PROVEN VIDEO How to Cure a Weak Urine Stream and Enlarged Prostate

PROVEN VIDEO How to Cure a Weak Urine Stream and Enlarged Prostate

How to cure a weak urine stream and enlarged prostate naturally week Iran strain and enlarged prostate
naturally so what you learned today is what causes a week around stream what
you can do to fix the problem they can prevent it ever happening again and how
I heal myself with world outs and flexes which is my secret little recipe along
with the miracle cure what causes a week your own strength
tylenol the men it is a enlarged prostate that this is the prostate gland
of a normal healthy male that may be enlarged prostate here usually guys
watch it 40 45 years of age the prostate will start to enlarge naturally is what
the doctors tell us but personal things got a lot to do with what you eat and
drink so what causing large prostate here is a picture you can see the guy on
the right there young fellow he’s got he’s fine he’s gonna drink as well and
his you’re on coming out beautifully gentleman on the left here he’s got a
few issues if you can say hey can you fix your enlarged prostate tired fruit
and vegetables lots of fruit and veggies really important exercise you could walk
or jog for these 20 minutes they do something fishy water sunshine just so
important to get outside ok hey we’re here with my prostate
cancer naturally this is my secret road is recipe and it is absolutely fantastic
this really did get my prostate back to its normal size one ball rolled oats that’s the recipe there for you and some
flax seeds lemon squeezing the odds teaspoon of wheat germ oil lately either
not if you possibly can is prepared flavored overnight add some water in the
morning and boiling water at the border to the ball sturdy and I put a banana
and some coconut water on top to make it tastes really really delicious that is my number one secret recipe the
second one the miracle QR click on the link in the description below to watch
the video you really you won’t regret that that is just as good as the rolled
oats basically same what healed me along with this miracle cure these two things
will cure anything for you to go straight to the miracle cure video which
is it will just blow your mind please click on the link below in the
description had they have a look at that thanks so
much for watching really appreciated if you like the video please give us a
thumbs up I love seeing your thumbs and leave a
comment below and don’t forget please click on the link in the description for
the miracle cure video i’ll see you on the next video have a fantastic day

74 Replies to “PROVEN VIDEO How to Cure a Weak Urine Stream and Enlarged Prostate”

  1. hi what to do to make a person that is on dialysis to urine , he's urine is going and only urine drops thank you

  2. @Smiling Body Smiling mind: Great video but oats are too acidic for me and I hate to be picky but when you say "something" There is no K at the end, it is something not somethinK 1:10,

  3. Kevin, thank you for posting your video.  I'm going to buy the ingredients tonight and begin tomorrow morning.  It's been a tough battle and it's wearing me down.  I'm grateful for your video and will keep on battling.  Thanks, Kevin!

  4. Here's the 24 hours fix …. Slice lime thin and hot water to the lime with green tea add 2 or 3 teaspoons of Maple syrup… Don't eat breakfast … Drink 5 cups throughout the day.
    Make sure you keep the skin of the lime in the tea. Cut back on red meat… Done! Look for serious improvement in 36 to 48 hours. 🙏🏾 I forgot to add virgin cold pressed coconut oil…

  5. If both aspirin and ginger are anti-inflammation agents, can we insert these into our butts to reduce inflammation of the prostrate?

  6. What's the point of leaving the bowl with rolled oats and flax seeds overnight before adding boiling water? The juice of one lemon can hardly be enough to soak the rolled oats?

  7. Thank for sharing. Enlarged prostate can be cured by herbal medicine called diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill. The herbs in the pill can work effectively in the inflammation. It's a new treatment option.

  8. The "Miracle Cure" video does not seem to be available.  Is it critical to the oatmeal and what is it?  Most oatmeal needs to be boiled for 5 minutes.  Should you to that first?  I'll try it tomorrow morning.

  9. Hello Kevin . . . thanks for continued responses to my comments.  Since I've been putting your ingredients in my blender, today I ground up the flax seeds first, which changes it to a powder and makes it more digestible.  I also mix various fruits, especially frozen raspberries to flavor it.  My thought is that since I'm 71, the growth has had more time to develop, so it may take longer to reverse things.  One question:  Did it increase your libido and sexual function also?  I do like using the blender which also makes it easier to drink.



  10. There is a free and fun way to increase urine stream. Have an orgasm. Seriously, it works. How i have no idea but it DOES!

  11. When you followed the Miracle Cure protocol did you go to 25 drops then back down to 3? Or did you stay at 25 for a few weeks?

  12. proven….u have spoiled a good video with your artificial accent. Pl don't pretend to be European and be natural with moderate speed for god sake.


  14. if you are able to answer this rapidly i would much appreciate it. im only 21 y old and have enlargment.. no idea from what reason.. medication didnt help. and i work out a lot regardless.. in my diet i consume black coffee on a regular bassis and protein powder.. also i eat a lot of meat and so on. what exactly can i do to fix it? the information you provided in the video above or other link? thanks and much regards

  15. Well Kevin, it's been about two months of taking our suggested brew and while I don't want to declare "victory," I think I'm urinating more easily in the middle of the night.  I don't like the side effects of the night time meds I'm supposed to take; nasal congestion especially, so I'm hoping this will continue to improve urination issues and beyond regarding my prostate.  I actually pulverize the oats in a blender, then add the seeds, which also get mostly ground up instead of the lemon juice soak all night.  Then I pour out all the pulverized oats, etc. and then blend the fruit, almond milk, oil and return the oats to that in the blender.  That way I can do it all in the morning and not have to soak it.  I'll keep you posted on the results on me, a 71 and 3/4 yr. old.



  16. Hello Kevin,

    I'm still preparing my concoction every morning and it continues to enable me to pee at night. I wish I could say that I wasn't consuming milk. Maybe that will occur with time.

    I'm writing because I'm curious where you found this combination of ingredients for this. Can you tell me? Was it someone medical, or someone who learned via hearsay?

    There's a program on PBS about senior olympics. It's really interesting. There are people who are still accomplishing things like pole vaulting at 86 and a tennis player who is over 100!

    Have a good day.

    Richard in San Francisco

  17. Hello Kevin . . . I wanted to share some changes I made to this remedy that, in my opinion make it more flavorful. I now take two tablets of wheat germ oil, which eliminates that not very pleasant taste. I also use a couple table spoons of honey, which I believe you had already suggested and I grind the oats and flax seeds separate in a blender, then add them after I've ground the berries and bananas. I've also just adding water to the mixture instead of coconut or almond milk which saves money and makes it little thinner, which I prefer. Finally, I purchase frozen mostly blue berries which are less expensive than fresh.

    These changes don't seem to negatively affect the result and make it much more palatable. Do you think these changes, particularly eliminating the lemon juice soak are counter productive?



  18. I am only 53 and have been taking prostate crap for about 2 years and couldn't go ONE day without it or I would be in severe pain in my willy and I came on youtube for a natural remedy, I have been taken raw pumpkin seeds and 100% cranberry juice and have not had one pill for 2 months now, I also have severe osteoarthritis froma motorctycle injury and was hardly able to walk because of a new job with 12 hr shifts, I have been on tumeric for the same period and NO PAIN!!!really, Also was taking an anti acid pill for 20 yrs and I had acid so bad I had to call 911 several times, but the crap ( tenac?) was giving me was killing my stomach, I went on line switched to decaf added parsley and oats to my diet and no more acid, DR.S today are full of [email protected]#$!!!!! thanks for the vid I will know add flaxseed to my diet as well, cheers

  19. 4 Giant table spoons of tomato paste every morning. (Lycopene) will shrink your prostate and will stop 4 or 5 trips to the bathroom every night. I've had this problem for years but not anymore.

  20. I just recommended this to an older friend with my modifications. I hope he has the time and energy to do it. He's 81, I believe.

  21. Flax seeds are not suppose to be good for you because it lowers testosterone levels ….high estrogen levels is a major player which is bad for men…. environmental pollution of estrogen has lowered fertility rates and caused other problems in men and male animals

  22. With regard to enlarged prostate, shrinking it is not easy. A recipe or supplement that works for one may not work for others. Currently, the only proven way to shrink your prostate is to undergo a procedure called prostate artery emobilization. This procedure shrinks your prostate without a surgery.

  23. WHAT ENLARGES PROSTATE is the lack of orgasm in ejaculation: when most men ejaculate it's usually pleasurable, BUT some pleasure is neither enough nor normal. There shud be ORGASM, which means ENORMOUS PLEASURE and totally relaxes the prostate and the body. NOBODY, NO DOCTORS want to touch this subject b/c it is not popular and they themselves do not understand it. You must experience the difference yourself to know what I'm talking about, otherwise you will dismiss this as baloney. It is not. Also, I'm not proposing an easy solution here; I am goingTO THE VERY ROOT OF THE PROBLEM. An experienced RN (nurse).

  24. Outback eye smoothies: Hey Kevin . . . I'm going to start a smoothie drink for 21 days to improve vision. Let me know if you're interested, though you may be too young to be concerned about your vision.

  25. Hello Kevin . . . I continue to use your remedy, as i said before with some modifications. I grind the oats and flax seed, then add them after I have blended the banana, blue berries, then a pill of wheat germ oil after. But that's not why I dropping a note. The remedy seems to be less effective when I urinate later in the night which could be due to ageing. I'm 73 now. Yikes! Since you're dealing with life's realities, I recently was having significant knee pain to the point of embarrassment; doesn't make you feel "young" in any way, even though in many other ways I'm exceptionally youthful. Online I found a supplement for joint pain Heal-n-Soothe. Wow! It worked really well and the first bottle is free, BUT then I happened to be allergic to a couple ingredients. Developed overall body itch without rash AND vocal hoarseness; serious problems since I am a professional singer and voice teacher. I had to stop and am now in exploration for another. The most recent works, but not as well, so I'm still searching. Heal-n-Soothe amazed me how quickly it worked and my knees felt like I had cushions supporting them. You probably don't have this issue yet, but I thought you might be interested. Peace! Richard

  26. This video has wrong title. It doesent work if u have normal enlarged prostate… im 27 and i had this for 9 years now still problems

  27. When do hoy eat ir un they morning ir evening! Mi name is Daniel and i heve Bren watching tour videos from Rosarito baja California México! Greetings!

  28. Hello Kevin . . . are you still using the blueberry/oat, etc. smoothie? I've been blending my almost every day since we communicated a couple years ago, so I thought I'd check in. I had decreased my finasteride pill to half, but felt I might need the full pill and have been using it again and thinking it might be affect my sexual drive. What's happening with you?

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