Reduce Blood Urea, Serum Creatinine & Uric Acid by Ayurvedic Treatment – Real Testimonial

Reduce Blood Urea, Serum Creatinine & Uric Acid by Ayurvedic Treatment – Real Testimonial

Hello Sir ! Hello ! I welcome you all to Planet Ayurveda! First of all I would like to know your good names. Raj Kishore Mishra My name is Daljit singh Sir – Heera Singh Yes, thank you! Sir, which places do you all belong to? I have come from Delhi – Sagarpur I have come from Sangroor – Punjab Thank you! Sir, who are patients among you all? Raj Kishore Mishra Daljit singh Okay you two are patients. Sir, what problems made you to consult Dr. Vikram Chauhan? Kidney, blood and urea. Okay so you had kidney problem with low blood count. Yes What problem you had sir? I had problem with creatinine, blood sugar and urea was also very high. Thank you sir Sir, you tell me first, where and all you had your treatment? I consulted govt. hospitals for couple of days. Went to private also here and there. Tried my best but could not solve my problem. Watched all about this on TV so came here. Okay. Sir, how about you? Yes. Where had you been for treatment of your problem? We had treatment from Sangroor…Patiala. Had medicines for 5 months from Patiala but did not find any improvement. Had medicines for a month from here and find very good change. Sir please both of you show your old and new reports. This is my old and new report. Daljit singh… 1.08.2016… Blood Urea – 114 mg % S. Creatinine – 2.8 mg% And uric acid is 6.4 mg % Well, show us latest report Blood urea reduced to – 55 mg % S. creatinine – 2.4 mg% And uric acid also came down to 6.3 mg % Thank you sir. Please show prescription of patient. Cap Rencure Formula, Cap Punarnava, Cap Tribulus Power, Cap Coral Calcium, Mutrakrichnatak Churna, Neeri Kft Syp with Amyron and Sarpagandhaghna Vati Thank you sir. Sir please show your reports now. Yes, this is your old report Your hb was 8.8 g/dl Creatinine – 5.1 mg/dl S albumin – 2.6 gm/dl and blood urea was 106 mg/dl Yes sir, show now latest report This is on 20. 08. 2016 Hb has increased to 10.2 g/dl Your urea has reduced to 95 now, in new report Creatinine is now 3.9mg/dl Uric acid is 6.6 mg % And S. albumin is 3.0 gm/dl now Yes, you both have very good progressive reports! Sir, any message for those who are suffering from kidney problems? Yes sure… Who is in trouble should come here where we also got benefitted. I would say that have ayurvedic medicines instead of allopathic for better results. I had allopathic medicines for 6 months but didn’t find any improvement. Sir, what were dietary recommendations by Dr Vikram Chauhan? Milk, buttermilk and curd were restricted and he had asked to use 1 tsp. cow ghee for cooking. Okay… Green vegetables were allowed. Here too. No tomato. Only bottle gourd, round gourd, ridge gourd etc… Even mango was restricted! Thank you for visiting Planet Ayurveda and sharing this important information.

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  1. This is your website !! Doctor !!
    I want back my money ! U didn't care about health problems u need just money !!
    Dear sir,

    Sorry Sir,but your parcel came return to us due to no services of India Post in your country…So if you need a parcel,you have to pay us$80 extra as a shipping charges so that we can process your order…waiting for your kind reply.

  2. Sir mere father ki kidney problem h unka creatine 9.75.. sir plz btaiye kya karu main aapke pas clinic me aana hoga kya jldi se jldi treatment k lie sir hum chhattisgrh me rhte h unki halt bahut kharab ho rhi h vomiting hoti h kuch bhi nhi kha pate h pura body me sujan h,

  3. Mr. My Cousin is infected with kidney disease, their cataratinine 3.86 is urea 136, we can not go back and treat India so please please

  4. how to lower bp in kidney disease and puffiness on the face, eyes. ..suffering from fsgs, iga nephropathy. please help me Sir.

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