Recreational Therapy fieldwork at Temple University

Recreational Therapy fieldwork at Temple University

We have a lot of different fieldwork
opportunities in the recreational therapy program here at Temple
University. It’s a critical part of our student learning. It’s what allows them
to put into practice what they’re learning in the classroom in that sort
of real-world, real-life setting. And the opportunities are varied, I mean
Philadelphia region gives us this wealth of opportunity for our students. So
they’re able to experience anything from you know an inpatient hospitalized setting
in physical rehab, to an outpatient setting working with adults with
psychiatric disorders, to participating in American Dance Wheels, which is a
dance troupe for people who are wheelchair users. Having a fieldwork experience is that
culminating experience for their education. It brings together, it sort of
connects all the loose ends into this one like “aha” moment of understanding,
this is what I’ve gone to college for. So it allows them to take everything that
they have accomplished across a multitude of classes, pull it all
together and work with people trying to use recreation leisure to change
behavior to improve quality of life and to really lead to that healthy
expression of health and well-being that we really want our clients to have. My name is Valerie Calantuono I am a senior recreational therapy student at
Temple’s College of Public Health. I am serving right now as the senior intern
at PowerBack Rehab Center City. In a typical day I’m conducting assessments,
quality of life assessments, progress noting on how my residents are doing on
a long-term care floor. I’m conducting one-on-one interventions for people that
might not be able to get out of bed or might not want to socialize with other
people in a large group I’ll go to them and we kind of look at, what
brought you joy in the past? What would you like to do now? How can we work
together to achieve that? I’m definitely very hands-on and I’m super grateful for
that because I’m really learning by experience and that’s how I learn best I really value Temple’s faculty as well.
They really push you to pass your comfort zone and they’re always there
for you like a friend, like a support system. So I think just knowing that
someone’s always in your corner these faculty members are so great and I
really value that and it kind of helps you put your best foot forward. When you
feel like you have a good support system, you’re gonna perform better. Obviously classroom education is so needed for this field but I think that
there’s something different that comes from that internship experience or those
volunteer hours. Taking what you learn from class and actually implementing it,
you can really see the value of your work and you know you can always see
facts and statistics in class when you see it in front of you and you kind of
have that “aha” moment, it’s really awesome.

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  1. Thank you for this video! I am also a Recreational Therapy student and I start my internship in the field in June 2019. This video motivates me to continue doing well in my courses.

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