People Talk About Their First Therapy Session

People Talk About Their First Therapy Session

– I consider myself to
be really independent and Type A so it was very difficult to stomach the idea that I was going to pay or use my health insurance for someone to help me with my problems. (gentle music) – I actually grew up
in a household that was very anti-therapy. I always thought it was best if I could take care of myself. – I didn’t think it
would be worth my time. I thought it was going to
be a big waste of money. – If I can’t tell people that
I know and love my problems, why would I tell a stranger
my problems? (chuckles) – The first time I saw a therapist was actually when I was 15. – I had my first really
big anxiety episode in sixth grade and my parents
made me go to therapy. – I was literally
telling my school advisor all of the shit that
was going on in my life. My school counselor walked me to my first therapy session, technically. – I had no idea what to expect. I was really really nervous. I almost cancelled. – I went to a therapist in high school that was very much like the ones that are portrayed in the media. I was sitting on a couch,
she was sitting in a chair. I complained about things, and she said, “How does
that make you feel?” – Before I went in I just
thought, “This is bullshit. “This isn’t gonna work, who is this lady “who’s telling me what to do?” – I was really scared and
really super embarrassed and I hated it. – I was telling my
psychiatrist about all of the shitty things that have
been going on in school. I was also very consciously
picking my words carefully to kind of prove to her that
I’m not like a mental case. – After he asked me a
few questions and got me to open up a little bit,
like so much emotion came out of me, and it
was such a great feeling. Oh my God, I’m sorry. I’ll always remember that feeling of like the burden lifted. – After we finished, we
scheduled our next session, and it was one of those moments where I realized that I had a lot more to share and talk about than I thought. – I went to about two or three therapists and did those little introductory sessions and then I found someone where I was like, I understand this person, this person can understand me. – Therapy is kind of like school and you go and you learn
and when you graduate, it’s the best feeling
because you now have tools to be a better person. And you’ll always cry, for some reason, they’ll find a way to make you cry.

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  1. Using therapy is ok. But there are issues and one should always think about possible conflict between the therapist and a client in various aspects of life, moral and religious issues etc. So if any of those are very important in their life, it should be brought up at the first appointment. I am a Psychologist, so there is a bit of difference between various therapists, but everyone has to be mindful about people's personal moral and ethical stands because this just may be a huge factor in successful outcome of any therapy. I hope my professional view helps.

  2. Has anyone here felt like they had a mental illness, but it turned out you didn’t (Depression, bipolar, personality disorders, ocd, adhd, etc.)?How did you cope with that? What did the therapist tell you to do?

  3. My first therapy session is when I was in the third grade I’ve always had anxiety my hole life after third grade I didn’t see anyone till the seventh grade when I was depressed and self harming but I was starving myself in sixth grade and I’m currently in eighth grade I still see a doctor but I don’t know if I really like her that much anymore and I can’t say anything I’ll have a panic attack and I just want answers to why I feel the way I do but we are still talking about my sleep problem but I sleep fine now but I’m to awkward to say anything to my doctor or to my mom I want to try something other than home remedies because they aren’t working anymore I told my parents about it how I was maybe suggesting using medical marijuana and my mom was proud because most kids would never tell there parents but I was ready to get yelled at for it but my parents didn’t mind much so I want to try something new I just don’t know how to say it

  4. i’m getting a therapist soon and i’m very scared that i won’t be able to open up. i always think that when someone asks if i’m ok, i think about what i’m gonna tell them and that i’m gonna poor out all my feelings but it never ends up like that. i choke on my words and idk, i’m very scared.

  5. So I was finally able to tell my parents about my problems. My brother is going to take me to my school counselor and to tell her about the stuff I'm going through. I'm also gonna be going to therapy soon and I'm scared..

  6. I just made a phone call to a therapist this afternoon and I finally got an appointment for April 25th. Calling was scary, but I'm even more scared of my first session. Honestly, I don't even know what I'm supposed to say. I really hope that it will go ok and it will help me finally feel better after years and years of struggling with mental health problems.

  7. I went to a therapist for the first time a month ago and that was such a terrible experience… I was trying to tell him what was going on in my mind and stuff… and then he just said that I was wrong and that everything was not that bad. I was only trying to share my opinion about everything and to explain what makes me feel bad, but he did not listen to me, he was telling me that I was wrong over and over. He was judging me. I actually have some problems with anger and sometimes I can't control myself, but I think I will never ever go to a therapy session again because it was really stressful.

  8. I wish I could go to therapy. I’ve told my mom so many times but she NEVER goes around to helping me find a therapist. It’s like she doesn’t understand how bad my mental illness is right now.

  9. I have ASD and ainiaty so now I found a theripest but it really just made it worse it I encourage you guys to keep on trying so that it doesn’t get as bad as it could so just keep trying before it is too late. ? <3

  10. I went to therapy for 2 years. Didn’t do much, to be completely honest. This was a psychologist. I love her, she’s great, but I have just learned how to lie better. Whenever I told the truth to her, something bad happened.

  11. My mom worries about me to much. She says stuff like "13 year olds shouldn't act like this." Why does this lady even need to be in my business

  12. i'm nervous because i have a therapy session tomorrow, but it's my doctor making me go. i don't even want to go, but apparently feeling depressed on my period means i have to go.
    edit: i also just turned 15.

  13. I had my first anxiety attack when I was 8 here I am five years later alive and feeling the happiest I’d ever felt. There is light and the end of the tunnel.

  14. My mom went through my diary while I was at school and I write things no one knew about me that are kinda dark and now my parents want me to go to counseling and I’m very nervous since I don’t talk much

  15. Mom back then and still having issuses with her i have gone to therapy at lest 3 now its been a year maybe senes I went it just did not work for me at all I just think my mom need to see someone one not me and a friend told me it not for her its for you I know if she did not go she would not go my mom tells me what to do a 36 years old and she tends to conroll me that getting better when I frist told a friend of mine about my mom she said it your mom she said somthing that made me cry and gave me a wake up call.But now she saying its me and she said you really need to see someone I have been in to see some one they did not work for me my friend said if you go this mite help you out about how you feel about your mom and my mom said to her do she know why she feels like this and she asked me I said I dont know she said you dont know I said yes I am sick of this S

  16. I'm going to therapy in about 3 days for my anxiety & depression, and ironically I'm really really nervous about it. This really lifted my spirits, even though I'm still freaking out. It shows me that it does help, it can be a good thing, and it's going to help me greatly. I'm so close to cancelling, or backing out, I'm literally freaking out for no reason. Social Anxiety is a big thing for me. Hopefully all goes well.

  17. thanks!i didnt get help before 24 because my aspergers didnt get diagnosed earlier,i i live in germany.adhd is also diagnosed.i take abilify 25mg seroquel 300xr valproic acid.i hope the stigma end too.greetings louis

  18. I want to go, but I'm not diagnosed. I am scared that they are going to tell me that my problems aren't real.

  19. therapy has been completely oversold in the culture – it can offer a temporary burden lift but therapy would and should be redundant in a culture that actually valued human beings and human relationships and we actually had the time to listen to a care for one another – sadly this is not the case – therapy might also cause more suffering and has been shown to be marginally useful for those that need it least of all namely people with access to resources and power to make changes in their lives but for so many they are trapped and contained in so many ways with hardly any resources or power to change – plus these are not personal issues but reactions to things that happen to us so trying to change yourself in the face of many cultural level disorders means you are simply trying to bend yourself out of shape to 'get on with it' and 'fit in' rather than striving with others to change the culture into something that nourishes human beings

  20. I need an answer asap, I'm going to therapy for depression and I'm not sure if in the room it'll just me be and the therapist or me, my dad, and my therapist. My other question is if I can avoid a certain question I don't want to answer.

  21. I really wanted to see a therapist ever since the end of my senior year. I've frequently experienced anxiety-induced insomnia ever since my junior year of high school, but never thought it was a big deal until I experienced so much anxiety during exam week that I wasn't able to focus on anything no matter how much I attempted to meditate and calm my mind. I wasn't even able to take a nap or go to sleep at night because of it, it was insane. That scared me so much but unfortunately counselling is expensive and my parents think it's a waste of money…so idk what to do 🙁

  22. my brother has anxiety and he recently started going to therapy. the therapist said that a lot of his anxiety came from family issues. and today i had to go bc the therapist wanted to meet me and talk w me. it was the most UNCOMFORTABLE AND OVERWHELMING THING EVER. I was very very very nervous and i was sweating so so much. I was talking in my nervous voice and she said that i sounded annoyed which i told her i wasn't, it was just bc i was so nervous. She focused all the questions on me and I never want to do that again.

  23. Hi there As/Is,
    I'd love sharing this video but I'd have to add subtittles in Portuguese due to my audience. Would you grat me consent to do that?
    Kind Regards,

  24. I have been seeing a therapist since 3rd grade. I had/have anxiety and have had bad depression and my therapist helps a lot

  25. I’m scared to go to therapy I talked with my doc about my panic attacks and he referred me to a therapist I’m so dependent but it’s hard doing everything on my own I’m just really scared I have to make an appointment soon my mom just told me but hopefully everything is well

  26. I kinda wanna see a therapist but my parents don’t know I’m depressed so I’d have to tell them first and I honestly have no idea how

  27. I have social anxiety and depression. I always want to die and cut myself ,I have low self esteem,I keep doubting my self ,I'm shy to talk to people and I always crying when other people say what happen to me I said "nothing"

    Do i need to go therapy???? I need help I don't want to be like this forever?

  28. I first went to therapy when I was 12. I had trust issues and had depression and had a self harm problem. I’ve always hated therapy and I honestly still do.

  29. I first went to therapy when I was 7, I went again when I was 15. All I remember is that I was hurting so much I never stopped smiling because I knew as soon as I did I would start crying.

  30. I’ve just made an appointment with a therapist that’s in a few weeks and I need to know something. What power do they have over me legally? Like could they send me away to a mental facility or Baker act me? What rights does a therapist have because I am scared that if I tell him certain things that he will send me away. If the laws vary by state, then what is the law in Florida for that?

  31. I don't wanna go to therapy because I don't want people to think I'm a psycho or send me to a hospital

  32. I want to die I've got no one to talk to so I'm just ganna say it here I want to die I want to end my life I want to stab myself tell I feel cold untill my last breath is gone and I'm going to do that not immediately but definitely

  33. Okay 1. No one ever GRADUATES therapy 2. I'm a crier but I've never cried in therapy. It's a different setting and I cry in my own time. Not when I'm about to go back to my college classes or to work. Plus it's always been a weird feeling. I feel warrior like for not crying.

  34. I have my first appointment tomorrow and I'm low key dying… And the thing is, I don't really have these problems anymore because it was several months ago that I needed help. So what do I even talk about when I go?

  35. been going to therapy for 6 years still going i have been to so many but they all give up on me. i find it a waste of time like it really doesnt work 🙁

  36. So happy to hear these stories!!! Started a channel to show my journey in becoming a therapist!!! Therapists are there to guide you but the toughest part is to open up and let your walls down to really see the benefit of therapy.

  37. I have been going to therapy for 3+ years, and I still don't like doing it. However, I see the benefits that it can make in my life and I know it's something I should do. I know a lot of people like going, but I think it's just one of those things in life that we don't necessarily enjoy but we know it's good for us.

  38. In my first therapy session i remember my therapist asking me if i consider myself a stressed person. i said no.
    I was wrong.

  39. I remember it all. I wasn’t open minded but I wasn’t close minded. I was begging inside my head, I hope she helps, bc she’s my last hope.

  40. i remember searching up videos before my mom forced me into going to therapy and this gave me a lot of reassurance that i wasn’t the only one that felt the way i felt. now, i have a fantastic therapist that works so well for me that when she transferred and got a promotion in a new practice, i decided to move with her because I’ve made so much progress with her and she brings me instant calmness. my mother told me that she would see me extremely anxious or very depressed for the whole week and as soon as my therapist called me in, she saw a sense of relief enter my body. when my mom told me that, i realized then more than ever that i never trusted someone so much with my emotions and i’m so glad that my mom forced me into therapy because it’s changed a lot for me. I’ve formed such a healthy friendship with my therapist and it feels very relaxed and like i’m speaking with one of my peers while also focusing on progress and maintaining boundaries. it’s very helpful and if you’re second guessing your thoughts on going to see a therapist, i assure you that it’s extremely worth while.

  41. Do therapy sessions and the reason for them come out on your medical records? I plan on applying to a public servant position one day and fear that the private investigator who gets assigned to do my background check will find out I had therapy and tell the agency. The Theyll think I'm some nut case and they wont hire me.

  42. I do counselling every week and I find it tricky to say how I’m feeling. I always feel fake because I haven’t got a diagnosis, I feel like I’m wasting professionals time. I go today, it’s going to be tricky.

  43. im beginning to realize that im not okay as i pretend to be… and that’s okay! im gonna start going to therapy and im gonna get better!

  44. When the therapist asked if I’d been having suicidal thoughts I lied. I do that on a daily basis, but I don’t want to get admitted to a psychiatric ward

  45. if schools could just give free or chances to go to therapists it would be a huge way to lose bad things in our mind

  46. I wanted to go to therapy. It’s so freaking tough going through something mental which affects you physically as well, and going to hospital after hospital just for them to tell you nothing was wrong. Yet I was here, shaking so hard, heart palpitating, nauseous, my vision went bad, etc

  47. For everyone scrolling through the comment section thinking about trying therapy:
    You don’t need to have a mental disorder to go to therapy. You really don’t. You can go when you’re just stressed, confused, grieving and more. You can go for anything.

  48. I had my first prophecy done this past Sunday and when he was hitting all the things in my life and mentioned i need to let all of it out due to been holding a lot in…and when therapy came out his mouth my knees got weak!!?

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