Recognizing implantation symptoms

Recognizing implantation symptoms

– When you’re trying
to conceive naturally, it can be pretty hard not to start testing if you’re pregnant like after the day you tried, pretty much, right? Well, in this video,
I am going to give you the symptoms of implantation
so that you can keep busy and hold off till 13 days past ovulation. And play detective to see if an egg has implanted or not. (lighthearted music) Hello, lovelies, and welcome
to another one of my videos. In which I’ll be teaching you how to recognize implantation symptoms because there are quite a few. As for ovulation and conception, this little fertilized egg travels down the fallopian tube to your womb. And there, it implants and hangs out for the next nine months, right? But that takes about 6 to 10 days until I can actually implant, and it can happen as late
as day 11 and day 12. However, our bodies show symptoms of when implantation happens, and I want to tell you exactly
what those symptoms are. The first is chart dip and
second rise in temperature. So, a lot of people when
they start their work day, they might be scrolling
through Instagram or Facebook, not me, I scroll through the charts of my patients on Kindara. Yeah, nerdy, right (laughs)? But I just love to see where everybody is, and if they are just about to
enter their fertile window, I want to cheer them on. If they are past ovulation and I see their temperatures go up, I also cheer them on, and say, “Great, your temperatures look great.” But then, for me, the cherry on the pie? Sorbet, whatever, the
cherry on the something for me is obviously when I can see from a chart that somebody’s pregnant. And some charts, nobody will
see as pregnancy charts. But because I’ve seen so many,
for me, it’s like, pregnant. But there is a specific thing
that you can see, as well, and don’t need to be a
fertility homeopath for to recognize that there
is a pregnancy going on, and that is the implantation dip. And I will show you down here what a chart looks like with a
beautiful implantation dip. I asked my patient if
I could show it to you because it looks so good. And you see that her implantation dip is at nine days past ovulation, and that is really the most common day. Eight, nine, 10 days past ovulation. But as I said, it can happen anywhere from six days until 10,
and even 11 and 12 days. When an egg implants, our
temperatures can really plummet, and you can see that
because after ovulation, your temperature goes up all the time. And if you suddenly have this huge dip, and afterwards, it goes up again, then that is very likely
an implantation dip. And that’s especially the
case if after that dip, your temperature goes higher
than after the ovulation bit. That is what we call a triphasic chart, because there are three
phases, tri, three. The first phase is pre-ovulation, after that is after ovulation, and after that is after implantation. Researching the internet, I saw that there are some statistics about that it happens to maybe
only 25% of the cases. So, if you don’t get a beauty spot like this implantation
dip, don’t worry about it. But if you do have it, then
that’s a good sign, missy. The second implantation symptom is something that I see
all over the internet, in all the fertility
communities on Facebook, in all the forums, and that
is implantation bleeding. Implantation bleeding, from what I read, seems to be the holy grail. A lot of women want to
see implantation bleeding because it makes them feel
like they are really pregnant. The sad thing, in my opinion though, is that sometimes women will
actually start their period, and they still hold onto hope when all the signs are there
that they’re not pregnant. So, again, like with the implantation dip, don’t hold onto this
implantation bleeding too much. It does happen more often than with the implantation dip on your chart, about one to three women, but again, two out of three women never
get implantation bleeding. Here’s how you can tell the difference between implantation
bleeding and a period. First of all, implantation
bleeding is more like spotting. It’s not actually a flow. So, if you tend to get spotting
before your period anyway, it can be easily confused. However, implantation bleeding will happen around implantation, so it can be as early as
eight days past ovulation. So, a full week before your period starts. If that’s the case, and you
never get spotting then, then that could definitely be a sign that you have implantation
bleeding going on. However, as I said, implantation bleeding can be as late as 12 days past ovulation. So, that’s about two days
before you expect your period. So, if you get implantation bleeding then, it’s hard to distinguish it from a period that might be starting. Another thing you can look at is the quality of the spotting. Implantation bleeding will
never be like a full flow. It won’t be full red, it won’t be ongoing, and there will definitely
not be any clots. It will be more like I suggested
earlier, like spotting. So, it can be a bit brownish tinged. It can be discharge that
has some streaks in it, or it can be pinkish. And it usually doesn’t
last longer than two days. Usually even just a couple
of hours, or just one day. The third thing that can suggest
implantation is cramping. But again, it’s the same as with bleeding. Because if you’re used to getting cramping before your period, then how are you going to distinguish period cramps from
implantation cramps, right? Well, first of all, if you never get cramping
before your period, and especially like a week in advance, or like four days in advance, it could be implantation cramping. And this is because when the embryo implants into the uterine lining, a little bit of blood comes free, and that irritates the uterus, and that’s what causes the cramping. But the cramping is never like you would expect with a period. It’s always mild, and it doesn’t need to
last very long either. It’s important that you know that when it is implantation cramping, that it never gets intenser. It just stays at this mild
low grade twinges maybe. Another way that you can know if you’ve got implantation going on is if you start to develop
pregnancy symptoms. And this can honestly
be a little bit vague. But on the other hand, if
a week before your period, you suddenly get nausea
and you get constipated and you have mega, mega sore boobs like you never had before, then, girl, those can definitely
be pregnancy symptoms. And if you crosscheck them
with an implantation dip or having a triphasic chart and having implantation
spotting slash bleeding, then those could definitely
be early pregnancy signs. Now, if you have nausea
right after ovulation, or you get sore breasts right then, then that has not likely
anything to do with implantation. That has more likely to do with progesterone going up in your body. So, definitely start looking for symptoms around implantation time. Anything that was before that is not likely a sign
of you being pregnant. I think it could be fun and interesting to do a video on early pregnancy symptoms, when you can have them,
what kinds you can have. But if you would like to see that video, let me know in the comments, and then I’ll shoot it for you. And then, lastly, this is
maybe a little bit obvious, but it’s the HcG test,
your home pregnancy test. Usually HcG can be picked
up on a home pregnancy test three to four days after implantation. So, if you did get that beautiful implantation dip on your chart, or you got some symptoms
that made you suggest that you may have had an
implantation going on, three to four days after
that, you can start testing. I usually, however, recommend not to start testing until 13
days past ovulation. But, as I said, in theory, you should be able to
pick up on it earlier if implantation happened
on the early side. And that chart I just showed you, the nine days past
ovulation implantation dip, this lady got a positive
pregnancy test the very next day. Because an implantation dip on your chart is not that common, I also wanted to show you
a chart of a pregnant lady that didn’t have an
implantation dip at all, so that you can feel encouraged. All right, so those are all the implantation symptoms
that you can recognize. But, as I said with all of these symptoms, if you don’t have them, it doesn’t necessarily mean
that you’re not pregnant. There are plenty of women
that have turned out to be pregnant without
having any of these symptoms. Because how else would babies be born without their moms even
knowing they were pregnant? That still stays a mystery to me, but everybody know that that happens. There are entire shows on this phenomenon. However, if you do check the boxes on a couple of these symptoms, then that can give you
some sense of assurance that you will likely soon
get your big fat positive. And if you don’t have these symptoms, then you can kind of get used to the idea that perhaps you need to
be trying another cycle. If you want to know more about how you can support implantation, then definitely head on
over to this playlist. And if you want to know
about natural fertility and how you can boost it,
don’t forget to subscribe, because I bring out new
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you in the next video, bye.

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