Precautions before taking Ayurvedic Medicine II आयुर्वेदिक दवाई लेने से पहले बरतें एहतियात II

Precautions before taking Ayurvedic Medicine II आयुर्वेदिक दवाई लेने से पहले बरतें एहतियात II

Hello friends.. Myself Dr Bharti Chunnibhai Bhatt Today in this episode i want to tell you that what all precautions to be taken before Ayurvedic medicine. Before you take Ayurvedica medince confirm that he /she is Ayurvedic practitioner or a Allopathic dr. Because the ayurvedic dr can give you proper medicine, as he’s master of his stream. Now, suppose you have taken medicine from any dr and if you are thinking to get well in 10-15 then you are wrong since you are ill from several months or may be years and for that you are taking his treatment then you must understand that any medicine shows its results slowly . because when you visit any doctor with your prolonged illness then you must be patient while taking treatment secondly, if you doesn’t get well then you will move on to another dr prescribed by your present dr. So, this way also if you will change the dr repeatedly then you won’t get the effects of ayurveda medicine. Hence, initiate any treatment with proper way And its necessary for you to take medicine for 3 months. As in the first month this medicine will kill the germs of the disease Second month it will purify your and strengthen your blood. and in third month it gives health to your body. so, you may take anyone’s medicine but take the treatment patiently for 3 months. if you want to get your normal fever to be treated then. If the illness is very severe like paralysis, polio or cancer then it might take 1 -1/2 year to cure. Now, what if we take ayurvedic medicine by reading it new paper or on anybody’s advice.will it work or not? It will work but you have to sees the possibilities of higher treatment. If you have open any ayurvedic medicine like any powder then after 3 months it began to loose its effects. it won’t be affected as the fresh medicine will be don’t use that powder after 3 months, As far as tablets are concern that you can take for 6 months. Post 6 months it also began to loose its effects. Remedies which works for 12 months that is Clarified butter or Oil. Which helps to purify and also used in cooking which is used for medicine making. Their expiry is from 12 months to 16 months. Guggal tablets can also be used for 12 months. And liquid like Aasavarishtha which is used to drink as much as old it is it becomes more and more beneficial So, you can keep Aasavarishtha at home and can use for many years. make sure you close the bottle nicely Now, you must be thinking that more medicine we have in ayureda that is Bhasma Bhasma is a medicine which shouldn’t be taken by your own First you take advice from any good dr then use it As in any Bhasma is to be given in proper quantity. Quantity means it very gentle and generous amount to be given. It can’t be taken like that along with this what all precautions given by the doctor Its necessary to follow that precautions. Eating, sleeping, daily routine & also precaution to be care of quantity to be taken of. if you are advised to not to eat any sour thing along with medicine. then you must be thinking that lemon is the only item which is sour. No Sour items which are prohibited to not to take; they are Lemon, tamarind,Kokam, Curd, butter milk which shouldn’t be taken along with ayurvedic medicine. Sometimes by not following these rules also Bhasma can react on your body too, even if its a effective medicine. There is one more bhasma which name is Parad bhasma If you haven’t followed the precautions while taking this Bhasma then it can produce boils & pain in each and every part of your body. it can also cause itching & stiffness in body which may lead to bed rest . Such types of reactions can happen with ayurvedica Bhasma Hence, first of all that whatever’s dr medicine you take . Follow his treatment fully. then very instantly, ayurvedic medicine will upkeep you to good health. Now, what is the use of Magnet in this case? Then i will say, if you are suffering from any pain or having any disease As i said earlier & am repeating if you will put this plus-minus magnet on your stomach and will rest for then not only in stomach problem, digestive system but in ulcer also its gives you relief. Now, along with this if you will put the medicine on the manet if you keep that medicine on magnet for 4-5 hours and then if you take it then magnet increases its qualities to multiple times as compare to its own quality. that means very instantly you can be well And also to keep your strength also magnet is very well deserving. So, friends today we came to know that even ayuredic medicines can react too. So to get its benefits instead of loss . follow the precautions told to your by the dr. Stay healthy, happy and be with us. Thank you…

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  2. plzzz I want to know the side effects of shankhpushpi aayurvedic nervine tonic if given to a 2 yr child it's an emergency given dose is 2ml once a day

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