Pigmentation on Dark Skin with the Vampire Facial®, and Alternative Treatment Options

Pigmentation on Dark Skin with the Vampire Facial®, and Alternative Treatment Options

Thank you for your question. You submitted
a photo and you’re asking if the Vampire Facial is safe for black skin. Well, I think that I can certainly help you
with this. I’m a Board-certified cosmetic surgeon and Fellowship-trained oculofacial
plastic surgeon. Treatment of ethnic skin has been a very significant part of my practice—I
wrote articles years ago on ethnic considerations in eyelid surgery, and so I can certainly
give you perspective on this. I have been a member of the Vampire Facelift network for
many years now and I have been pretty prominent in that respect when media has come to me
regarding this treatment. So let’s start by defining the difference
between the Vampire Facelift and the Vampire Facial. This has been a source of a lot of
confusion so I just want to clear the definitions first. Vampire Facelift is the use of combination
of one syringe of hyaluronic acid filler, such as Restylane and Juvederm, placed strategically
to help accentuate certain parts the face, such as the outer part of the brow, the cheek
bone, and the outer corner of the mouth. Now that is done in combination with platelet-rich
plasma which is derived from your own blood and has this remarkable characteristic of
being able to stimulate collagen and stimulate blood supply. It’s basically doing what it
does naturally whenever you get a cut, which results in a little scab and creates was called
the wound-healing response and that requires restoring the integrity of the area of tissue
that is traumatized. So it means building collagen and stimulating blood supply. So
when a patient has this treatment they love the combination of the immediacy of the volume
correction with the global improvement in skin quality, in particular the skin glow
that comes from the benefit of the PRP. So it’s really a great combination. Now, a couple of years after the development
of the Vampire Facelift, the application of PRP with a device called a micro-needling
device became coined the Vampire Facial. And this is based on the idea that you can take
a micro-needling device, which is based on the same technology that derma rollers are,
which is to create little tiny openings in the skin and then to use platelet-rich plasma
to basically apply over this area and get the skin rejuvenation result. So when you ask if it’s safe for darker skin
and you expressed in your question concerns about hyper and hypo pigmentation, I would
say first ask yourself what do you want to achieve and if we’re dealing with some surface
irregularities and some small areas of pigmentation, you may not want to take that risk because
darker skin, and it’s not just black skin, but anybody with significant melanin, I would
say anyone with olive skin or darker, is always at risk for hyper or hypo pigmentation. There
has to be a justification for the use of a device that disrupts integrity the skin. In my practice, for most of my patients, and
a lot of patients with darker skin, what we do is we do the Vampire Facelift or we just
do PRP injection under the skin. We have many patients who have all kinds of issues with
pigmentation and interestingly, because they’re not good candidates for laser, we actually
use PRP and we have found that it helps areas of hyperpigmentation resulting from sun damage,
from chronic sun exposure from the past. So if that’s what you’re looking for, then you’re
probably better off getting PRP injection with or without the Vampire name, but I would
caution you, because you are at risk of hyper or hypo pigmentation, if I’m going to consider
doing the Vampire Facial or do a combination of micro-needling with the PRP treatment,
I do test areas. I test a small area that’s a little bit away from the center of the face
if I can do it and see what how the skin responds. Plus, with micro-needling is various depth
and that is customized based on the type of issue that we’re dealing with. So again, if
it’s a global complexion and improvement, I say PRP injections on the skin is ideal.
If it is something more specific then it requires, I would say, some testing before moving forward
with the treatment. So I hope that was helpful I wish the best of luck thank you question.

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  1. Would you say PRP and microneedling is suitable for thinned skin from long term potent topical steroid momatasone use? My skin is naturally fair but topical steroid overuse has thinned and darkened my my facial skin significantly. Im wondering of this would be beneficial as this seems quite promising?

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