Piles [Hemorrhoids] ayurvedic treatment sri lanka (Arsas ) Dr Samaranayake

Doctor what is Haemorrhoids (Piles)? In human body there’s a part with 5.5/6inches at the very end of the back side ,which called anus. The disease of this anus we called Haemorrhoids/Piles. Doctor what are the causes for Piles? There are 4 main reasons for piles. 1. First one is, in pregnancy period if mother or father has piles most of time that baby also able to get in Piles. 2. Second, in our young stage foods we take, things we do in day to day life such as weight lifting, keep sitting, keep standing etc., according to our life style anus can be get weak. This is the second reason for piles. 3. Third reason is, in pregnancy stage there are some hormone changes in women’s body. This also can be a reason for piles. 4. If some has a hidden cancer inside body piles can be a sign of it. Doctor does piles have variants? Yes, actually there are so many variants of piles. But in society we commonly see some of them only such as • Internal dry piles / Internal wet piles. /Prolapsed /External Doctor is there way to cured piles completely? Actually we can’t use the word “Completely”; the better Word is “Permanently”. If someone goes through western medical treatments it can be come again. But I’m glad to say, there’s a way to permanently cured piles in local medical Methodology . Doctor your treatments are very popular among patients. What is the reason? In present there’s a busy society. In here to cured piles people has to drink decoction, tinctures etc., and so people very reluctant for those things. In here I’m using thousands of years old oil. This oil can easily use for anyone. This is the main reason for the famous of my treatments. Doctor what is the special of your treatment and medicines? Previously I mentioned about variants of piles. In their most common variant is an internal dry pile or blood piles. There are 4 symptoms of this disease. They are; 01. In the first degree we can see Inconvenience to go to the toilet, inflammation, stomach uptake, pain in anus, stomach pain, joints pain, sleepiness. Those things are showing in first stage of piles. 02. In second degree, piles come out of your anus when you have bowel moment. But go back inside on their own afterwards. 03. Third degree piles come out of your anus and only go back inside if you physically push them back in. 04. Fourth degree piles always hang down from your anus and you can’t push them back in. They can become very swollen and painful if the blood inside them clots. If a piles patient comes in first stage or in second stage we can cured that patient with our oil treatment within 4-6 weeks. But third stage is more different than this. First of all we have to make this patient as a normal patient. After that we have to decrease the pain of these piles. After that only we move to remove piles of the patient. Because of those reasons, it will take 2 ½ or 3 months to completely cured 3rd stage patient. In forth stage we can do our treatments easily. But the patient gets more pain. According to the books that pain can be same as the pain of death. But from our treatments with in 5 or 6 days piles will be removed from body completely. That means that patient gets cured from piles permanently. Doctor is there any side effects in your treatments? In ayurwedic medical technology we only use local medicines; there are no any side effects with local ayurwedic medicines. Most of times pregnant mothers who suffering with piles are coming for treatments and they have little fear because we put oil to anus and they think that might be harmful to their baby. But any of you don’t need to worry. Doctor piles patients have a fear, that this disease can be increased to a cancer. Can you describe about this? In my life time I have treated more than 20000 patients. But I met cancer patients in anus only 5. So piles won’t turn into a cancer. I’m telling this message specially to young daughters and young mothers. When young people hits with piles there’s a little flesh in outside. It’s normally. Most women who come to meet me asking to remove this flesh. Actually we can’t remove that flesh. And you don’t need to worry about that flesh. Patients think this flesh is a sign of cancer. And it’s completely wrong. We always check the anus. If there anything related to cancer of course we will find that. Doctor finally what is the message that you can give to patients who suffering with piles? Actually this disease can be really affected to your improvements. Because piles will steal your healthiness. So those people always in a downgrade. So my message is take a Work from my knowledge, don’t suffer with piles, take medicines, dry out the piles and stay happy.

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