Psoriasis ” Pothu kabara ” Ayurvedic treatment sri lanka…. Dr H.A.A Hapugaspitiya

Psoriasis ” Pothu kabara ” Ayurvedic treatment sri lanka…. Dr H.A.A Hapugaspitiya

Doctor what is this Psoriasis? This is a disease which makes body Distorted and this comes on the skin. When someone gets this disease it will appear like a rash on the body. And when you itch this, rash will produce a something similar to a powder. This disease also harm to your inside body too. First of all this will affect to calcium deficiency. Because of this disease patient also can get in to Bone decay, nail decay, Arthritis, joint pain and likewise. This skin disease going to inside the body and can increase your mental stress. Doctor what are the reasons for this disease? This disease can come genetically. Even if someone’s grandfather has psoriasis, there’s a possibility to come to that person also. There’s a high temperature inside these patients. This illness occurs when this temperature is not balanced. This disease starts from intestines in the body and as first it will appear on patient’s head. After that this disease spread through the body. Sometimes stench comes from these patients. The patient becomes very unhappy. Ayurveda has strong drugs to relieve this. Most of these medicines are from India. Doctor is there possibility to cure Psoriasis completely? Actually from our treatments we can cure those patients. For most patients, the first month heals more than 60 percent. We can cure completely, but patient has to follow our instructions. Taking warm foods is very big mistake for this disease. And also alcohol. Doctor your treatments are very popular among patients, what is the reason? What is the specialty of your medicines? I have to explain the way I got knowledge about those medicines. My father is a doctor who has a degree about Indian Ayurveda medicines. What he learnt about those medicines came from our generation to generation. Only we can produce these drugs. No one can buy those medicines in any place. We are the only one who provides and apply these medicines to patients. That is our special. Doctor are there any side effects with your medicines? There is no any side effect with our medicines. But alcohol can make these medicines useless. And alcohol reduces the power of our treatments. That’s all. Doctor how many patients completely cured from your medicines? I have treated many patients. Can be ten thousand. Alcohol is the only reason for men cannot heal. I have cured many patients who don’t use alcohol. For some patients these drugs are expensive. Patients who don’t use alcohol, who use my medicines and instructions continuously get cure immediately. Doctor what is the last message for patients who suffering from this disease? Patients can get cured through Ayurveda medicines. But Ayurveda medical methodology becomes lost because of doctors who don’t have knowledge about ayurwedic medicines. There are some doctors who take blood from patients and again inject that blood to patients. This Ayurveda get degeneration because of those things. This is my message, western medical methodologies can’t cure patient completely, but those doctors try to release these patients mental stress. And one last thing is stay away from fake doctors who provides fake Ayurveda advices and treatments. I’m from Weragattota; Kandy.I had Psoriasis on my back of head. And I tried many places for treatments around the island. After that I saw an article in Diwaina newspaper. And met this doctor. And now I’m getting healthy. I’m taking treatment from last 3 months. And from the first month it gets heal more than 60%. And still I’m taking medicines. Doctor told me that I only need treatments for only a month. I was in a very mentally stress due to this disease. If you also a patient who suffering from Psoriasis visit here and take medicines. Meet the doctor Ananda Hapugaspitiya. You can cure Psoriasis completely.

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  1. His treatement is ok but there is side effect which A patient is getting fat and stretch marks he has no cure.

  2. amoma kiyanne thamangen witharai hoda karaganna puluwn kiyala .apith yanawa itin hoda wenn naa

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