Protecting Our Nation: Pandemic Influenza Vaccine Facility

Today we celebrate another major step in what
the human race can achieve. And it’s good news. It’s good news not just for Texas A&M,
it’s not just good news for this community, not just for this state, but as you’ve heard
from multiple speakers it’s good news for the world. Welcome to the Texas A&M University
Health Science Center campus and this site dedication for the Texas A&M Center for Innovation
in Advanced Development and Manufacturing, a public-private partnership between the U.S.
Department of Health and Human Services, Texas A&M, and our key and vital collaborators GlaxoSmithKline
and Kalon Biotherapeutics. The Texas A&M Center for Innovation composed of capabilities developed
both by the State of Texas, and by the federal government is a key and essential element
to our nation’s defense. Today we stand before and dedicate the cornerstone of our center,
the Pandemic Influenza Vaccine Facility, which will defend the nation against ever-present
and existential threat of pandemic influenza. Anyone watching the nightly news realizes
that we are living in a dangerous world, one filled with new threats and challenges. Attacks
to our homeland continue to evolve, the ability to confront biologic threats from enemies
who wish us harm is every bit as important as national defense such as tanks, fighter
planes and aircraft carriers. This facility that’s being built represents part of the
infrastructure we thought of to actually address the goal so that every person in this country
could have a vaccine dose in a pandemic in enough time to protect them. This is not a
Texas event, this is not a U.S. event, this is a global event. If you give bright and
visionary people the freedom and the opportunity to pursue their dreams good things will happen.
The fact is, good things are going to occur in the State of Texas and the world for generations
to come because of what has occurred on this campus in the past decade.

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