PlayStation VR Unboxing + Demo

PlayStation VR Unboxing + Demo

Virtual reality. You know about it, you’ve heard about it. Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and now, the PlayStation VR. With this situation, people already have playstations, or at least a lot of them are out there. Beyond that, you’ve got this launch bundle, Which gives you all of the components necessary. In the VR World, The friction associated with getting started …Is one of the things that’s holding it back. I know about friction! It’s how you make a fire, right? Like… with the.. What’s inside the box? So you’ve got the headset of course, You’ve got these controllers The camera and the game Included is kind of like a variety type of disk. you can see there are some accessories The headset is available now. You will need to do something for audio and then some accessories here for like a gun unit that will be out in the spring (ohhh) … (ohhh) … There is a couple of different options here. Here is the camera unit You can see that is has two lenses, that’s going to be used for motion tracking It sort of tracks the lights. These little globes on the top There is also lighting on the headset so it knows where your head is. Another controller. So two controllers. (fake gun noises) (more fake gun noises) (even more fake gun noises) Excuse me. (gun noise) (more gun noise) Notice where I’m aiming. Hey first class jack. Look at that action. (whoo) Wow, they went all out. Look at the size of this quick start guide. Look at all that empty space on there. Look at this the way they … A head set. So they do give you a headset. This box is how you are going to interface with the VR headset while remaining connected. HDMI to the PS4, Micro-USB to connect it. (wow) Oh… So those ports become more accessible on the front. This looks like the important headset cable. I’m guessing. It’s that special AV looking connector. It actually looks kind of like HDMI. And there it is The cables already installed on this thing with an inline remote. Thats kinda cool. This breaks out into the same thing and that will go into there and a headphone jack So any headset is going to be capable of working Spring loaded I got to say first impressions here are positive Very soft and cusheny. Look at that. Lets enter virtual reality together. ahhhh thats look at that. that guy right omg okay. Put on the headphones. Going deep guys woooh yeah. Im in it. Im in it Yes! Play station VR worlds begin baby Oh! Yes! Oh man. Oh man! Woh! Easy easy woh! Easy boy. Woooh! Ahhhhh! yeah. omg. No no oh yeah! Woooh! Wooh! holy smokes. Thats a demo right there. How about I do this London Heist Ohhh my hands. Wooh! Simulation theory Right. Ohhh my Oh theres a piece in there. Oh man. Oh man. Load the gun. Ohhh! Ohhhh! *gun shot* Ohhh! Uggggh not good right now. Not good. Oh man! Oh my playing Russian roulette with me right now. Oh my. im lighting a cigar right now. *Character* Fuck Bluetooth ear piece can I put that on. Oh I put it on Ohhh! Look at this stack of cash I just lit this dudes cigar. Yes! Oh boy. Got em Theres like a little ridge here I gotta shoot through Oh i need another clip Got him Oh Im out of bullets Good. Die! Oh Im sweating The immersion there. You get lost for a minute. I gotta be honest This is a good time. This will blow your mind. Your gonna have fun Moms and dads bookmark this video. Every kid on the planet wants this for christmas You heard it here.

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  1. Really want the VR but I feel like the PS5 is right around the corner so I think I'm best off waiting for that first and see how much it improves from there

  2. I've just got a ps4 pro with the vr. It's totally awsome. Getting the headphones next to make the vr experience even better…. the best bit of technology I own. Love it!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Played London Heist demo for first time yesterday and waiting for long heist full game to come soon to the PSVR.

  4. When I bought my PlayStation vr, (I bought the mega bundle which came with 5 games) I did not get any PlayStation move controllers, any reasons why?

  5. Is it possible to use the kinect of the xbox one in the play station VR to replace the camera of the play station? and so use the VR mode as if it were the play station?

  6. When you buy the PSVR but you realize it don’t come with a Play Station Then have to wait 1 month to get the Play Station

  7. Anyone out here got astigmatism in one of their eyes and know if it makes a difference using a vr? I'm basically partially blind in my right eye and worried about the goggles inside the vr..

  8. Question did you have any VR games where you have to use open and close hand movements? If so how did you calibrate both move controller to have open and close hand movements for both move controllers. I have batman and only the right controller has full hand movements the left does not.

  9. I must’ve Gotten some sort of old PlayStation Vr headset because mine does not have a thing for headphones or anything like that.

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