Reflexology : Reflexology Techniques

Reflexology : Reflexology Techniques

Hello, my name is Darya McNolty. I’m a reflexologist
and a massage therapist here in Rutland, Vermont, and today I will be showing you proper techniques
in applying reflexology. There are several different techniques that you can apply to
the foot when you’re doing reflexology. Generally, you use them all. I like to do kind of a double
kneading with my thumbs on the bottom of my foot and my hands supporting on the back so
that I’m covering two areas at once, but then there’s also the deep seeking where you take
your thumbnails, and you’re going to kind of dig those in. You’re trying to get to the
tiny little nerve endings and stimulate the neural impulse to the other end of the nerve
which is going to be attached to whatever organ you’re working. You follow the meridian
lines so you’ll knead in a downward process as well as in certain areas if I’m working
the waist and the abdomen all work in a side-to-side motion as well as when working deep in the
intestines, you’ll go ahead and you’ll use your fist with a knuckle and a nice twist.
It’s kind of soothing, but yet gives a nice deep firm pressure. When you’re applying reflexology
to the foot, you can do various techniques. You follow the meridian lines. So, you’re
going to use like a kind of a poking, kneading motion down the line of the foot as well as
I like to kind of move the entire the foot working the meridians as well. And as I work
my way down the foot near the waist, I’ll come at a sideways motion, and then as I work
down towards the intestines or the heel, I’ll take my fist and knuckle and apply firm pressure
with rotating motion which really stimulates the neural impulse and feels pretty good.
As I work here, Tracy’s foot, I get some resistance in her adrenals which let’s me know, either,
that she’s not exercising enough or she’s exercising too much. Since I know Tracy, I
know that she hasn’t been getting her exercise in. So, there’s going to be this pressure
and discomfort here in this area in order to; and as I work this area, it will help
to actually balance out the adrenals in her body. And one more thing always remember to
keep your feet nice and clean. You never know when you’ll meet your friendly neighborhood
reflexologist. I am Darya McNolty in Rutland, Vermont.

30 Replies to “Reflexology : Reflexology Techniques”

  1. her hands must get really tired after a few pairs of feet ooh; to think of it
    this is a hard job especially if your patients
    feet smell beyond the funk of death and destruction
    she should be getting paid good money to deal with these kind of funkdified issues LOL

  2. Looks more like a foot massage. Where is the thumb walk, circular penetration and back hook? Just a massage on the feet. Not reflexology….

  3. SDorje, you are right, I don't see any reflexology going on here. And if she's "certified," it's not by ARCB.

  4. She doesn't look professional. Low cut shirt and slouched over? Not very presenting. You don't use massage in Reflexology. It's pressing on the pressure points and holding it. I am an Esthetician and I've never heard of "kneading" during a reflexology treatment.

  5. Darya, has a very nice caring manner, and is applying alternating pressure to the reflex points to stimulate them. I enjoyed watching, thanks

  6. Reflexology is an alternative medicine practice that is commonly used to treat and address various aches, pains and conditions that may occur in the human body. Although this is an alternative form of treatment, it has been around for centuries. The practice can be traced to as far back as 2450 B.C. and was only introduced to the United States of America in the early 1900's.

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