Release Your Fears (Guided Meditation)

Release Your Fears (Guided Meditation)

take a seat on the floor on top of a
pillow and cross your legs and try to and try to get comfy for a minute stretch your arms overhead
roll your shoulders when you’re ready close your eyes now take some nice slow deep breaths in through your nose and out through
your mouth now bring your awareness to your bottom
and to your feet touching the ground feel the solid ground underneath you now I want you to think about everything
that’s been bringing you tension any anxieties or fears that you may have
think of them now I want you to imagine that all of that
tension and all of that anxiety turns to a liquid and starts to flow down start from the top of your head and let
it blow down down in your neck down over your shoulders down your back in your
chest past your elbows out through your
fingertips down the rest of your torso down your
belly in your hips down your legs and your pelvis over your knees and through
your feet down into the floor just release this negative energy down
into the ground below you take a few more deep cleansing breaths
in through your nose out through your mouth now I want you to imagine that there is
a bright presence in front of you and this can be anything you consider divine it can be God Mother Earth the universe
whatever you find sacred sit for a moment and just feel the love emanating
from this bright presence now try and remember all those things
that you’ve been worrying about whether it be bills or relationships I want you to think of all those things
that you have no control over and this is really important only things that you
have no control over want you to think about those right now and I want you to
imagine that you are holding them in your hands in front of you now imagine them taking shape and they
can take what ever shape you like a handful of words maybe static
electricity or a big ball anything you like once they are all in your hands take a
good look in your mind’s eye and I want you to tell them goodbye you don’t need
them anymore that you have something someone else
that is taking care of you you
now I want you to hand them over to the powers that be to that bright being in
front of you let them go with your blessing and let that divine energy take
all of those fears that you have no control over release them with your
blessing and take another deep breath now I want you to see that divine
presence absorbing all of that negativity and turning it and turning it
and weaving it into a thing of love see this divine presence reach in front
of you and hand you back your gifts receive that blessing and as you hold
them in your hands once again feel that they’ve been replaced with love wisdom
and peace and just absorb those feelings back into your body stay in this place as long as you want and when you’re ready take another deep breath take one more now start wiggling your fingers and
wiggling your toes and when you’re ready open your eyes take a deep breath shift from side to
side ah and go about your day bless it be you you

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  1. In last year I lost my baby in 3rd trimester, now I'm again pregnant full of fear and anxiety.
    This meditation helped me to feel peaceful for a moment, thank you. I think I will repeat it more often.

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