Preparing your womb for implantation

Preparing your womb for implantation

– Have you ever been taught that half the work is in preparation? Well, it’s the same when
it comes to implantation. So in this video, I am
teaching you what you can do to prepare your body and
especially your uterine lining to welcome that little egg into your womb. (upbeat music) Hello lovelies, and welcome
to another one of my videos in which we’ll be talking about how you can prepare your body and especially your uterine lining to support implantation
the best way possible. After ovulation and conception, the fertilized egg travels
down the fallopian tube and then ends up in your
womb to find its home for the next nine months. Now, implantation happens about six to 10 days after ovulation. However, it can be up to 11
or 12 days after ovulation that implantation happens. And not only that,
implantation really continues throughout the first half
of your first trimester, so up until six weeks. So preparation of your body and your womb for implantation is well worth it. The first thing you wanna look at if you want to increase the
chances of good implantation is to make sure that the embryo
is as strong as possible. And what is the embryo made of? An egg and sperm. So you best start with
you and your husband to make sure that you have
all the right building blocks to produce the best quality
eggs, the best quality sperm. Now the cycle of egg
preparation is 90 days, so that’s three months. So if you start today with
improving egg quality, the egg next month will be better quality than the one you have now. But the one in two
months will have enjoyed two months of preparation, so
it will be in better shape. And the one in three months will be in the best shape possible compared to what you have right now. The cycle for sperm is much shorter but you can basically do the same thing. I recently did a video
on improving egg quality because the cool thing is you can totally improve egg quality. Don’t despair if you’ve been told or you think you have poor egg quality. In that video, I give you five tips to start working on that today. The second thing we care about is that you have nice thick lush lining because that is where the
embryo needs to implant. So a healthy thick lining is considered to be at least eight millimeters,
but preferably 10 to 15. Don’t despair if you
have the thinner lining and think that you shouldn’t
be trying at all this month, because research has
shown that pregnancies have even happened at four
millimeters which is crazy. But that suggests to me
that the nutrient supply and oxygen supply is even more important than the thickness of the lining. So although we’re going for
a nice thick lush lining, keep on watching to hear what
I have to say about oxygen and nutrient supply as well. But the first thing that is
important is that your hormones are right in balance. That’s not just important for ovulation and good egg quality
but also for the lining. The first half of your
cycle, it is estrogen that makes sure that that lining is built. And in the second half of your cycle, it is progesterone that
maintains that lining. So you need the right amount of both and relatively to each other to make sure your lining is the best quality possible. The way that you can do
that is reduce stress. That is extremely important because your body will
produce stress hormones over sex hormones otherwise. The second thing is, don’t eat any foods that are prepared in plastic,
heated up in plastic. Stay away from those. And the third simple thing
that I would recommend is to consider doing a
homeopathic detox of the pill. If you’ve been taking the
pill for several years, or you might even be second
generation pill taker. If you’re a mom started with
the contraceptive pill already, then there is a chance that that has left an imprint on your system that will throw your hormonal balance off. A homeopathic detox of the pill however will restore that balance really quickly. If you still have trouble
with hormone balance, then make sure to look at
one of my fertility plans to help you restore
that balance naturally. So the third important thing that you wanna look out for
preparation of implantation is that your uterus has plenty of oxygen and nutrients coming to it. So we look at circulation. If your periods are dark
and clotted and painful and maybe not a lot comes out,
or it takes a very long time for it to come out,
then that suggests to me that you have a circulation issue, and that there’s
congestion in your uterus. Don’t expect your uterus
to get plenty of oxygen and nutrients if that is the case. So don’t expect your lining to
be in the best shape possible to receive an egg for it to implant. So your lining needs to
have plenty of nutrients. And if you are looking at
the nutrients for a quality, then you will sure be covering
for the lining as well. Make sure to also head
on over to the video about how you can support implantation when you’re already in your two-week wait, because I mentioned
several supplements there that also support the
implantation process. But now let’s talk about circulation. Because to prepare your
body for implantation, you need the blood to be flowing. Exercise is fantastic
to do that of course. But there are other
things that you can do, and that is fertility massage. You can get this done by a professional or you can perform it yourself. The third thing is really easy, and you may not have thought about it, and that is drink enough water. Cause if you don’t drink enough water, then your blood will be a lot more sticky and it doesn’t flow very nicely. While on the other hand,
if you’re hydrated, the blood can flow perfectly,
and oxygen and nutrients can flow to your uterus. And number four when
it comes to blood flow is you can actually take a
supplement to improve it, and that is L-arginine. L-arginine brings up
nitric acid in your body, and nitric acid is responsible for dilating your blood vessels. So if they’re a little bit bigger, then blood can flow a lot easier, right? There is just one big disclaimer here. If you have herpes such as cold sores, then taking L-arginine can
actually cause an outbreak. So you should either consider
if that’s worth it to you, or you should just stay away from it. So there you have it, three
things that you can focus on to prepare your body
and especially your womb to have an egg implant successfully. And if you want to continue
to learn about your fertility and how you can boost it naturally, then make sure to click on the play list on your screen right now, and
don’t forget to also subscribe because I bring out new
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see you the next video! Bye!

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