Post Polio Syndrome Exercise Program

Post Polio Syndrome Exercise Program

Hi, I’m Margaret Martin at MelioGuide and
today, I’m going to share with you exercise prescription for a very special population,
and that population is the post-polio group. So years ago, we used to be really concerned
about survivors of polio. And then, as they grew up, we really focused our attention and
rehabilitation on their affected limb. We now know from research that their affected
limb was not the only muscles that were affected. In the Polio Paradox by Dr. Richard Bruno,
we have come to realize that not only the arm or the leg that we see symptoms of the
polio in their bodies were the affected muscles, but rather all of their muscles in their body
were affected, just to a much lesser degree. And so now as they age and as post-polio syndrome
develops, what the symptoms of pain and fatigue and decreased function, are all coming about
because all the muscles were affected to some degree. And so, when we look at polio what initially
happened, the virus attacked the motor neurons and so the nerve, a motor neuron is a single
nerve innervating muscle fibers. So let’s show as an example, the average individual
would have one nerve of stimulating five muscle fibers. Well once somebody had the polio virus
at a young age, the body was very clever and said, “Well, I still want to function. I still
want to walk. I still want to do things.” So this one nerve can, instead of only innervating
five muscle fibers, the healthy nerves that were remaining, start to innervate five more
and five more and five more. And so that one nerve, now had a much bigger load to carry.
It was carrying many more muscle fibers. But as people age, these motor neurons are getting
fatigued. And so if people with polio follow the prescription
of work harder, exercise harder, go to the point of fatigue, get out there and work,
you will actually cause yourselves more damage and more harm. So the recommendation is to
do only non-fatiguing exercises. And so you would do only half as many repetitions to
a point that if you know that at ten repetitions, you start getting pain or weakness or fatigue,
then your prescription is only five repetitions, and this is so very important that you’d listen
to your body and work to the point of any of these symptoms. If you have a muscle that does not have any
anti-gravity strength, meaning you cant lift against gravity, then not even non-fatiguing
exercises should be prescribed for those muscles. So for those of you who managed to give a
talk to in the outer chapter of post polio survivors, and you’re wanting to have more
backup when talking to your therapists or your trainers, please have them listen to
this blog and encourage them to read the Polio Paradox by Dr. Bruno, so that you get the
support that you need to stay as strong as you can and stay as functional as you can
through the rest of your lifetime. So this is all for MelioGuide today. I’m Margaret

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  1. Hi Margaret.
    I`m going to talk about my father… and I'll try to explain with "my English" (sorry)
    He has polio (both legs and left arm) and now, unfortunately he is suffering post polio syndrome in his right arm; but only from his shoulder to his elbow. He can't flex his arm, even, the arm looks more thin (like there is no muscle there) but he can move his hand.
    My Question, Once he has lost her mobility in this arm (99%lost) Can/should he do something to recover the mobility?. Once the post-polio syndrome appear, could re-appear in other part of the body in few years?
    I hope you understand me Margaret.
    Thx for your pieces of advice in the video.

  2. I never had polio but I knew some people who did. I don't know how my childhood friend is doing or even if she still alive but I knew someone else later in life who was only slightly affected by post polio and you would've never known it. Then I became a huge fan of Nancy Baldwin Carter. I don't know what it was about her but something about her stood out to me. I guess her and I were like minded in some way or another about overcoming obstacles in our lives no matter what our lives held. I guess you could say failure made us both mad so I guess I probably would've clicked with her had I gotten to know her in this life since we're like minded. Anyway, just like me, she enjoyed lots of pillows in the bed but hers serve a different purpose for relieving her post polio pain whereas mine help with proper positioning, comfort and of course arthritis pain as well as warmth in the bed during the cold winter nights. Sleeping surrounded by lots of thick fluffy pillows actually helps keep you warm under the covers. For some pillows are a luxury but for others they're a need whether post polio or some other medical reason. However, one thing I guess I'll never understand is the limits on the body during post polio syndrome and why to never overdo it when some people only understand getting strong and staying strong. I guess some of us will never really understand staying within your limits post polio. The closest I could come to that is staying within the limits for arthritis so that's as close as I can come to that understanding post polio patients

  3. Thank you for sharing this . People have no idea how many struggle s pps sometimes have and how to help manage the pain. Doctors have no clue

  4. I'm very committed to finding healthy and effective options for people that are living with a disability to incorporate into their daily routine for a better quality of life.
    For polio survivors, I've found that daily intermittent fasting with an effective protein supplement, plenty of filtered or bottled water hydration, vital greens nutrients to detox free radicals, and short bursts of high intensity excercise work really well towards maintaining the bodies regenerative functions and kickstarting cellular activity.
    – All used in conjunction with a comfortable routine, I've found to have great results.
    – Also research 'Boosting Mitochondrial cellular health'(This is for improved energy levels and nuerological function.)
    – A powerfit vibration platform does wonders for circulation and you can get a work out while you are reading or watching a movie.
    – A nutrient rich superfood suitable for polio survivors is Chicken liver(packed full of iron and vitamins) at least 2 times a week, just research the benefits. Talk about super food!

    – And a great longevity remedy that I would recommend as vital for daily use for polio survivors is Resveratrol. It literally works wonders and even after using daily for a week the increased vitality is already noticeable. Powerful antioxidant and protection on a cellular level.

    Hope some of these idea can help, just study up on them for yourselves, monitor how your body and mind are feeling and it is always recommended to ask your doctor if it is suitable for your health just to be safe. I've been very pleased with the results so far, it's exciting.

    Just one area I will be researching very soon will be to see if 'Stem Cell therapy' is a suitable option for polio survivors to regenerate nerve and muscle functions.
    This one could be a real game changer towards a better life.

    All the best everyone! ☺️
    "The tenacity, insightful mind and strong will of a Polio Survivor is nothing short of inspirational."

  5. Hello Margaret. Your video is spot on. I am 65 YOA and have had polio since I was 18 Months old. Due to a more recent injury, I have now been told that my right leg, as well as my left leg, has been affected by polio. A very astute Doctor at Mass. General spotted this in about 10 minutes during a recent visit after years of seeking answers.

    He subscribed a very specific PT regimen for me and I have been improving in mobility and now able to walk again with out a walker and can now, move about if ever so slowly, with a cane. I do, however, become very tired.

    The news was very devastating for me but, I was so grateful that I found someone who actually understood what it was that I was talking about. Newer / Younger Physicians and Drs. have no clue what we are talking about.

    Warning to all… Polio has NOT been eradicated and is actually still a force to be reckoned with.

    Again Thank you….

  6. Hi Ms. Margaret, i just watched this video and i am so thankful with the information you have said cause atleast i have an idea about PPS, also i am polio survivor and despite all the exercises i noticed that nothing is really changing. And because of this video i can start to learning about my condition in a right way. Thanks.

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