Recreation Therapy Licensure Video

Recreation Therapy Licensure Video

My name is Alivia Gok
and I’m a nationally certified Recreation Therapist Recreation Therapy is purposeful, goal-oriented, evidence-based, recreation and leisure activities we take a holistic approach to look at the whole person and help figure out what we can do with that individual to bring them to the
most optimum level of well-being I’m Rodrigo Coronado. I go by Rigo.
I was born in Chile. I recently became a citizen. And I’m 28 years old. 28 years old As you can see I’m in a wheelchair now.
So that happened. Rigo has a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)
that resulted from an auto accident He was actually hit by an 18-wheeler
in North Dakota when he was working Nice job. We’re going to slide this down
because you don’t need a hat Unless you want a hat Rigo: No I don’t I had actually known Rico before his accident so we were friends from high school and And I reached out to his family and just
let him know and them know that I would be More than happy to be a resource and just support them when they were going through this change I had to move from where I used to live to California to come take care of help out with him
and take care of him My whole life changed Rigo: I’m the “Leaning Tower of Rigo Brother: the “Leaning Tower of Rigo?” Recreation therapy licensure is important because when we’re co-treating with other disciplines or when we’re working within an
interdisciplinary treatment team or our patients are going from
one discipline to the next discipline It keeps a continuity of care because all those other disciplines that they’re visiting are licensed We work with those disciplines
on treatment teams all the time in hospitals, in school settings, even in Corrections Recreational therapy helped me
by working on my speech or on my eye movement my hand coordination working out Working with Alivia is awesome He’s over here making faces at me right now Alivia: You feel safe?
Rigo: yeah Alivia: ok, to the side?
Rigo: safe Alivia: ok, to this side?
Rigo: safe Ok Rigo it is imperative that we
get into this harness more frequently Because when you get into this harness you are able to work on your balance independently generally a lot of things that we do together are Figuring out ways that he can get back to a recreation and leisure life that he had before his accident The newest one for him was actually going skiing Highly trained instructors that are not going
to let anything happen to Rigo just like I’m not going to let anything happen to Rigo When Rigo and I are painting together Yes, we’re working on his fine motor skills We’re working on his wrist movements. But really we’re focusing on getting lost in the moment. Just enjoying or being mindful with each paint stroke that we’re taking deep breaths Rigo: Painting makes me feel relaxed Rigo and I love to box together go ahead and relax, take take a deep breath Nice now I can get in that thumb. Alivia: what muscles are we working? Rigo: my arms
Alivia: ok, your arms Rigo: my heart
Alivia: your heart Yeah, you feel like you’re ready for those gloves now. Nice. Okay, let’s get those gloves. Alivia: Alright, you ready? One, two, three. Oh oh, you’re just so quick with it One. Two. because you were going across your body and when you’re going across your body what does that do for your brain? It stimulates the right side Alivia: Woah! It’s important to teach the
next generation about recreation therapy Because the medical field’s always changing.
The way we look at health is always changing and And we need to keep up with that.
We can’t be stuck in what we thought was good What does Recreation therapy mean to you? I want to become a Recreational Therapist to help those in need that need rehabilitation or therapy through play Rec Therapy licensure is important
due to continuity of care, Accountability of treatment,
and safety to the populations we serve Being a veteran I believed Rec Therapy is very important To get other veterans with PTSD and other mental disorders out and out into the community So Recreational Therapy has shown me
that I can do a lot of things. We hope you become you again And that’s why I love Recreation Therapy

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  1. That was such an amazing and well put together video showing what we do! I am totally promoting this on SMART CEUs Hub's social media outlets and in our newsletter! Way to go!!

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