Priti Patel says she will ‘end the free movement of people once and for all’

Priti Patel says she will ‘end the free movement of people once and for all’

As Home Secretary at this defining
moment in our country’s history, I have a particular responsibility
when it comes to taking back control. It is to end the free movement
of people, once and for all. [applause] Instead, we will introduce an
Australian style, points based immigration system.
[applause] Because let me tell you something,
this daughter of immigrants needs no lectures from the north
London metropolitan liberal elite. [applause]

100 Replies to “Priti Patel says she will ‘end the free movement of people once and for all’”

  1. This is nowt but soundbites from the xenophobic failure Patel. Leaving the EU is a failure of a plan, it has been three years, the Tories are failures. We will keep Britain in Europe & our freedom of movement. It is not the place of entitled bigots to dictate to us.

  2. a lot of middle class people in the comments seem to be really angry that we're ending the free movement/exploitation of cheap labour.

  3. Strange how the "normal" guardian reader can turn into some spitting little racist when a BRITISH lady of foreign descent dares to air an opinion.
    Immigration 50 or 60 years ago is different to immigration now , our country is different, demographics are different , financially it's different, it is, infact a different world .
    To cherry pick who is given British citizenship, focusing only upon those who have the skills we require , is not racist, its sound, logical thinking .
    A trained doctor in Delhi has to jump through hoops , a Romanian gypsy gets on Eurostar.

  4. Fuhrer nige the venomous ? oil salesman needs to be arrested next time he enters the EU ? his lies about EU migrants are racism at it's finest hour ? most people in UK jail's are British & commonwealth migrants ? most people on welfare are British & commonwealth migrants none of the above applies to the hardworking & contributing EU migrants ? most brexiteers have family members in jail or on welfare so calling out the 3million EU migrants as members of the 4th Reich are calls for open discrimination and racism ? he also is calling for stop of EU migration and bringing in 30k per year of commonwealth migrants only ? all of this is open invitation for his brexit xenophobia party and sympathisers to hate and discriminate against EU migration in the UK ? EU courts need to step in and arrest this instigator who's brexit xenophobia party members and sick supporters are even killing MPs ? the evil ? oil salesman him self is propagating knife violence against civil servants post brexit ? EU courts need to step in immediately and protect citizens of Europe from the evildoers and violence instigating evildoers ?

  5. Introduce an Australian pionts based system. In 2019 they have just figured out that the best way to control immigration is pionts. A bit feckin late in shutting the barn door.

  6. where are the staff for all these 'new' hospitals going to come from, the construction sites will be very quiet ,does the end of free movement cover unsanctioned trips to israel by a certain minister who was sacked by the last PM

  7. You can tell that she isn't European and got no idea how Europe works ? perhaps let's bring in the cast system too ?

  8. I’m confused when I come to uk I see many black Indian turkeys Albanian and a lot of the Europeans people that I see are mostly working in England I don’t see Italian gangs or french people coming to start trafficking drugs I got to certain areas and I only see somalians Jamaican Nigerians Indians etc more then I see British people so what’s really the problem with the Europeans in England

  9. Brilliant, let's have some respect for people on the streets and show some decorum. not slashing up men and women with knifes. nice to have priti, someone who will make real change, instead of being scared to deal with the problem in fear of being called racist.

  10. I think she might win the award (just) for being the most genuinely obnoxious , distrustful, not to mention loathsome Tory out there. That’s saying something.

    Oh well… we get the politicians we deserve.

  11. Of caurse you want to end the free movement, because you dont drive to france every year for holiday, you dont have your kid leaving in germany, you dont have family in spain, you dont have your grandad leaving in portugal, your not planing you retirement in south of france….. End the free movement when you go to India and make sure you dont come back, ending the free movement means you gona make us prisoners in our own country

  12. The world is shrinking with the help of free movement of the people. Now this lady is trying to stop it ? May be I do t get it. Why the audience is applauding.?

  13. It’s woman like this that make normal men think woman are just crazy hahahha end free movement.
    ME- Love I need to use the toilet
    HER – NO Never
    ME – ?
    And who’s clapping tho hahahahaha I know they wanna walk out the door lol don’t try it

  14. We call that the movement of illegal immigrants.

    And tell the globalists to screw themselves. We`ve had enough of their ideologies.

  15. I love the irony of this story being on the same feed a China celebrating 70 years. Perhaps we should have a military parade to show we are a super-power again once we have left the shackles of those pesky foreigners.

  16. Its easy to know you found a leftiest channel look at these sad comments never seen the working class Boris best PM england had in years

  17. ask your self this one question. if the labour party are looking out for the best interest of the their electorate the working class …..then how is it in the working class persons favour to compete with east Europeans for working class jobs ? so it take a party who are not connected to the working class people to see this travesty which has been happening up and down the country making working class unemployed. im working class from the north west I have had to shop lift in the past to get food I have turned up at agencies and they are controlled by polish people giving the jobs to desperate poles who won't say boo back. not only that but the conservative are putting up the minimum wage . What have the labour party ever done for the working class ???????????

  18. conservative are the working class people party. putting up minimum wage , ending free movement which competed with working class jobs. I'm workinh class I'll be voting conservative . I'm from north west and not Liverpool , the area speke has its problems the b and m warehouse there the locals cabt get jobs because of the east Europeans . go ask any of the locals round there.

  19. Hear Hear, I love this lady, there is no doubt Priti Patel is the best home secretary this country has ever had, tough on crime and her stance on "Ending Free Movement, Once and for all" This Legendary Historic Speech is just what 99% of Leavers wanted to hear. We do not need any more "car washers" or "pickpockets" OR cash machine scammers or any other "Budget low value peeps and their kith and kin" just wandering aimlessly from E,U and deciding that they will call our Country theirs. Its not and regardless how many offspring they have had whilst over here fruit picking or working in Aldi's or cloning credit cards it never will be. Time to get our Great Country back again, and only have people over here that are worth something rather than worthless, Raise a glass to Priti Patel, a 42ct Diamond. A Legend.

  20. Means nothing; she's talking into an echo chamber. We need the people who come legally, and a points-based-system won't stop those who come illegally. Take back control – HA! They act as if we'll just pull the shutters down on a huge wall all around the UK. No different to drugs legislation. If you crack down on it you push it underground and can't even really see it. Tories think every problem can be solved with another rule, another wall, another closed door, but in practice that has never worked in the long term in human history, either literally or figuratively.

  21. Something tells me she is the kind of person that would press the button to shut the door to an elevator after she herself just got in.
    But I must admit, she'd look fine in a brown uniform.

  22. Brexit: Boris Johnson to offer EU 'constructive and far-reaching' alternative backstop plan – live news ►

  23. Bourgeoisie sweating as they see their supply of cheap foreign labour drying up ? time to start paying people a fair wage.

  24. Limiting people's freedom of movement was also a major policy of East Germany. I wasn't there, but I don't think it was too popular.

  25. You stupid cow, you have set the wages so high for immigrants that many ESSENTIAL and SKILLED people will not be able to work in the UK!! YOU don't even know how much nurses earn, it certainly isn't 37K a year unless you are at the very top of the nursing ladder, so where do we get the rest from??

  26. She absolutely destroys Labour with this speech. Steals their core vote and points out that it is Guardian readers and not the Eton educated types who are the "elite" that need knocking down a peg or two. What makes it even more delicious is that the Loony Left can't play the "racist" and "misogynist" card against her! They have made her untouchable!

  27. In 1973 if her parents didn't get a refugee status in the UK thanks to that ''Liberal Elite', she and her parents would end up in some Idi Amin's pits. She and her parents should be deported back to Uganda.

  28. Had the points system been enforced then, had the free movements of people been ended then once and for all, this worm from Uganda would have never made it to UK. It does not stand to reason as to why a country like UK should suffer such an uncouth, uncivilized, uncultured, philistine creature any more!!!

  29. Priti Patel says that after Brexit free movement will end. That means that through British will at long last be banned from freely entering and settling in the EU, which for Europeans is an unadulterated blessing. So bring it on!!!

  30. Yes!!! End freedom of movement what a great achievement!!! Now people from 26 EU countries will lose access to Britain….. But then again British citizens will lose access to all the 26 countries lmao

  31. *My reply to Guardian picked comment from an article containing this video. As usual – comments closed before reply could be posted….

    <blockquote>Can anyone please explain to me, who the unaccountable liberal elites are, and how they stand in the way of the hopes and aspirations of the British people? The government has been in power since 2010, so you would think that they have vastly more power to rectify problems, than any " liberal elites".</blockquote>

    -A certain liberal newspaper is based in north London.
    -Largely unaccountable unless you find a comment section left open long enough.
    -For the past 4 years have surreptitiously, and openly, smeared and undermined the Labour leader, the first since 1979 who has a real chance of transforming the hopes and aspirations of the British people by breaking with the managerial right wing politics of Blair.

    The paper has abandoned basic journalistic standards, streaming decontextualized quotes from a small number of sectarian Blairite MPs who persist in sniping lies at Jeremy Corbyn, hysterically calling him racist rather than the Tories who are destroying this country all over again.
    It wouldn't be <i>that</i> metropolitan liberal elite 5th column she's referring to would it?

    History will judge such a paper for it's role in crippling the Labour party, and prolonging this absolute shower of a government.

    If you believed anything in that particular newspaper, the current right wing cabal in government is not the same right wing cabal in charge since 2010. And certainly not the same right wing cabal that squandered it's huge mandate after 1997.

  32. This is a high Caste Woman , daughter of Indian/Ugandan Immigrants!, to say she is going to end all free movement is the height of hypocrisy, typical Thatcherite,( I'm alright Jack attitude), a liar, a cheat, and a generally unpleasant piece of Tory Rightwing excrement.

  33. Yes, dear Priti Patel, right wing Tory daughter of Ugandan/Indian immigrants, the irony of thie tale is that her parents were the exactt

  34. Should we really base our immigration system on that of a country so racist that until recently it classed it's indigenous population with fauna and flora and has refugees banished to Mad Max/Guantanamo island prisons?

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