Remove Brown Spots With This Simple Ingredient

Remove Brown Spots With This Simple Ingredient

Everybody’s got them: old, young,
middle aged men and women. These are the little brown spot that you can
find on just about anyone who spends a considerable amount of time in the sun. Now, some cultures may consider them beautiful and they absolutely can be,
but they can also be a sign of aging. Who wants that? I’m talking about age spots. Age spots are those little brown things
on your skin that are caused by exposure to ultraviolet rays from the sun. You see them in most people over 50, but virtually anybody, who spends time
outside can get them on their skin. You may actually have them right now.
I totally get it and got them all over my shoulders. So, some more things that can cause
age spots are cheap tanning beds. They’re huge culprit of this.
See, what happens is, when the sunlight or the ultraviolet light from the sun or
cheap tanning bed hits your skin, it speeds up this process called “melanin” in your body. It produces more of it. Now, the cool thing about melanin is that it actually causes tanning in the skin. It’s like your body’s evolutionary response to form armor, protecting the deeper layers. Now, back to the age spots. When certain areas of your skin are seen a lot like
your arms, your hands, your neck, your shoulders your face, when that’s getting constantly hit by the sun, they’re getting higher amounts of melanin. When the summer fades over the years
and you’ve spent lots of days at the beach, you get these little brown spots that remind you
of that time that you spent there. The most common questions I hear about
age spots are, are age spots dangerous? How can I get rid of it?
Let’s tackle these questions right now. First of all, are they dangerous?
There are a few things that you should watch out for and if it starts to change then
we know we have a problem deeper than age spots. If you have much darker ones, that could be an issue,
or if they’re growing quickly. If they have a funky-looking border around the outside, that look a little bit different than the other ones. If they’re red, tender or bleeding, that’s a sign
that you need to see the doctor. So, the next question I want to address is how can I get rid of unwanted age spots? Dr. Doug Willen, author of Quantum Paleo
created a solution for removing age spots. He only uses two simple ingredients
in his kitchen and everybody has them in their kitchen. The number one solution is onion juice. It turns out onions have a lot more to offer us
than flavor in the super burgers. Studies have found that onion extract
actually helps remove scarring on the skin and it reduces skin lesions.
Onions have an antioxidant properties that help to neutralize free radicals and
encourage healing on the outer layers of the skin. The second ingredient and if you don’t have this, I don’t know if I can be friends with you anymore.
You know what it is? Ready for it? Apple cider vinegar.
Now we talk about apple cider vinegar a lot. I talk about episode where I’m talking
about apple cider vinegar. We’re going apple cider vinegar, lemon,
turmeric shots right from the comfort of my kitchen and there’s a reason for that. ACV contains alpha-hydroxy acids
that help to remove dead skin. When you remove the dead skin from the top, it actually
contains the majority of the actual age spots. Now, a lot of people don’t know that. This is a cool hack and I want you to share with your friends too. New studies have found that the treatment of
these acids from apple cider vinegar, improve the skin and the damaged by the sun. Here is how the age spot
removal remedy actually works. What I want you to do is slice up a
fresh onion and put the contents of the bag. Use some sort of heavy object to pulverize it. Pour the onion into a blender along with a half a cup of apple cider vinegar and just blend it up. Now, take a cotton ball or a cloth and apply
the remedy to your age spots once a day. Continue this for at least two to four weeks
or until you see improvement. Now, this remedy might not be an
overnight fix but it’s extremely effective. I want to hear from you.
So give this a try. Post some pictures, once you see that it’s actually working and let me know how it goes. Keep in mind that everybody’s skin like
each of our bodies is entirely different. But if you’re sick of dealing with age
spots, then this is definitely worth the shot . This week’s juicer winner is Jennifer Sandoval. She’s been using the blender
since her juicer stopped working. Jennifer uses new juicer from our
fine friends in Kuvings. This will let you extract vitamins and minerals
from an enormous amount of veggies for an instant health boost. Congratulations Jennifer! I’m so grateful for you watching this
and taking this information and sharing it with your friends. Just letting them know that food really is medicine. You can control your health. So, thank you so much for joining me this
morning. I appreciate you. As always, remember we’re in this together
and I’ll see you next week. yeah

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  1. Vitamin C gets rid of age spots quickly without blending & putting gunk on. Once I started taking a 1000mg tablet once a day,, they started to fade in just a few days. It was like a miracle.

  2. when we consume too many sugary or high-glycemic foods—these sugars react with proteins and fats in an abnormal way, producing harmful molecules called “advanced glycation endproducts (conveniently acronymned: AGEs).” This process is called “glycation.” Glycation & Sun exposure combine to cause age spots… Astaxanthin can help protect skin while in the Sun….If you take Prednisone it will cause age spots

  3. Thank u so much! This is the answer on my current problem! Brown spots started to appear on my face and its annoying!

  4. Hi,how long we can keep the rest of mixture?where to store this mixture keep in a fridge or out side and how long

  5. Did anyone try this treatment on the face? cause i wanted too and i started crying instantly from onion!!!!

  6. Can you advise if it is better to use a stronger onion … like a brown onion … only purple much weaker onion was used in the video?

  7. I have a huge problem on my arms, so I should apply it and wait how long as I know we can’t wear it all day. One girl suggested 15-20 min. Is that ok or more?

  8. I’ll assume u shld wash this mixture off and not leave it as if it’s moisturizer. How long though. Seriously all that verbiage and u didn’t give complete instructions here. Now I got to go find another video to watch. Ugh. Geeezz


  10. Dear FitlifeTV ,
    Do you save the onion and vinegar for the next day? If so refrigerator or no? I would so love to win a food processor or juicer….been chopping by hand and blender. How can I enter?

  11. You mean freckles. ? I know the big one are age spots. Everybody always said my freckles are cute.

  12. Hi
    I had seen first time your vedio n applied on my dark spot on face due to medicine reaction that is 3 years old ..but with your remedy it is start a week only..thankkuuu so much

  13. Talking and talking and talking ….. on and on …. non interesting and boring. The way he talks is slow and boring. So when the hell does it really start? Kinda start at 3.50 ! In simple … blend 1 onion and half a cup of apple cider vinegar to make a juice n dab on skin, finish! Wow! Look at the thumbs up and thumbs down. Thumbs down seems to be catching up.

  14. do i prepare a new mix each day? because i used the same thru the period of two weeks and it didnt help at all :(((

  15. using a cotton ball takes WAY to long to apply on the body just use a spray bottle thats what i did and sprayed my whole body with it

  16. Does it stink really bad or does the vinager break down the onion smell? I would rather have a few brown spots than go through life smelling like onions! Yuck

  17. Thanks for the health tips! There's no need for the plastic bag. We skip the plastic bag and go straight from chopping to blending, and store in a glass container. Plastics leach toxic chemicals, especially when in acidic or temperature changing conditions. And since they don't biodegrade, we have inundated our environment, oceans, and food chain with plastic and related toxic chemicals. There's more than 8 times more plastic than plankton currently in the ocean, and we keep producing using, and putting out more into the world. What's good for us is likely good for the planet, and what's good for the planet is likely good for us. I hope you can integrate this into your videos and advice. Thank you!

  18. This is probably a weird addition, but what the heck… ACV works for hemorrhoids too!

    Just as you would use for your skin, only use apple cider vinegar that is organic and RAW – this has the needed probiotics that are in "the Mother" (usually seen settled at the bottom of the bottle as sediment until you shake it). Start with a weaker dilution because it will burn, slowly strengthening the solution to 2/3 ACV and 1/3 water (purified or distilled is best – chlorine in tap water will kill the beneficial bacteria in the ACV.

    Apply it after each trip to the bathroom with a cotton ball or piece of toilet paper and leave it on. (No need to wash it off.) It can take anywhere from a few days to several weeks for improvement. This will not get rid of hemorrhoids but it will eliminate any itching and heal the pain, unless hemorrhoids are severe and constantly popping out which strangles their circulation and causes constant, and sometimes severe, inflammation. In this case you need stronger treatment.

    Keep it in a small 16 oz glass bottle. This will last without refrigeration a month or more; although the cold from refrigerating can also help shrink hemorrhoids and might make them feel better.

    Probiotic supplements can also help. Sometimes hemorrhoids flare up when the microbiome is out of balance or you suffer from candida overgrowth. Another way to know if you have too much candida is if you occasionally have an urge to pee when your bladder isn't very full. (Don't confuse this with a bladder infection which is much more extreme and reacts very well to beet/carrot juice.)

    I know this is off the subject, sort of, but it might help someone. 😉

  19. A lot of folks are asking how long to leave it on the skin, must it be refrigerated, etc. I'm a nutritionist of over 30 years and I've been working with ACV for decades – here are some specifics that might help…

    1.) I prefer a mixture of 2/3 ACV (apple cider vinegar) to 1/3 purified or distilled water for the skin – but start with a weaker solution until you get used to it because it will burn when you first start using it. Your skin should eventually adjust with no burning. If you're just using AVC as a toner then use a weaker solution. I dab on a 50-50 after I've cleansed and dried my face. It might cause breakouts so I suggest you always start very weak and build up. If you get to a certain strength and notice any blemishes then back off to the dilution that didn't cause any problems.

    Stronger is best for specific spots. You might work up to straight ACV dabbed directly on the age spot using a q-tip.

    2.) Put it on after you've washed your face, no need for a toner as ACV balances your pH. Then leave it on and let it air dry. You can apply cream, oil or makeup as usual. Or just dab it on specific age spots – again, leave it on.

    3.) Use organic, RAW, ACV that has "the Mother" floating inside or settled at the bottom of the bottle along with apple sediment. This ACV looks cloudy with brown/tan sediment. 

    4.) I prefer to keep it in a glass bottle on my bathroom counter. The acetic acid in ACV acts as a natural preservative so it will last at least a month at room temperature – probably a lot longer. Worst case scenario is that the next step in fermentation could turn it into naturally-occurring alcohol. Not a big deal, just throw it out. 

    Warning, WFM makes a 365 brand of organic ACV that is pasteurized and has sediment at the bottom that looks identical to the raw ACV with the Mother. Be sure the label says it is raw and contains "The Mother". The Mother contains very beneficial bacteria (probiotics) that your skin loves. I like, and trust, the Bragg brand (I have no connection).

    Lastly, be sure to only use purified, distilled or clean well water when diluting the ACV. Tap water contains chlorine which is antibacterial and intended to kill all bacteria – this can also kill the beneficial bacteria (the probiotics) in the raw Mother.

    Hope this helps. There are so many wonderful benefits of raw ACV!

  20. this worked on my hands covered in spots in 3 days! I was totally shocked. Thank you. Do you have any DIYs for rosacia?

  21. Thanks Drew..Love your information and I LOVE your new book and reviewed it. Your book is fantastic…

  22. Can you save the mixture in the fridge and use it daily or do you have to make a new batch for each use. That would be quite expensive and time consuming. Thanks!

  23. Loved watching the video on coconut oil, I have started using it for my teeth, skin, hair and as a added aid in preparing food!

  24. Have you done a video on applying this remedy to your shoulders as you mention you have sun spots on your shoulders and then show us your results please.

  25. I will try. I believe the prescription cream for two spots has removed them partially; but it set them back. Oh yes!!!

  26. Get the fuk on with it!!!  Damn.  Beat around the bush so friggin long……..PLUS, you REALLY need a shave, dude.  NOT a sexy look !!

  27. Great recipe. Best – this is the calmest that I have ever seen from you. Know your excited about info but this was your bestest.

  28. I use the ACV (the Mother) in my bath. I keep it in a small bottle so I can apply it to my face as a toner after I wash it and in my hair as I wash it. After wetting and adding my shampoo I squeeze the ACV onto my scalp. I massage it in with the shampoo and conditioner. Once I have my scalp saturated I left it set until I finish all my washing then I rinse. I love your ideas. I'll have to use more on my spots. I actually apply pure aloe to my face after that when I get out of the bath. I've had two squamous cell cancers on my face. Is there something natural I can use to help with those. I'm afraid it will keep spreading. Thanks for you help.

  29. I got just so small on my face now that I'm in my 50's but a lot told me , even dermatologist , my skin look great. I hope so.
    I will try that one and I believe in you.
    Thank you

  30. Please, if you are going to go to all the trouble of making a video, be reponsible with the details! How long do you leave this mixture on your skin? Do you wash it off afterwards or can you leave it on and go to sleep at night? How long does the mixture last? Do you have to make it fresh every day b/c it loses it potency? The acid in this mixture can be responsible for really burning the skin; you can't just leave out these details!!!

  31. Does anyone know how long you can keep this solution in the fridge and whether it is still effective after a day or two?

  32. This WORKS!!! Michael Jackson used this every hour for years!!!
    Remove all of his brown spots and skin tone

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