Removing Facial Hair – Natural Ayurvedic Home Remedies

Removing Facial Hair – Natural Ayurvedic Home Remedies

although facial hair is a natural phenomenon having excess hair can be an embarrassing condition especially for women various reasons contribute to this excessive growth like hormonal imbalance irregular menstrual cycle and even certain medicines it sometimes also happens after pregnancy many women tend to shave off this hair but this is not advisable waxing is another very popular method for removal of hair but it’s not suitable for women with sensitive skin plucking is another method but it’s painful and time-consuming do not worry Ayurveda provides us some very easy and painless home remedies to deal with this condition effectively take half a bowl of chickpea flour also known as Basin an equal amount of milk and one teaspoon turmeric powder add 1 teaspoon of fresh cream mix it well apply this paste on your face leave it as it is for 20 to 25 minutes and allow it to dry remove the paste by rubbing your palms in the opposite direction of the hair growth this might irritate when you do it but it’s an effective method take a bowl of peeled and crushed potatoes place it on a sieve extract its juice add a bowl of crushed lentils these lentils were soaked overnight and made into a paste the next morning add 4 tablespoons of lemon juice and 1 tablespoon honey mix it well apply this on your face this remedy is very effective in removing unwanted facial hair eat well and take care of yourself for more such natural home remedies visit w-w-w my dad calm

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  1. We need an effective one for men back which removes the hair completely as well as waxing with no pain.

    Would you please guide us to it?

  2. in the remedy 2 did not mention that how to apply on face. can u please tell how to use on the face remedy 2? i mean for how long and in which direction?

  3. Hi did first time at home and it seems that did not remove nothing on first time, is it normal? Or what do I need to do to remove facial hair??

  4. hi can fresh cream be replaced by yogurt, is it the same cream used in foods? I couldn't get any juice of the potato after boiling and crushing?

  5. Oh hello! Have you heard the about a website called – Basup Soft Hair Growth Tips (search on google)? There are some incredible free hair loss tips and my buddy got nice results from it.

  6. hello i know the video is abt removing hairs   but i want to keep mine and ive been using lemon just to clean my face abt twice or thrice  a week.does that slow down my facial hair growth.

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  8. hi, my friend was eat kacche chawel everyday and she was very upset her skin was damged like black spot and her stomech was very upset before 2 weeks pls suggest what can i perfer to her pls immegetely repsonse ty

    Hello I love your videos -Thank you! 
    Do you think you can use turmeric oil instead of the first recipe? whether the same result?

  10. hi this is madhu if i use this the hair removes ..kk.. but it regrows the hair..??how many times i should use in a week??

  11. Kindly reply to this @Homeveda – Home Remedies for You! Does this work only for facial hair? Will it be effective if I try it somewhere on my legs?…

  12. I've got really hard hair to either color or remove so I just did the first recipe this morning and although it didn't take out the stubborn hair, it loosened them enough that they came out very easily.  Not much irritation at all!!

  13. Thanks for sharing this video..these remedies are really effective.. Lots of women are suffering from facial hair problem. Your remedies can be really helpful.

  14. Thanks a lot…  but I don't have chickpea flour in my country … what can I do??? I need to try this remedy HELP me please…

  15. Hi i m going to start with remedy 1 i have got oily skin will it b ok and how many times a week should i apply ? Pls answer

  16. I have dark skin above my upper lip which look like moustache, and I am only 18! what should i do?
    @Homeveda – Home Remedies for You!

  17. how can I reduce density of beard and get healthy skin.shaving harden my skin plz provide some solutions regards

  18. how can I reduce density of beard and get healthy skin.shaving harden my skin plz provide some solutions regards

  19. how can I reduce density of beard and get healthy skin.shaving harden my skin plz provide some solutions

  20. I am very pale with some dry patches on my face – will the Turmeric stain my skin and cling to the dry patches? Also how should you remove the Second treatment? the same way as the first? Thank you!

  21. Hii
    may i know if you are using the tumeric powder which we actually used for cooking or there is another tumeric powder which used specially for face..?? Thank you

  22. I loved the video format, Homeveda! Very nicely done and crisp. You should add these on Affimity's Beauty channel, there are several vloggers like you and our huge user base will absolutely love these videos! Hope to see you here –

  23. hey I want to ask question can I just use milk instead of fresh cream it's hard to find one in my place lol so would it work with milk ?

  24. Hi I tried almost all the things to get rid of facial hair but nothing is working so please please help me ?

  25. Homeveda you did not mention how to remove the second recipe. Do you peel it off or wash off with warm water?

  26. what do u means by rubbing palm and remove etc? how actually do i remove this? same as wax strip? plz guide… thanks loads.

  27. and second recipe? how do we remove it? wash it? peel it? plz let us know. and frst recipe. rub palms ????? then how do we remove the dried paste? wash it?

  28. Love your videos. Kudos to the entire team for putting these helpful videos.

    I have one doubt/query regarding the 1st remedy.
    Chickpea flour is kabuli channa and Channa dal aka gram is besan. Both are different but often confused since they are very closely related. Which makes it difficult for most people to tell them apart.
    So which one do we need to use here?

  29. I had an older Emjoi without the dual heads, and it seemed a bit flimsy and was very inefficient at pulling the hairs, I had to be there forever to get all of it out.. I had a few reservations about purchasing another Emjoi but bought because of good reviews. This one I absolutely LOVE. Gets all the hair out in probably a fifth of the time compared to my old one. For those who think the epilator hurts I have a hint: yes if you have never epilated before and are starting with a lot of hair it hurts a lot. I would suggest waxing first before your first epilation.

  30. For Remedy number 2, do you just apply it and wash it off? If so, how long do you leave it on your face for? or do you peel it?

  31. yellow lentils means tuvar daal but here it is refered as chana dal, pls clarify and chickpea means kabuli chana or chana dal……confusing…..

  32. with out using cream in first remidy can it be effective or not can u give me a solution or provide me the cream product name that can be used fr face

  33. Hi homeveda….
    I m using many remedies of urs…thank you so much for ur efforts..
    My que is….
    Can i use the 1st remedy for my daughter on her face?
    She is 12 years old….
    Looking forward for ur reply soon?

  34. For all those people visiting comment section for real reviews, here's mine. Yes! It does work. Yes! It's f-ing painful. Yes! It takes a lot of patience
    Day 1 :- Felt as if my skin wouldn't bear the pain, applied coconut oil after peeling it off, 10% of my facial hairs were removed.
    After 1 day skip
    Day2 -Felt my loosen skin got tighten, 20%of hair got of, after peeling, still felt the burning sensation so applied coconut oil.
    Day 3,4,5,6, – skin got tightened, hair were easily coming out, pours got cleaned, noticed no blackheads and whiteheads.
    Day 7 – facial hairs were not there, a unique glow. Beautiful skin.
    Thank-you for reading.
    (Honest review)

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