Remedies Post Surgery

hi it’s Samantha from San Diego
Homeopathy today I’m going to share with you three remedies to keep on hand for
post surgery the first remedy is called Arnica Montana and it’s a very popular
remedy and one remedy and the remedy that a lot of people know when you say
homeopathy a lot of people have tried arnica I’ve used arnica and what it does
post-surgery is it can help with inflammation it can help heal it’s an
anti bacterial anti microbial anti inflammatory remedy so it’s great for
post surgery I’ve used it for after dental extractions after having babies
so it’s an all-around great post-surgery remedy to to use the second remedy is
phosphorus and phosphorus is a great remedy to have on hand for eff you’ve
had to go under anesthesia if you’re someone who has ill effects after coming
out of anesthesia phosphorus is a great remedy to help support you and to
support your body as you wake up from being under anesthesia and then the
third remedy is called Staphysagria and It is a good
post-surgery remedy especially if there’s any abdominal incisions so
perhaps a c-section or even any sort of abdominal surgery staff acequia is a
great remedy to have on hand so those are three you can try there’s more than
that but I just wanted to give you a little teaser of remedies to try
post-surgery if you have other questions please subscribe below and we’re always
happy to help Thanks

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