Remove Acne Marks, Hyperpigmentation & Scarring | Home Remedies + Natural Ingredients to Use

Remove Acne Marks, Hyperpigmentation & Scarring | Home Remedies + Natural Ingredients to Use

Hey guys so I’m sure most of you if not all of you has given into that surging
temptation of busting that pimple when you see it, you know it evolved like a volcano
pulsating on your face, and fully knowing that you’re gonna end up
like scar in lion king but you do it anyway, now you’re left with acne scars, no, some pimples can leave deep craters
and picking scars on the skin whereas others can fade away like
dandelion in the wind, so today we’re going to share with you
the common causes for acne scarring and acne marks as well as hyperpigmentation, and
how to tell the difference between the two, as well as what products you
should be looking for, and natural ingredients that
will help heal your skin, and let your beautiful natural
skin shine through, but of course before we do that just want
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post our next video, I want you guys to do a little test with
me just like run your fingers, let them be clean, along your face, so look in the mirror ,and while you’re kind
of feeling around whether it’s a race scar, or whether it’s like more
of the little dents, look more closely at the
color of the little spots, because the color actually tells a lot about
what type of hyperpigmentation it is that you have, and it will make it easier
for you to treat it, let’s talk about the different
types of scarring, the time acne scar has become the
umbrella term for all types of discoloration and hyperpigmentation as well as
the aftermath of pimples, however they actually include three
different varied types of hyperpigmentation on the skin, first one is post inflammatory
hyperpigmentation which is PIH, second thing is post inflammatory
erythema, which is PIE, and number three is the
atrophic scarring, now let’s distinguish between these,
so what is PIH, post inflammatory hyperpigmentation
is basically any black or brown spots on the skin, which is caused by the
overproduction of melanin, and if you wonder
what melanin is, pink freckles birthmarks
or sunspots, basically it’s the pigment that
gives color in our body, so that’s in hair in our eyes, PIH is triggered by an a inflammatory
response that initiates melanin production, so think about you know when
you’re getting a pimple, when you’re aging, and
obviously sun exposure, ever wondered why dark skin people don’t
burn as much as whiter skin people, it’s because they have more melanin in
their skin that protects themselves from the Sun, melanin is actually the main reason for
any hyperpigmentation on the skin, how you want to treat it is to actually use
products that will speed up the skin renewal process, so that it kind of you know the layers
of the skin regenerate faster, and so you’re left with just clear skin
at a quicker rate, there are some ingredients that you can
look for in your skincare routine to really speed up the process, first ingredient you want to look for is
AHAs and AHA is an exfoliating acid, which is really effective in speeding up
and shedding dead skin on your face, it increases cell turnover and
exfoliates the surface of the skin, and it’s really good for
people with dry skin, because it’s gentle enough
to use for them, so AHAs include mandelic acid
glycolic acid and lactic acid, so one of my favorites to use is
The Ordinary lactic acid, that’s kind of like a toner, so I’ll wash my face and then put
that on immediately afterwards, and then go in with serum
and moisturizer, and this one is one of
my favorite serums when I feel like I have any sort of
post-trauma acne on my skin, because it’s got lactic acid and
mandelic acid as the main ingredients, but also it’s got sodium hyaluronic,
and niacinamide which are both really good ingredients
for once again protecting your skin but speeding up that
skin renewal process, COSRX also has a AHA 7 Whitehead Power
Liquid which is also really effective, and the DERMA E Overnight
Peel is really gentle and really good for sensitive skin as well,
so AHA is really gentle on the skin, so try use this if it stings at all,
just build up your tolerance, use it every like two three days,
and your skin will slowly adjust to it, niacinamide is also another
one of those all-star ingredients that are really effective to
help brighten your skin, and help hyperpigmentation
disappear faster, it’s got antioxidants and it increases
collagen production on the skin, and also offers hydration, so it really helps with the process of
reducing hyperpigmentation, you can also try find
sunscreens with niacinamide, for drugstore alternatives there’s
CeraVe Facial Moisturizing Lotion, and also La Roche-Posay Toleriane
Double Repair Moisturizer also has a little bit of near niacinamide in it,
and they’re affordable options as well. So next one is retinoids and
retinoids are a vitamin A, the sole purpose of a retinoid is to increase
the cell turnover on your skin, so once again it’s shedding those outer layers
where the discoloration might be to reveal new skin, and retinoids increase
collagen production on the skin, which is good for aging skin, and
it helps fight hyperpigmentation, so another ingredient that you
probably gravitate towards is vitamin C, when it comes to dealing
with hyperpigmentation, vitamin C helps the skin by blocking
abnormal pigment production, and it’s known for skin
brightening properties, and it prevents the enzyme that produces
melanin pigments from causing darker spots on the skin, so basically when you’re
looking for any product to help treat your acne
marks or hyperpigmentation, just look for increased cell turnover so that your skin sheds
the dead layers, and it will reveal fresh plump skin
as well as brightening products like vitamin C and niacinamide, if you guys are more into
the natural remedies, we have two which are
our personal favorites, just keep in mind with
more natural remedies, it might take longer
to see the results, aloe vera is a natural scar
removing ingredient, and it’s also known for
being a natural emollient, which can help repair damaged skin, so it improves the elasticity
of newly formed tissue, and promotes growth
of healthy skin, so which is basically what all those ingredients
that I just mentioned before do right, it’s just a more gentle and
probably a slower process, so cut the aloe vera leaf
and scrape out the gel, and you can apply the
gel onto your scar, and massage it in circular motions,
and then you can just let it sit there, and you can do this about
two to three times daily, because it is a natural ingredient,
and aloe vera is just generally good, or you can make two or three drops of tea
tree essential oil and apply it onto your affected areas, and you can use this
once or twice daily, so if your pimple is kind of on
the way to its slow demise death, you can try this aloe vera
and tea tree combination, but just to note, aloe vera might
not be as effective on older scars, Next one is tomatoes, Tomatoes are actually
full of vitamin A, which is the main ingredient
of retinoids, but also carotene which not only
gives the tomato its red color but it also has antioxidant compounds that heals damaged
tissues and promotes regrowth of the cells, tomatoes are also known to shrink
pores and fight acne right in the complexion, and even remove tan, so if you want to try this, you want
to take one ripe tomato, cut it into pieces crush
them into a pulp, put the pieces in a bowl, and then
apply the pulp onto your face, and leave it on for about
15 to 20 minutes, and then wash your face
off afterwards, feel free to repeat this routine
daily for a week or two, and then you can definitely see
the brightening properties, and how it improves your skin, the next two skin marks are a little
bit more difficult to get rid of, because the damage is done at a
deeper level on the skin, hence why you’ll need something
a bit more abrasive like laser or microdermabrasion, things like that would
take time to heal, what is post inflammatory
erythema PIE, now post inflammatory erythema is the
red and purplish spots on the skin which is actually different to the brownish
marks that we see earlier, and that’s what is the biggest way or the
easiest way to determine between PIH and PIE, so I personally have
a lot experience with this, because I’ve had all types of
acne as you can imagine, have you noticed that the acne
scarring is red and not brown, now the reason why it’s red is
because the result of DEM which means the dilation and the damage that’s close to the
capillaries on the surface of the skin, that is usually why it’s a lot
harder to get rid of, and also it leaves these tiny red cute
spots which are not really cute, so the third type of scar that acne
can cause is the atrophic scars, and it sounds like a catastrophe,
atrophic and catastrophe it just kind of like plays in my mind, because it’s one of those scars that you
can’t really treat anymore, because it’s broken skin tissue, there
wasn’t enough collagen production to seal up that wound, when you know your pimple faded or
whatever, so you’re left with a dent, and this is something that I have suffered
with since I had a lot of breakouts in my teenage years as well as chicken pox, and the chicken
pox left these big gaping like box scars on my cheek, so with atrophic scars
there’s three types, there’s the ice pick
there’s the rolling scars, and then there’s the
boxcar scars, and basically the only difference between
those three is that they form different shapes, so ice pick is more triangular,
box is more like a box, and rolling is kind of
like those bumpy, you know like some people have
really bumpy surfaces on the skin that’s from very traumatic acne
or skin conditions, and the only way to really treat these
are through laser and microdermabrasion, so we’re not really gonna mention too
much about that in this video, it’s cheaper just to accept the fact that
you have it on your face and move on in life, last but not least, let’s talk
about prevention, you guys know I’m a big believer
of prevention rather than cure because it’s better to deal with it
now than later when it’s worse, so first of all is do not pick pimples, because I’ve said this so many times, we’re so tempted by it, you
can see in the mirror, and you know it’s ready, it’s screaming
at you telling you pick me pick me, but you just have to say no,
and just don’t pick up them, because pressing a little too
hard or a different angle or do something that you’re doing
incorrectly that might cause infection or further spreading of the acne,
therefore causes acne scarring, and these acne scarring like I said
would take a lot of time to heal, and it’s a lot of work to treat this
acne scarring as you can see, number two is if you do have an
acne that burst for no reason, let’s say accidentally, then you need to make sure you
find a way to protect it, so keeping it clean, keeping it covered
and sealed and protected, so that it’s not exposed to like
bacterial infections, or putting more makeup on it will actually
cause it to be more erupt and red and inflammatory, so just avoid all those nasty things, and
then last but not least is some protection, so making sure that you are
continuing to protect your skin from hyperpigmentation
melanin production, and just doing the things that
you should be doing, for example if you have acne then just
making sure that you leave your skin nice and clean, or if you are going out in the sun, wear protection sunblock hat
sunscreen sunglasses white shirt, the list goes on, and obviously
there are other natural remedies as well, and making sure that you
drinking ton of water, flushing out the toxins,
just the basic things, alright that’s it for this video, I hope you guys find this helpful, and remember just keep in mind that these
are just our tips and advice from what we’ve known and what we’ve experienced and on top
of that at the end of the day, you know acne scarring or
hyperpigmentation we all have it, you’re not the only one, seriously everyone
I know has some type of hyperpigmentation, it doesn’t make you different, it doesn’t
make you someone who’s not a desired or not attractive, I found that you know what you have
is what makes you personal and what makes you you I battle with
acne my whole life, and it’s only until recently that I’m able
to be happy with my naked skin, and I’m still battling with ice pick scarring
and sun spots and age spots, I believe I’ll be dealing with other types
of hyperpigmentation as I age so we might not win all the battles,
but we’ll win the war, alright guys thank you
so much for watching, and we’ll see you in our
next video bye bye.

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  2. I have post inflammatory erythema. Would those products still work for my skin? Or laser/microdermabrasion are the only ways to remove the scars?

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    Lots of love from the Philippines 💕

  4. I love your videos so much! After 7 years of trying to get rid of acne, I watched like 3 of your videos, changed my routine, and saw actual results in a week. Your content is great bc it's informed by science rather than trend and I am so SO grateful I found this channel 💜

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  12. Replying to few of comments! Yeah! Like if u pop the spots u may end up with a scar but annoyingly just if u jist leave them.. :/ They can also creat scars! :/

  13. Hi, use an ice cube wrapped in a towel/paper towel, wait until you get
    the numbing sensation -if you can stand it – this will help with the
    inflammation which causes scarring…that will bring it down in a day or
    two. I also use a half a lemon which I hold on certain area's of my
    skin, and squeeze it up against the skin – if it is too acidic, I
    recommend not holding it there too long, never rub with the lemon, and
    let it dry, and continue until you have a sticky like layer on your
    skin. Don't wash off – go to bed with it, in the am, wash off – this is a
    natural astringent, and will help lighten the hyper-pigmentation, just
    remember that hyper-pigmentation is showing that you've already gained a
    scar, but if you catch the inflammation in time – you may not have
    scarring, nor a pimple or cystic pimple. If you pop an inflamed pimple –
    ever with yellow pus, you may very likely be pushing the infection down
    further under the skin in the pore, and creating more inflammation, and
    a bigger problem. The lemon juice will also clean out the pores over
    time. For those with cystic acne, I recommend a diet change, with a lot
    of water intake, and finding out what foods are causing your body grief.
    Everyone is going to be different, and hereditary or not, people tend
    to pick up on nutrition from their parents hence "hereditary" is blamed,
    The lemon is to be used every 3-5 days. Unless it does not cause any stinging than try more, the lemon juice also may in time decrease scarring as it is acidic. It will be light. I recommend other natural treatments as well, and possibly micro needling or laser if that is of benefit to you.

  14. A lot of the times I know popping pustules and whiteheads are bad and actively try to not pop them. But alas my not-so-gentle use of a towel and/or toner bad makes that a tad difficult

  15. Aloe Vera works!!

    I can tell by experience, I never got pimples through adolescence, I had pretty clear skin tbh, but 4 months ago I started getting pimples all over my lower cheeks, I don’t know if it was stress or hormones (I went through my first break up and I was applying for university (law school)) I had kind of a hard time. I tried a lot of new skin care products all at once and one of them cause my skin to break even more. I decided to quit on all the chemicals and go more for a natural routine. I went for aloe, but I didn’t have a plant to get it from and couldn’t find any store that sold it, except from miniso, I know, please don’t kill me, I was skeptical too but it really works, even though it’s not 100% natural aloe Vera gel.
    I have really dry skin and only using aloe wasn’t helping, I need deep thick moisturizers to keep my skin from turning opaque. So I began using oils, for cleansing and moisturizing my skin, it works.
    Now I mix half a container of aloe Vera with less than 1/4 of pure olive oil (I’ve heard grape seed oil is better but I couldn’t find that one anywhere) and I apply the mixture 3 times a day. It has a heavy cream consistency.
    If I’m applying makeup I use pure aloe tho, or just sunscreen.
    My skin has gotten a LOT better, just scars are left, but they are fading away too, it’s been less than a month since I started doing this, trust me, it works. I can’t wait till my skin is clear again. I’m tired of feeling I’m less pretty than before.. you know, normally after a break up you do all the possible to glow up and show your ex all their lost hahahah, well… I’m the opposite and it sucks.
    But aloe helps!! All you need is to be constant

  16. I used AHAs and BHAs (including Vita C) for weeks to get rid of my scars but all they do is cause me to purge. So more pimples show up which would be fine but it's so painful and when I wear makeup it stings. So I take a break for about a month and then try again with a different AHA/BHA source. And the same thing happens but in less areas. 😑 I really think it's impossible to get rid of my hyperpigmentation.

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  20. Try spirulina mask guys. It works well for me. I used it 2-3 times a week and my skin was so much smoother and lighter in tone

  21. What leaves scars (atrophic scarring) is when you DONT pop or touch your pimpled and what leaves dark spots/hyperpigmentation is when you pick at them, pop them, or touch them. Trust me, ive been dealing with acne for way too long to know about this. Not something to brag about but its what ive found out while dealing with acne

  22. If you find that your acne still scars despite you not picking it, you may be more prone to cystic acne which is usually the type of acne that causes scarring. Unfortunately the type of acne we get has a lot to do with genetics, so perhaps that type of acne runs in your family. So the best thing to do is to prevent and treat your acne quickly bc you're prone to scarring. I would suggest using acnetrex or isotretinoin pills to control your acne quickly initially, and then shifting to topical treatments such as benzoyl peroxide, and adapalene or tretinoin. My mom is a dermatologist, so she's my source. Hope this helps! 🙂

  23. Omg yes!! I haven't seen many people mention hydrocolloid patches (what Felicia is putting on her face in 10:55) in their vids when talking about acne. It is literally a staple in my skincare regimen whenever I break out. I've bought so many I've lost count 😂 they're a godsend. Highly recommend them to my fellow acne sufferers. The brand doesn't matter! It just depends if you care what size they come in. Some of my faves are the ones Cosrx has, Hanhoo (Walmart), and the large ones CVS carries (I use these when I know I'll end up using too many single patches).

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  33. I used to have a LOT of atrophic scars from my teen years. But I’ve been using multiple brands of essences (from SK-II, Missha, Naruko) for >5years now and my atrophic scars have reduced significantly. They used to be really deep and really obvious but now they’ve kind of almost disappeared. Obviously there’s still some deep ones still visible but they’re not as deep as they once were and they’ve kind of reduced in visibility. So I think you don’t necessarily need to resort to laser treatment for this type of acne.
    Granted it took many years for my skin to repair itself but I’m glad that I did choose to use essences, serums, ampoules, sheet masks, chemical exfoliation etc as I can see great results from incorporating this in my skincare.

    I still get cystic acne but it’s mainly coz of my hormonal imbalance but other than that, I’m glad my skin is recovering from atrophic scars. Now it’s just PIH and PIE that I need to concern myself with 🤦🏻‍♀️

  34. I just want to let people know that you can slowly improve deep acne scars with derma rolling and skin peels such as salicylic acid 18-20% green peel ( I have turned my deep pitting into shallow pitting and most is almost gone! It's much more affordable than the lazers ect and you can buy at home microdermabrasion tools which is good also. It's important to note you need to keep them protected from the sun and hydrated.

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    And it’s only 7 dollars!

    You can buy it at any drugstore.

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