make them to take scans I suggest them to take scans during 3 months,6 months and like that I won’t make them to take scans every week In my case,I’ll be going abroad in a few days.So how can I let you know about my present conditions from there So you have to take a scan from there and mail the reports to me I have no other things to do in my life.I’m busy whole the day attending calls and checking my mails Or you can send it to the hospital mail id.They used to take a print out of the reports and give it to me I don’t get much time to check my mails and whatsapp messages.So they used to take the print out which helps me to go through the current reports from my patients SO we can do it in that way also But for the first meeting,the patient herself should come and meet me in person Its only because I need to know the physical condition of the patient Another questions is about the diet and exercise for PCOD patients Yoga is one kind of exercise which we can do relaxed and without sweating but it gives you good results also So many “asanas”in yoga like “vajrasanam,sudha vajrasanam,dhanurasanam,pavana mukhthasanam” etc are very much helpful for the PCOD patients I’ve seen in a film that actress Manju warrier practicing dance when she wake up in the morning .Its also a way of exercise I would like to see that sequence as a message to the people that you can exercise in that way also Specially people staying abroad can make it into practice after their husband and kids left home.It helps you to refresh your mind also Singing,dancing,drawing etc makes you happy whole the day Another important habit seen today is the usage of computer and smartphones which has high radiation They used to sit in front of them for a long time,don’t have food in time,don’t get good sleep because of the addiction towards such electronic devices.Either they hold phone in their hands or laptop on their lap All such habits affects the generation in a worst way which they can’t imagine.Increase in luxury and convenience is a reason for increase in bad health That’s why PCOD leads to infertility in some ladies PCOD,PCOS and Fibroid,are they different? When PCOD is followed by so many other health issues,we can call it as PCOS(poly cystic ovarian syndrome) Syndrome means a group If the problems like,obesity,hair fall,abnormal hair growth,infertility etc follows PCOD,then we can call it as PCOS Its almost the same PCOD is like a swelling only Fibroid means a group of fiber and it differ from the cyst.It can be formed anywhere in the body We cannot say fibroid and PCOD are related to each other Recently,I was going through a report in which a 17 year old girl has fibroid but no cysts Its a very young girl but suffering from Fibroid I think its a common disease nowadays When I was going through it,I understood that,obesity is there,food habits are not good and also no habit of exercise The impurities in our body should go out through sweating People are removing their body hair through waxing or using hair removal creams and thus the tiny pores in our body get closed because of such habits Thus the impurities cannot come out of the skin Then how does the impurities/waste can come out of the body? So they all get accumulated inside our body itself People are spending so much of money for such laser treatments to stop hair growth in the body When almost 1 to 1.5 lacs is spend for it,they tell that its because of the PCOD its growing again and again And they say you need to Cure the PCOD first,before you go for a laser treatment Its not their fault,its our fault only But such hair growth lose our self confidence If you do the proper treatments to cure PCOD,it will automatically stops.You don’t want to do anything more than that But they are under treatments but the condition is not getting better. In my opinion,if allopathy and ayurveda moves together to fight PCOD,we can have better results in less time I’ll never say that it is incurable because I’ve treated so many people and it is completely cured for most of them Now I’m focusing on this matter only I’ve a strong doubt that if I remember the general medicine part or not We have so many other doctors for the general medicine My head is loaded only with PCOD,fibroid and infertility cases nowadays But I’m so happy that most of the people are satisfied with my treatment and they all have babies of their own All of their prayers will be with you always One of your videos is getting viral in whatsapp.Even I had received that video for many times There was a swamiji who had referred some patients to me and they had given a very good feedback to him.So he felt a need to post a video about me on FB He might be watching this And he told me after that,so many have inquired about your details,can I give them your number? Then I said “Yes”.No issues Its the mouth to mouth publicity which helps the people to come to me I’m teaching all my juniors about this treatment Because it should not stop with me and it should continue even after my period Thus my name will exists in this world if they continue my way of treatment for longer I’m really happy to meet and to introduce to my followers such a nice person like you Hope you all have cleared your doubts with these informations If you still have any doubts,send messages ,I’ll definitely consult with our doctor and let you know the solutions Any message to our viewers?? Please follow the good food habits,and dressing pattern.Please do exercises to keep you healthy.And praying to God that please do not let you people come to me with PCOD problems anymore This is our location,Seetharam Retreat,and where we are going to shoot this video Its in Thalikulam.A very nice place You can see the beach on the side.Its a beach side resort I’m coming here for the first time

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    Can you give contact no? I have someone with infertility n in stress.

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