Quick Ayurvedic Laddu Recipe | Home Remedy for Many Ailments Like Eye Sight, Knee Pain,

Quick Ayurvedic Laddu Recipe  | Home Remedy for Many Ailments Like Eye Sight, Knee Pain,

Today we are going to make Ayurveda Laddu These laddu gets ready in less time with very less cooking and has tremendous benefits like improving eye sight, boost memory power, and subside knee pain Various benefits of theses laddu’s are mentioned in the description box. Roast 1 cup almonds in a pan at medium flame for 2 minutes Take them out Roast 1 cup of fennel seeds at medium flame for 2 minutes Take them out too Let them cool down and then grind to a fine powder Take this powder in a big bowl Grind 1/2 cup black pepper to a fine powder and add in a bowl Grind 1 cup sugar crystal to fine powder and add in a bowl Mix all these ingredients Take jaggery (100- 150 gms) and 1 tablespoon clarified butter. Microwave to soften the jaggery and mix Add this to the mixture and mix well Add 1 tablespoon of clarified butter and mix well and make balls On having one laddu every night before going to bed with warm milk regularly will show tremendous benefits Like, Subscribe & Share Thanks for watching

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  1. its great and was searching such type of recipe it gives wonderful results as my grandmom used to prepare for herself and other family members I lost this recipe but thanks that you provided this very ancient recipe with great help to whole family

  2. I tried this and I was very impressed. Its spicy and it taste a little like licorice. For a recipe that is healthy and tasty, its a keeper.

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  4. I noticed you powdered the sugar crystals. So instead of using sugar crystals, can we use powdered sugar or confectioner's sugar? Are they the same thing or these are crystals that are sold in Indian stores?

  5. For kids this recipe is spicy because of black pepper so for kids we have another recipe given below.
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  6. Mixing anything is not Ayurveda.. don't fool d people.. and how it's going to regulate menstruation.. this will increase bleeding during periods..

  7. Hi Mam, I have a pcos will this work for pcos. I made this ladoo today and it's tasty .Does mishri good for pcos? Pls let me know.

  8. Thank you so much for this recipe sister. Can you post more videos if you know about fertility, I want to have bby, tried everything, please help if you can. Thank you

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