Randi overdosing on homeopathic sleeping pills

Randi overdosing on homeopathic sleeping pills

copia now what does coffee oh actually it actually means coffee beans not even caffeine which could be powerful you seem to take a lot of it but it’s extract of coffee beans there’s still a fragment of that the tiniest percentage of that is actually category but how many pills human there is you say 140 oh my goodness I’ve got a log eating your head at me oh yes you have to break the tab off yes all right it’s Big Uglies and inside we find a little bit of no no the pills are right here holds your monstrous pills all right would you for some of them into my hand please no thank you all right I’ve got one two three seven eight nine ten I was about 21 or 22 tablets in there how do I need a head little water here this is not help me Oh Patrick water I’m about to ingest these because I’ve seen what the nosey gives out yeah 250 milligrams per tablet of the extract so the caffeine is a tiny fraction of that you’re supposed to take four pills a day four pills a day and most of these labels will say on of you look closely be sure to call your poison control center if you overdose like saw I don’t need much job she’s laughing about dying this is obviously all right all right what’s your insurance though what’s your insurance number two I’m very old all right doctor thank you very much I’ve got to keep those could I have some do another senator tomorrow thank you very much round of applause

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  1. a entire audience watches James Randi attempt his suicide by ingesting an enormous amount of sleeping pills, instead of rushing to his aid they sit back and laugh, why because thy so called sleeping pills are nothing more then diluted coffee beans

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