Peripheral Neuropathy Natural Treatment in Legs and Feet Proven Homeopathic Remedies

Peripheral Neuropathy Natural Treatment in Legs and Feet   Proven Homeopathic Remedies

In this video I will share peripheral neuropathy natural treatment in legs and feet proven homeopathic remedies Please like comment share and subscribe my channel Neuropathy is the catch-all term referring to nerve damage and pain with a number of different causes Some types of nerve pain can improve with treatment and others get worse with time Neuropathy is commonly caused by illness some 50% of those suffering from neuropathy are diabetic It is also a common side effect of certain medication chemotherapy or the result of an injury One home a doors Oral rehydration solution ORS is very useful in energizing your body through replenishing body fluids It can decrease the intensity of your typhoid symptoms significantly Add one teaspoon of salt in one of water Heat the mixture for one to two minutes, let it cool down and drink it once per day Repeat this routine for three to four days to get good results – apple cider vinegar You have seen apple cider vinegar is so many lists of home remedies for illnesses from health to beauty Thus it is not surprising that it also happens in this list home remedies for typhoid Mix apple cider vinegar with cold water in a ratio of 1 : to Soak a cotton cloth in the solution before putting it onto your stomach and for it Repeat this process regularly Three Not only does garlic have a large amount of antioxidants which can ward off the free radicals But it also fights off bacteria in your whole body system due to antimicrobial properties Consume two garlic cloves before eating your breakfast in the morning daily We’ll fight off the symptoms of typhoid naturally add 1/2 teaspoon of crushed garlic in one cup of milk Then put this mixture in 4 cups of water Boil the mixture till it remains 1/4 the initial amount Drink it three times per day For Apple and carrots Consuming a fresh apple along with carrots could give you a boost in overall health To speed up your peeling process. You can do the method below Boil apple and carrot slices in a ups of water after adding several drops of apple cider vinegar in to Strain the mixture and consume it Smoking Smoking cigarette can influence the circulation raising the risks of foot health problems and other neuropathy related issues There for people with neuropathy should quit smoking if they want to live healthy Six eeen In fact protein contributes to tissue repair and also allows the body to build lean muscle tissue a Lot of health and neuropathy experts suggest that people should eat more lean protein foods Such as low-fat dairy products and poultry as Important elements of a healthy daily meal plan that is necessary for those people who are suffering from peripheral neuropathy and other forms of neuropathy Seven evening primrose oil Studies have demonstrated that taking primrose oil supplements improve nerve function in the symptoms of diabetic neuropathy and diabetic sufferers You Please subscribe my channel if you want more health and beauty hacks in future. Thanks for watching

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