12 Replies to “Poliovirus Vaccine Trial Shows Promise for Recurrent Glioblastoma”

  1. What I'm particularly curious about is how anyone came up with the idea of using the polio virus for this purpose in the first place. I'd be fascinated to hear the history of that. 

  2. I have Esophagus cancer if have cancer and was treated for this cancer Will post it. I looked at 60 minutes and they use polio virus on some people with
    All types of and it WORK!!!
    So please if someone out going through what I am ( POST ) GOD you

    People and it

  3. My cousin had this tumor and her grandmother was a Lipscomb from West Virginia. My dad who was her uncle had breast cancer and the BRCA2 gene, and her mother had RA and aunt Hashimoto's and other autoimmune problems. Do you think this tumor may have a genetic component. I myself am BRCA2 positive and have Sjogrens and Hashimotos.

  4. So many new vaccinations, treatments, immunotherapy, and other clinical trials are promising against GBM’s and cancer in general! Healing based therapy! ??????

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