Protecting Against Herpes

Welcome back to herpes talk! Most people get herpes when they’re little kids from a relative kissing them on the mouth and as you learned from the last episode this can go oral-to-oral if they grow up and kiss someone later or they perform oral sex on a partner in the future. As kiddos they may have had nothing indicating that there was a virus present few outbreaks over time, that they may or may not remember But, they still have herpes in their bodies which means any point in their lifespan that ugly virus can rear it’s head and either cause an inconvenience or pass to another person Every time that somebody who has herpes simplex virus comes in contact with somebody who doesn’t it’s possible that transmission can occur, but it’s not automatic. There are many variables to have a say whether herpes sets up shop or not I want you to know them all! [whip-crack] [person clearing throat] First you need to understand herpes How it is transmitted, how it expresses itself and how it affects the body. Here. Two, second. Get tested. The only way to know if you have hepes is to get tested. This applies to all sexually transmitted infections, when you go to the clinic, you’ll be asked questions Answer honestly Then they’ll examine you. Breath deeply. This visit may also include a test. Ask which diagnostic tools they use and advocate for a blood test. Terri Warren frequently updates a herpes handbook that outlines a list of all the options. Link below Three, if you have herpes there are medications that can supress the virus… .. So that it doesn’t act as friendly with other bodies there are naturopathic and homeopathic remedies, too. Remember that the virus affects the nervous system, so things that love on your nervous system mean good If you don’t have herpes, congratulations! Your responsibility is to be gentle and supportive. Listen to the rest of these tricks. On how to hold off a herpes transmission And make sure that you’re taking care of yourself, don’t do anything you don’t want to do. Ok, more ideas Block any skin-to-skin contact as much as you can. Dams, condoms, clothing, non-microwavable cling-wrap. Make sure you have safe words! Talk about it! Talk about herpes, turns out that knowing your status and sharing that with whom you have sex Reduces transmission by a lot. A lot A LOT! Researchers at the university of Washington have found that self-disclosing “I have herpes!” Extended the amount of time that an uninfected partner contracted herpes by 210 days. I have herpes. If your partner hadn’t notified you, it would have been more like 60 days instead of the 270 days of sexy time. Herpes simplex virus I and II are ugly, but they’re very rarely deadly So most of the impact is emotional. Most of you will get an STI at some point in your lifetime. Just like most of you will get sick, it’s a consquence of interacting with other people. The reason why STIs are so ” :S ” and people are afraid to bring them up is because of the “ST” part of STI. You’re a sexplanateer! No shame! An infection doesn’t have to become a stigma, just because it’s below the belt. I suspect I got herpes in the spring of 2010 from a heavy makeout session. My partner had been four-wheeling the sand dunes in Idaho and when he came home I really wanted to kiss his face! I saw the sores, but I thought “chapped lips from the wind” not “herpes outbreak from the blazing sun” Shucks! Sunlight has been scientifically proven to trigger herpes outbreaks, you need the sun but maybe dont let it blaze you. Watch out for these other things too: Friction, like masturbation and sex. Stress, and other tough emotions because they’re agitating your nervous system. Which is the part of the body that’s holding onto this trouble making virus. Menstruation, pregnancy, and birth control pills can also be added to this list. These are all cuplrits known to reactivate the virus by giving it a foothold to replicate. You can avoid these things! You can also change your diet, it turns out that the way you’re eating and drinking may cause your pH to go into a more acidic zone. This makes for a very virus friendly environment. If you’re having frequent outbreaks or want to ward them off completely take in more alkaline things like greens and water. And less acidic things, like sodas and grains. Have you ever noticed that you or your partner have had outbreaks when exposed to vaginal fluid? Acid! Wash those herpes vulnerable areas after playing and be kind to them! Lastly, monitor your mood. Your stress! Find time-management tools that are going to bring you down. Take care of yourself, you absolutely deserve it. I for one, am taking my herpes to bed early

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  1. Ok. I'm done. No more physical contact. No more sharing of eating or smoking utensils. I'm just going to lock myself in my house, and never come out.

  2. Okay I missed her saying what her masters was… earlier you asked "doe she not work in healthcare?", now you know the exact wording of her degrees, did you look that up or did you know it the whole time. Your wording wasn't clear on what you meant.

  3. I'm pretty sure there's no medical/scientific basis whatsoever to the so-called "alkaline diet". The second link in your info goes to a website with some more evidence-based diet recommendations, focusing on particular vitamins and amino acids. That is much better advice.

  4. I didn't know the exact wording before, i thought (you might say assumed) that she worked in something health related as she makes videos about safe sex. A topic quite closely related to health in my opinion

  5. Homeopathic remedies???
    Please don't tell my you buy into that.
    The scientific community considers it bullshit!
    You just lost respect from those of us who love science.

  6. I don't understand what the big deal is and I'm honestly confused on why people are freaking out. Dr. Doe is trying to offer suggestions to help EVERYONE! Maybe I'm missing something but if drinking a lot of water makes herpes suck less for me then why do people freak out about it!? I mean someone should have the choice to treat there whatever's with whatever works best for them in there situations. All I'm saying is.. You. Do. You (just my opinion no one attack me 🙂

  7. AAAHH!!! Lindsey NOOO! homeopathic remedies! 

    sure using it as a plasebo to ease symptoms feals harmless, but it realy isen't. by mentioning homeopathic remedies you legitemise them, making ppl more seceptible to all the conmen and hogwash.
    it makes it harder for ppl to make informed desitions.
    "if it works for my herpes, sure ill use it to treet my canser"

  8. I feel a bit sorry for her as I suspect she only mentioned homeopathic remedies as an afterthought to appeal to the widest possible audience however this is a video about stopping the spread of a virus to other people so you have a moral duty to treat it as best you can and not with whatever you personally think is awesome.  

  9. There is no reason anyone should use naturopathy and even less reason to use homeopathy in the treatment of HSV, or frankly, anything. Also, the alkali diet is an embarrassment to medicine as a field. I am disappointed that this video has put forward two pieces of pseudoscience on Sexplanations, a platform which should be used for science based health education.

  10. So I'm confused, if I were to be exposed to herpes as a child, I just have it and there is no way of getting rid of it?

  11. You didn't make it not seem problematic and fiddly, probably because it isn't. Just adds to a vast amount of things to worry and take care about.

  12. +Alexandria Griner She says that you can take medicine to keep Herpes in check. And in the next sentense she says, "There are naturopathic and homeopathic remedies too."
    How is that not advocating?
    I no longer feel that I can trust the information I on this channel, so I am unsubscribing.

  13. I had to really pay attention, with multiple viewings, to catch her one remark on homeopathy.  Gosh, the people who would be receptive to that message are people who would already choose homeopathy over mainstream medicine for all kinds of stuff.  *That* cause a big fuss??? rolled eyes

  14. +Aster Fliers

    "I don't know if it you could call it homeopathic or just if it is just more natural"

    It's anthroposophy, and it's crap. "Anthroposophy, a philosophy founded by Rudolf Steiner, postulates the existence of an objective, intellectually comprehensible spiritual world accessible to direct experience through inner development." No. Just no.

    "it works like a charm."

    First, one anecdote is not data. You have no idea any other thing which might effect it. Maybe your sister brushes her teeth more and uses more mouthwash. Maybe she washes out the sores. Maybe it is absolutely nothing. There is no logical way you can know if it works at all. Considering the scientific bases, I doubt it.

    Second, I could only find a single research paper about Weleda products and it has HUGE problems just by glancing at it. It concludes: "the results indicate a positive influence of using Weleda Ratanhia-Mundwasser and Weleda Pflanzen-Zahngel. Further studies might be promising" despite the fact that it also says "Since all 49 patients who were eligible insisted on participation in the active group, no control group could be established." NO CONTROL GROUP

    NO. That is not how science works, and there is absolutely no way you can claim that "it works like a charm" with any kind of evidence to back it up.

    "modern medicine could do with more criticism."

    Sure. What's that have to do with the effectiveness of "natural" remedies?

    "the pharmaceutical industry is there to make money, not to help people."

    Because the pharmaceutical industry takes a huge risks. The average for a new drug is 15 years of research and $500 million. I wish this kind of stuff could be done for free, but that's not the way of the world. The investors want some return on their 15 year investment.

    Would you also complain about a car company wanting a return on their investment to create something new? You think it was free to create the first ABS system? First hybrid? First electric?

    The world doesn't work for free. Expecting drug companies not to want a profit is kind ridiculously naive.

    "More open minded-research non-biased research would do everyone good."

    Why do you think (except in rare cases) that studies have to be double-blind? Alt. medicine has been double-blind studied. There's a reason it's still called "alternative" and not just "medicine."

    "It has been scientifically proven that people who use alternative medicine usually live longer and are healthier."

    1.) [citation required]
    2.) "Natural" remedies have been used for 1000s of years. Modern medicine for the last couple of hundred. You think it's coincidence that average lifespan has doubled in the 200 years, or do you think that natural remedies all of a sudden started to actually work?

  15. Is this the video that got everyone's panties in a knot about homeopathy? Isn't it a doctor's job to talk about a variety of treatments? Anyone with half a brain could look it up and decide for themselves whether or not homeopathic treatments are the right course of action for them.

  16. What I haven't heard you talk about in these 2 videos: if you have oral herpes, can you give yourself genital herpes? Or for that matter: if you have type 1, can you still get type 2?

  17. Wait a second did you just say that there are homeopathic remedies for herpies?  Seriously homeopathic?  Name one that actually works.  You also said naturalpathic?  What naturalpathic remedies are they any that actually work?

  18. Also basically if you ever had cold sores  you should not perform oral sex on anyone who doesn't have herpes without a barrier?  That sucks.

  19. Definitely had this since I was a little kid. :/ stupid relatives who weren't conscious about kissing their small child relative and gave them herpes. I know that I'm definitely gonna be conscious about this with any little kid relatives I have. I'm more of the "blow kisses to someone" type anyway.

  20. I don't understand this unforgiving nature people have when they unsubscribe from channels. Someone says a single thing or has a certain opinion you disagree with and suddenly they are unworthy and unwatchable, and that one thing taints everything else they said previously. Have you ever met anyone or had a friend or a relative where you agreed with everything they said? No. Did you cut them off and stop talking or listening to them? No, you disagreed or ignored it.

    I see it not only as childish, but at odds with educational channels. You don't just walk away in a self-righteous huff, you challenge and engage. I know it might have to do with losing some respect for a person and you start to doubt about their previous content, but didn't you enjoy and agree with things they said before? If yes, then you are saying your past self was ignorant and wrong for watching and subscribing. Don't sell yourself or the content creator short for one small disagreement.

    I thought this video was really informative and it was so minor that I didn't even really hear the word homeopathic.

  21. People are upset about homeopathy and naturopathy, but nobody mentions the body pH and diet reference?:
    "Because there is no evidence that diet can significantly change blood pH, a highly irregular blood pH is a sign of a larger problem — perhaps kidney failure — not a dietary issue."

  22. I didn't understand before this that hands can contract HSV2… is this true or have I extrapolated that too much? @sexplanations 

  23. I move everyone gets herpes. Then, it's no longer a problem : it's not lethal, and honestly, it's not that much trouble… It'd just make everyone's contacts so much easier – no more getting laughed at, no more awkward talks, just fun and games most of the time, and perhaps one week out of fifty two where you take things calm…

  24. Well, this is an 'eye opener' never knew herpes could be so common.
    Is it transferable from mother to child. That would be a crushing decision to make

  25. Homeopathy?! …Lindsey, could you please elaborate on that? other than placebo there is no scientific evidence that suggests that homeopathy works. And as the YouTube users named Yoelmh and Kalle Centergren down in the comments explained, you are doing a disservice to the community by promoting it. It does more harm than good promoting a "remedy" that's just alcohol and sugar.

  26. Homeopathy? Seriously? Oh girl I was so starting to really like your channel. Your still great and I think your doing a great service, but non science quackery like homeopathy? Not that you need my respect but it did indeed drop a couple notches. I sure hope there is an explanation that clears that statement up or somehow vindicates ya. For a science educator that was a stupid thing to say.

  27. I was supposed to be on a flight to another country and I was by myself at the age of barely 17, when the flight was delayed for 3 hours and then cancelled, leaving me in a different state ALONE. No one who was supposed to be taking care of me would answer the phone and it was 1 am. My father drove 8 hours to rescue me, but 2 days later, on my rescheduled flight, they told me that they weren't going to send me to my destination because the cancelled flight hadn't been going to my final destination. It was a lot of hours of panicking and crying for me, and RESULTING: I ended up in the hospital 2 days later with shingles. Yay, herpes. No thank you

  28. I think its just unprofessional to mention Naturopathic or Homoeopathic Remedies, because there are no such remedies. They are scams.

  29. Was the naturopathic/homeopathic remedy suggestion at 1:22 helpful at all? How do sugar pills stop herpes???!

  30. When you talk about disclosure, it is part of what is called disability identity management (it is a technical term that may have emotional resonance with others). There are two primary sets. There is the apparent/not apparent (can you see it in a non-intimate fashion or does it require intimacy/disclosure), and then there is a perceived locus of control or not (genetic disorder/disease (genetic) against cigarette smoking (perceived behavior)). Talking about this with an intimate partner allows for the partner to support in many different ways (planning an alternative plan during outbreaks, feeling safer to disclose outbreaks, etc.). Maybe Dr. Doe can continue with this one.

  31. I have herpes, and i am very happy that my bf is supportive about it. When I first told him, he was a little freaked out, and honestly didn't talk to me for about 24 hours…but almost a year later, here we are still fucking like rabbits, and mostly without protection! We had a few conversations about condoms, I wanted to protect him against it, but both of us preferred our sex without them, but we're planning on being together long-term…so we don't use them. I have to admit, it made me feel kinda special to know that he was willing to risk getting the virus from me! As silly as that sounds, hehe.

  32. I work in the sun a lot.  If I get really overheated and I cool myself off too fast I always get a blister within a couple days.  High stress is also a trigger for me but oddly, not when I'm sick from something else.  Acyclovir or Valtrex work well if I take a couple as soon as I feel an oncoming outbreak (numb tingling skin). 

  33. How about a video about how the worst part of Herpes is the stigma or that the stigma was created by a pharmaceutical company?

  34. My family and I went to the beach during the summer before I started sixth grade. Before then, I had a bit of cold sores but noting major, but after… My lips were covered in the sores! It was embarrassing, to say the least, and I hated myself because I got an STI without ever doing anything more than kissing family. It's nice to know about it in more than a passing comment by a doctor that 'hey, you have herpes!'

  35. I can attest that the later you get herpes the worse it is. I was 20 years old when I shared drinks with someone who had a cold sore, and my ENTIRE TONGUE broke out into horribly painful sores that doctors couldn't seem to get rid of for over a month. I was in the hospital getting nourishment through an IV for awhile because my tongue was so bad I couldn't eat. I didn't find out until weeks into treatment that it was type 1 herpes. I have a poor immune system so it hit me severely.

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  37. If there's a chance Lindsey, Hank, or anyone else on the production staff see this I would like to propose something. There is obviously an issue surrounding the perceived advocacy of homeopathy in this video. I am still subscribed, I still watch every video that's posted and I think Lindsay does a fantastic job. This is the one major blemish and I think people need and possibly deserve to know your stance on pseudoscience. It's hard to not take all your subsequent statements about other topics with a grain of salt due to not knowing whether it's possible you believe in de facto voodoo or not. Your credibility is in question and it really shouldn't be if you are an ardent advocate of evidence based science. Please just simply clarify your position and we can all go back to leaning about sexuality without the baggage attached.

  38. Lindsey, please please please do not ever advocate for homeopathy.  Speaking as someone with a lot of experience at biology research and a good working knowledge of basic chemistry, I can tell you that homeopathy cannot possibly work by anything other than the power of suggestion.  It's placebo and nothing more.  Ever. 

    I can also tell you that the methods of homeopathy, as well as their proposed mechanisms, are nonsense.  A universe in which they actually work is a universe so alien that human life could not exist.  (Or, possibly, a very bad fantasy novel.) 

    If you want to give someone homeopathic remedies, you're basically telling them to pay money for placebo, which only works if it's something that can be cured by belief and positive mindsets, as opposed to actual treatments. The only time I've ever seen anyone given placebo when they had a proper disease was in a pharmaceutical trial, and as a participant in those trials I never paid for my placebo. They paid me, and rightly so.

  39. The blood pH is very strictly controlled. The kidneys play a huge role here. The normal urine can have large variations in pH – that's where the organism "dumps" all the extra acids or bases in order to keep the blood pH in the SMALL, NORMAL interval. The variations of pH in your food are mostly dealt with by digestion and excretion. In order to really have an impact on your blood pH, you would need to go pretty wild with your diet's acidity or alkalinity and overrun your body's pH regulating mechanisms. You don't want to do that. 
    (Also, why say that water is alkaline? It can be acidic, neutral as well as alkaline, labels say that.)

  40. It would be really great if you would stick to science-based medicine, which homeopathy is not. It's OK to tell people to laugh, say jokes and develop a positive and playful outlook on life – that costs nothing and it does have health benefits. But telling people to use naturopathic/homeopathic remedies is misleading and wasteful of their money.
    I'd like to mention that I really like this channel generally speaking and I hope my criticism is constructive 🙂
    EDIT: I just saw your response on homeopathy (Ask Lindsey #7) and I won't make further comments regarding this issue, but my viewpoint and worry stand; many (not all!) of the user comments arguing against your pro-homeopathy advice are quite well constructed and well argued (few of them can be considered bullying, although I guess you were rather joking). Given the fact that the very principle of homeopathy – progressive dilutions – is easily disproved by basic chemistry, I think it's scientifically wrong to support homeopathy, let alone the fact that people pay for it. To the fact that some Nobel Prize winners etc. don't discount homeopathy, I answer this: scientific authority should not be based on prestige, but on facts, on a large number of well conducted and independent experiments (trials) which keep on showing consistent results. 

  41. Cullen Laboratory at Duke University has found a way to cure even in their dormant states; HSV-1 (cold sores which affects 60% USA population),HSV-2 (genital warts) and VZV (chicken pox/shingles) but they need more funding to help go to clinical trials. Please help spread awareness by sharing or donating. If the website is down its likely because of high amounts of volume or upgrading of the website, you can try again later or the next day. In case you are scared this link is not official or some scam you can simply google it or google cullen lab at duke. All information at:

  42. There's just one thing I'm a littlebit confused about and I just need to confirm or disconfirm this question: I have had cold sores before, so HSV1 I presume. The cold sores haven't been disastrous and super duper painful, but it's quite sore and definitely uncomfortable. Now, question: You said I can transfer herpes from mouth to genitals, but is that only during outbrakes or can I transfer my mouth herpes/cold sores to genitals (or mouth for that matter) when not having an outbreak? 'Preciate it!

  43. Ok people, if this 5-word side note on homeopathy was the reason for all this uproar, it's kind of ridiculous.  

  44. I guess I'm piling on… But did you just advocate a homeopathic remedy for herpes?

    This… This is shocking. How can we trust your advise and expertise when you're openly advocating for non-scientific quackery?

    This makes me rethink the rest of what I've "learnt" from this channel.

  45. As someone who has HSV1&2 I can tell you in the community where we all talk to eachother we suggest homeopathic remedies to help with things like pain and to de stress the nervous system that is all she is saying that anything like chamomile tea or relaxing baths or like she said healthy food helps relax you and since HSV hides in the nerves it is best to keep them calm. That is all she is saying how is that bad? I really don't hear her saying homeopathic remedies are to be used as cures. It's like when you are congested they say take a hot shower or breathe in steam. Or when you are sick they say bundle up and sleep drink water load up on vitamin C. When you have a sore throat use honey, gurgle salt water, eat chocolate, or eat marshmallows. Those are all homeopathic remedies.

  46. I have heard that it is a good idea to wash after sex to prevent transmission of sti and I have heard that it won't make a bit of difference. Which is true?

  47. @sexplanations at 1:21, you gave the options of naturopathy and homeopathy to treat herpes. The efficacy and safety of these remedies has not been widely proven, why do you bring these up as options for medicine?

  48. Dr. doe, please tell me that you do not believe in homeopathic medicine, and that you support science.

  49. For those of you getting really mad about Dr. Doe's suggestion of homeopathic remedies, there have actually been some studies that show improvement with their use for herpes. University of Maryland Medical center references some studies and affects here: and webmd has info and studies here: The bottom line is to always consult with your doctor and do your research looking at studies that have promising signs. No homeopathy is not going to cure herpes but one study showed that an ointment containing propolis (a waxy substance made by bees) healed sores faster than the placebo or even the antivirus drug acyclovir and researchers have found that two fungi Prunella Vulgaris and Rozites caperata contain herpes fighting chemicals. Homeopathy on the whole I agree can be full of folk remedies that don't help. Scientist tried using ecinachea as many people with herpes said it helped and found it made no difference. I understand your concerns and this channel makes me appreciate how much people want to teach and be involved. It's really cool for me to see as I'm only now starting to learn about this stuff and become more sex positive. But home remedies are akin to the advice to just keep your stress levels down and avoiding certain foods. There are things we can do or take that don't need to be capsulized in a lab. Don't get me wrong the range of stuff you can do or take is probably not what a lot of homeopaths say and the benefits will probably be minimal, but to entirely rule it out and call it "quackery" as many of you have been is to actually dismiss some promising research that needs support and expansion.

  50. Hey Lindsey, regardless of the ph of the foods you consume, the ph of your blood is constant. If the ph was not controled by your body, proteins would fold differently and ph sensitive chemical reactions would be affected. This would breakdown metabolic processes. As a result, your liver processes your blood to maintain the required ph. Also, water is not alkaline, it should be mostly neutral unless it is contaminated or has high amounts of dissolved CO2 which would make it acidic. Most of the claims of people who advocate the "alkaline" diet are pseudoscience at best and a fraud at worst. Thank you for sharing knowledge and keep up the good work.

  51. I was living with herpes for about 6 years but there was a time I was almost commit sucidie, this terror has really struck me big time as a result of extreme stress. It is in my brain causing constant pounding and messing with my sight and it has made me deaf in my right ear. It tingles at the base of my spine all the time and messes hugely with my bowel function. My right leg is numb and I can&#039t sleep at night because of the symptoms. It was really hell on earth. I tried everything including Resolve mentioned at the hospital. I think it was helping initially but it certainly did not get rid of the virus. I saw two integrative doctors this year who activated this virus horrendously, one by giving me ultra violet blood irritation. This virus is activated by ultra violet light so stay out of hot sun and don&#039t eat nuts as somebody suggested. They are packed with Arginine. Eat lots of greens and low arginine, high lysine foods. If you have the money and you don't believe in Herbal herbs By Dr Abiola who saved me from this disease or you don't seems to believe my story, I would suggest treatment like Vit C IV drips with other things like B12, Selenium, magnesium, zinc. Then pray and pray, and I can assure you that it will not get rid of the virus, I Tired it myself, I gave hope for a while until I came in contact with DR Abiola who was really God sent, Dr Abiola is a herbalist bless with root and herbs that I can tell for myself, He prepared the herbal medicine which cure me of this virus and also cream that I used to rub the point of the outbreak and it clear it off, Please I love advice anyone out there to contact Dr Abiola and I assure you that you will be cured, I finally feel like I have a purpose in life and want to continue LIVING! I hope all of you wonderful people out there never give up hope like I did for so long!!! NEVER GIVE UP! Contact him Via email at: ( [email protected] )

  52. Hello Dr Doe, love your videos! I have a question. Any advice or information on acne in the genital area? No ON the genitals but around between legs etc. Sometimes very painful. Any help would be terrific!

  53. Nothing stops herpes. Nothing!
    Most people are only aware of herpes being a "thing" because some pharmaceutical companies realized they could make money out of shaming people for it. It is often said that the worst side effect of herpes is not the sores, its the social stigma. The pharmaceuticals couldn't come up with a cure, so they came up with a way of reducing symptoms instead.
    Do you know what placebos are really REALLY good at? Reducing symptoms but not curing the underling problem.
    What is homeopathy? One powerful fucking placebo.
    Sexplanations and being sex positive is not about shaming people. So here is what you should take from this video:
    Herpes is not a big deal,
    (practically) everyone has it.
    And you can reduce the symptoms in a number of ways,
    Do what is best for you.

  54. i am not entirely sure anymore i have a memory of my grandma kissing a open wound while she had what i believe to be a cold sore and i remember a couple of herpes looking outbreaks but only 2 or three but i have done and had a lot of things that she had said triggers an outbreak and no outbreaks accure i have been told i have it and told i don't bye the same people but my family wont let me consult a medical professional and the wont give me a straight answer i had an outbreak of a yellowish blister on my pinky after an aparent large amounts of flea bites on my hands and a bunch appeared on my elbow but they were almost a yellowish brown and i had these yellowish blister things appear in my left hands palm right below my fingers id also like to note i searched up herpes looked at images and they appear to not match my memory but i could be wrong

  55. i have had it since i was 24 and i am now 52 and she did a good job of explaining it i had to have the talk with some partners and most of them were understanding of it but it does make dating more difficult. my exwife told me that she didnot tell her partners about it she just used condoms. she could not belive that i would tell all of my possible partners about it when i first met them.

  56. Hi Lindsay, thank you for your videos I enjoy them tremendously. I have just watched your videos on herpes, Where were you when I was 25 .!!! I was in the Navy at the time and I caught a very viralent strain, it caused an out break every three to four weeks,and it was so bad that you could actually see a string of blisters following a nerve along the shaft. Not to brag(believe me nothing to brag about) there are several photos in the naval medical manual. Along with a description of how the helped me to reduce the out brakes to a more manageable level. Get this they induced a low level of smallpox, complete with all the fever etc. Well it worked. And a lot of reading on my part. Anyway keep it up sweetheart , your way of passing information is easy to take in and maybe some of them will listen.

  57. Really the difference of telling someone they have herpes and not keeps transmittation from 60 day to 270 days ? So basically if one gets in a long term relationship with someone who has it, it's going happen ? Is that really something meaningful ?

  58. Hey Doc, does this mean that you can't kiss your significant other without infecting her or him? Is there a way to lessen the chances of spreading it through kissing? I can't imagine enjoying kissing through saran wrap…

  59. Hello! First time posting or commenting on YouTube. I thought this important enough to share here. A 2003 research study determined that peppermint essence oil, either kills 90+% the herpes virus or stops outbreaks. Link to the research study here:


    I recently got a "cold sore" outbreak and went to the Internet to search for remedies. I found several websites with home remedies, but only one with a link to the previously mentioned research. I went to the pharmacy, got the peppermint essence oil and applied it a couple of times throughout the day with a Q-Tip on the affected area. By the next day the blisters were healed, (like completely dry, not yellow, not inflammation), just a barely visible red tint left. It might not work for everyone, but it worked for me, and it has a scientific study to back it up. Thanks for your efforts and this channel! =]

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