PVA: Nasyam (Nose cleansing) Ayurveda treatment

PVA: Nasyam (Nose cleansing) Ayurveda treatment

In Nasyam we are putting medicines inside the nostrils through a special procedure. It is very cooling for the head and mind. It is usually used for: Facial Paralysis, Lock Jaw, Neck pain, Sinusitis, Rhinitis, Asthma, Hairfall, Graying of hair, etc. It produces strength to shoulder and neck and increases memory power and intelligence. It is good for teeth and gums, and the skin becomes smooth. It improves the functions of sense organs. It is useful for all diseases of head and neck. This is one of the treatments for paralysis of upper lips.

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  2. I did, and actually I had it done at PVA. It helped with my long term sinuses problem, I was able to smell and taste again. So I highly recommend that type of treatment 🙂

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  4. Fortunately I discovered this nasal polyps treatment method “Fαfοnzα TD” (Google it), and that I immediately started viewing advancements. Within a few days my polyps were visibly shrinking and also the head aches and stuffy nose were long gone. Right after three weeks the polyps were no longer visible and now, Five months down the road, they haven`t returned.

  5. my mom is suffering from arthritis which is very painful in knee even cant walk.so pls sir suggest me what should i do..pls cooperate me

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