Peripheral Neuropathy Pain Relief (Pro Football Injury)

Peripheral Neuropathy Pain Relief (Pro Football Injury)

hello I’m Dr. Ekberg and tonight I have
Allen with me Allen was a professional football player and he hurt some discs
in his back and then he started so a few years later he lost some strength and
sensation in his leg and you want to tell us a little more about that I had
some herniated discs and L three four and five
s1 so I’m not sure which one effectively the leg but it did go numb from my big
toe all lipped about my knee and it’s been that way since about 1997 so about
18 years and I felt my muscles deteriorate where I have leg cramping
and my gluteus maximus a little atrophy and what did they you never had surgery
or anything right no no and what did the the doctors have to offer they pretty
much said that there was nothing they can do once a nerve dies it dies okay
and it can only get worse and actually at one point I met someone who
had what they call dead foot syndrome and he was dragging it like a mummy
and he said this is your future so I was a little concerned about that he had
developed quite a limp yes yeah and then we’ve been working on you for a few
weeks now and what’s happened it almost seems to happen overnight one night I
said to my wife that my foot is feeling I feeling better and I actually have
some feeling and some strength coming back to it and it’s slowly been getting
better and better where I think at this point I’m I probably have about 90
percent sensation back wonderful because you said before you you couldn’t
feel the foot so on you drive while driving the foot would slip off the
pedals as you just didn’t know where it was exactly and and now that you can
feel that you have that sensation I feel that also at night when I’m laying in
bed with the sheets are covering it was an annoying feeling because it
accentuated the deadness the numbness and now I actually feel the sheet yeah
so that’s it it’s a good feeling very good we wanted to share that that story
cuz I had no expectation after after 18 years that the feeling would come back
that quickly errantly there was no actual nerve damage because then we
wouldn’t be able to bring it on it was just it was there all along there was
just something that wasn’t connecting and we were able to make a difference so
I’m excited for you doctor thank you thank you

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  1. i had an accident in 2001 where i crushed my L1 T12 vertebrae in my spine. Compression fractures. 15 years later i now have arthritis in the lower lumbar. can you explain what exactly the treatment you used on Mr.Cerinetti ?? Is there any hope for my back pain?

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