Rajan Sankaran talks homeopathy

Rajan Sankaran talks homeopathy

I come from a homeopathic background my father was a homeopathy he was originally a modern medical practitioner but he developed a very bad illness which couldn’t be helped with any treatment at that time so he happened to go to a homeopathy reluctantly much against his belief and with a single dose he got completely cured and he said it was as if my old blood was removed and fresh blood was put into my veins and that was the moment of his conversion he studied homeopathy actually in England he studied in the Royal London Hospital and he practiced there and I was born five years after he started to practice homeopathy so I have been with it from my childhood and I have seen some really amazing cures of people through him this was very inspirational and also the confidence with which he practiced was impressive so when I had to find a career for myself I was interested in doing this I think more than understanding the subject it was a part of our home homeopathy was a part of it I remember an incident where my mother developed acute appendicitis she had high fever she had tenderness in the iliac fossa and she had vomiting he had classical signs of appendicitis and my father was to leave the next day morning for a teaching assignment in another part of the country and I asked him I was eight or nine at that time I asked him how would he go you know leaving her like this he said no worries it’s only 12:00 in the afternoon today by evening she will be fine and she was fine so that these are the things that made an impression because he was so sure what he was doing and he any kind of case homeopathy is a most effective and beautiful system of medicine that has the potential to heal very very difficult conditions there is only one little drawback and that is its beauty lies in understanding the individuality of the patient and the art lies in selecting the exact remedy for the patient the more exact it is the quicker and the more deeper and the more profound the effect is going to be so there is not really a choice between one and the other remedy but the choice is how does the homeopathy go into and perceive the individuality of the person and select the exact remedy this is the art and this art depends upon individual practitioners it is not like you know you have diabetes so you take insulin this does not work we have discovered new methodologies in order to take and analyze cases and we have developed many systems which make the homeopathic prescription much more consistent and result oriented so the progress that has been done now we need to reach this to the homeopathy trained them in these new and modern tech methodologies and then we will see that there is more consistency and more results with homeopathy the more evidence we have the more training we do and the more results that we are able to produce will speak for themselves that the reason why despite all this what has criticism that homeopathy has faced it still survives and it grows more in many countries that I’ve been to homeopathy is only growing and in newer countries it is being introduced like in Japan or in East Europe or things like that it is only growing and growing and growing we need to work on our own healing systems why is yoga why is Deepak Chopra’s book why is meditation why is other forms of natural healing getting so popular and also seen as being effective because people realize it and I think the healing should come from within the approach of homeopathy is the problem is not outside it is inside of you heal that and I think this is slowly coming into human consciousness so I think that we will come to a point where natural healing internal healing will become the primary mode of treatment and modern medicine will have its scope in medical and surgical emergencies which are actually the end results of the disease which starts far far before in the human economy itself in homeopathy we treat the patient as a whole and as an individual that means ten different patients of asthma will receive ten completely different remedies based on who the person is how does he react to various factors outside how does he think how does he feel how does he sleep how does he eat and homeopathy is so fantastically scientific that in our area medica each remedy we have four thousand remedies and each remedy has been tested on healthy human beings volunteers the symptoms have been recorded in such accurate detail there is no room for theory there is no room for any kind of concept it just the patient tells you exactly I get up in the morning and I feel a headache that goes from here to here and it is better from pressure this is the detailing of the symptoms that we elicit from the patient and look which remedy in our entire materia medica has those exact details and that remedy heals the patient through the law of homeopathy which is called the law of similars which means a remedy can cure somebody whose symptoms matches the effect of the remedy itself

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  1. I love homeopathy and can't get enough of it. Thank you for sharing this video… it's a step people need to be familiar with it and spread this wonderful system.
    I can see that Homeopathy is a very creative system (an art in itself) and I'm learning well that it's something I should have known and done a long time ago…so, no thanks to those who suppressed such knowledge (would have avoided premature deaths and sufferings that are so rampant in this world).

  2. There is no repeatable high quality studies that can show homeopathy has any effect other than the placebo effect. There is no plausible mechanism for it to work.

    If you can prove that it works, then do the JREF Million Dollar Challenge.

  3. Excelent lecture sir homoeopathy ek devine science hai practice karna sabke bas ki bat nahi aalochana koibhi kar sakta hai

  4. Last year, I was suffering from a lump formation very exactly present on the centre of my back. Severe pain associated with fever I had to do all my routine physically by myself …., besides I was taking care of my beloved bed-ridden mummy. Initially, I opted for Allopathy treatment in Government General Hospital. There, Dr. gave me medicines for 3 days and applied injection also. A week was let off with Allopathy medicines after my 2nd visit for treatment…., There was no sign of relief……Dr. advised me to be ready for surgery dispensing….., for that I should bring one of my close relatives or somebody who can take care of me during post-operation period at Hospital. My request to the Doctor by explaining my family's pathetic situation didn't yield any favour to admit me for surgery operation ….! Hence, I sought one of my very close friends' help who is residing about 140 kms from my town. He also was having hour by hour commitments and can't spare any hour for any other matter which I was well aware of that ….! He suggested me to go for Homeopathic Treatment immediately citing very similar case of mine was treated successfully by Homeopathic medicines. He also indicated to me that I should patiently to undergo this Homeopathic Treatment as it would take about 2 months time to get full cure. For me no other options left, I approached Homeopathic Dr. in the same Hospital. Homeopathic Dr. very prudently analysed my case very properly, genuinely, nicely ……! He prescribed and provided me Homeopathic medicines of about 50 days course then and there….! Being Government. Hospital, service and medicines are provided at free of cost. I had Homeopathic medicines with a belief of good recovery ….., in about 40 days consumption of Homeopathic medicines I could realize the betterment in my health and to my great surprise the lump was vanished …….! Thank God….! My royal salute to Dr.Honyman who is the Father of Homeopathy, the Dr. Rangarajan, who treted me and to my beloved friend Mr.K.Booopathy who suggested me to undergo Homeopathic Treatment. Now, I am undergoing Homeopathic treatment for my Thrombosed Hemorrhoid (External Piles) in the same Hospital. Hope, soon, I will get good relief from Piles! Homeopathic Treatment should be the first choice for any diseases in the stage before the disease become acute….., as the relief can be faster if treatment taken in the initial stage itself ….! My wish is that Homeopathic Treatment should get rapid growth world wide. Thanks a lot, sir!

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