this one ingredient can help repair your
kidney the kidneys may be small but they are responsible for very important
functions that can impact our overall health
they filter at least 120 quarts of blood every day and produce about two quarts
of urine they also filter waste and fluid to be excreted by the body but
problems can occur and may even lead to kidney damage including in people who
have type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure treatments and medication are
available but did you know there’s one kitchen ingredient that can actually
repair kidney damage this particular ingredient is sodium bicarbonate which
is commonly known as baking soda how baking soda works for the kidneys the
endocrine system includes the pancreas which produces sodium bicarbonate to
provide protection for the kidneys at the time of digestion there are times
when the kidneys will also produce the chemical depending on what you eat but
when you eat a lot of sugary fatty or fried foods these unhealthy choices
stress the endocrine system as a result both the kidneys and the pancreas reduce
their production of sodium bicarbonate without which the acids become
overwhelming and can lead to kidney damage it is therefore very significant
that the body produces bicarbonate on its own and normal amounts which can
extend the life of the kidneys plus the endocrine system remains healthy science
supports the use of baking soda according to the US National Institutes
of Health sodium bicarbonate is effective in balancing the pH levels of
the blood it may even be as effective as traditional dialysis in patients with
impaired kidneys another study by the department of renal medicine and
transplantation discovered that daily intake of sodium bicarbonate can prevent
kidney failure and in some cases even reverse its onset as well as other
diseases such as severe renal and heart diseases how to use baking soda it is
important that you talk to a health care professional before you use baking soda
for treating your kidney disease sodium bicarbonate is generally safe but those
who have sensitives stomach may find it difficult to digest
the substance to effectively stop kidney disease from developing follow the steps
below during the first day consume half a teaspoon of baking soda place it under
your tongue on the second day mix half a teaspoon of
baking soda and salt of the same amount than 1.5 liters of water drink this for
two to three days finally reduce the dosage to 1/4 of a teaspoon and 1/3
teaspoon of salt note that although some risk factors of kidney disease may be
uncontrollable unhealthy lifestyle can contribute to its development
maintaining a healthy weight and eating healthy are the best ways to protect
your kidneys 6 reasons why you need to dissolve baking soda in water have you
ever thought about drinking baking soda after reading through its wonderful
health benefits you may want to start also called bicarbonate of soda or
sodium bicarbonate this outstanding ingredient dissolved in water has long
been used to relieve symptoms associated with arthritis indigestion heartburn and
infection consumed in moderate amounts and at appropriate times this unusual
drink can provide many benefits to the body before you start a word of caution
when drinking baking soda mix 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda into 1/2 glass
of water this is a safe dose that will relieve heartburn indigestion and other
ailments see below people aged between 5 and 60 can take up to seven doses at two
hour intervals in a 24 hour period people older than 60 should not consume
more than three doses within 24 hours if consuming the maximum dose do not exceed
more than two weeks disorders that crop up frequently should be seen to by your
doctor furthermore consuming too much baking so the water can be harmful for
people with diabetes kidney disease or chronic health conditions read more
about drinking baking soda water safely below the benefits of drinking baking
soda water drinking baking soda water periodically can boost your Heath it
works as an antacid and antiseptic which helps ease stomach and digestive problem
below are six reasons why drinking baking soda water is good for you one a
neutralized a stomach acid baking soda is best known for its antacid properties
meaning that it neutralizes acid particularly in the stomach acid reflux
disease often called heartburn is normally caused due to a number of
issues stomach acid splashes out of the stomach into the esophagus and can
sometimes reach as far up as the throat causing an unpleasant feeling however
drinking baking so the water can help neutralize the stomach’s hydrochloric
acid easing the symptoms associated with heartburn the baking soda water also
encourages burping and this release bloating and gas – it contains mild
antiseptic properties baking soda is a mild antiseptic that can be used to kill
some kinds of parasites fungi and mold to reap the benefits apply baking soda
to your toothbrush to disinfect the brush and clean your teeth you can also
gargle with baking soda water to help minimize the symptoms of a sore throat
or a persistent cough 3 it promotes more alkaline pH in the body while acidity is
necessary for effective digestion of food and overall alkaline ph and your
body is considered healthier primarily because many diseases thrive in an
acidic environment diseases of a degenerative nature like osteoporosis
arthritis and cancer have all been associated with the chronically high
acidity level in the body baking soda water will therefore bring
about a worthwhile dietary change for it can alleviate symptoms associated with
gout gout is a type of joint inflammation that happens when uric acid
builds up in the urine blood and tissues but drinking baking so the water can
balance the body’s pH level alleviating the symptoms associated with gout 5 it
can be used to treat kidney stones kidney conditions can result when the
ioniq balance in your body is disrupted acidic urine can lead to the formation
of kidney stones when this occurs treat with baking soda to restore a healthy
ionic balance discouraging kidney stone formation
six it can treat urinary tract infections drinking baking soda water
can help the body overcome the infection by reducing acid in the urine alongside
this remedy drink plenty of water and lots of cranberry juice too
how to drink baking soda water for various ailments one drink it for your
body’s pH determine whether you need to drink baking soda water for your body’s
pH by some litmus pH paper from your local pharmacy and use it to measure
your urine and saliva first thing in the morning measure your saliva this should
ideally be between 7.0 and 7.4 do so before you drink anything a urine pH
reading between 6.0 and 7.0 is appropriate in the morning and this
should slightly increase throughout the day if your pH levels are consistently
lower than s you can use baking soda water to bring your levels up here’s how
drink a glass of water with half a teaspoon of baking soda dissolved in it
twice per day drink it only between meals and continue to monitor your pH if
it’s still low drink the mix four times per day
once it is normalized include more vegetables than less acidic food into
your diet to drink it for a cold or the flu baking soda has been shown to reduce
the duration of cold and flu in fact it has been shown to eliminate symptoms
within 36 hours here’s how on the first day drink six doses of baking so the
water at two hour intervals on day two drink four doses of baking soda water at
the same intervals on the third day drink two doses of baking soda water one
in morning and another two in the evening then reduce it to just one doze
in the morning and one in the evening until the symptoms have subsided how to
protect your kidneys from damage kidneys an important organ used to detoxify the
blood remove success water and filters out the waste through urine they are
located at the back of upper abdominal cavity just below the ribcage on each
side of the spine they regulate the minerals levels and
produce certain hormones essential for body functions hence it’s important to
keep your kidneys healthy to function properly some symptoms like dizziness
change in color and quantity of urine anemia tiredness or fatigue vomiting
breathing issues eg skin sudden pain in the body etc in lighting to keep that
you’re suffering from kidney problems don’t panic we can maintain healthy
kidneys by including certain habits to our lifestyle but if you’re suffering
from any of the above symptoms from past few days or getting any pain on the
place where kidneys located then consult your doctor for proper diagnosis and
treatment as per your health issue the habits which mentioned here will help to
enhance your kidneys health and prevents it’s further damage let’s have a look at
what are the common habits that damage the kidneys on how to get rid of it one
empty the bladder timely we all have a habit of delaying the urge to urinate
while we are doing some work or in some place where you’re unable to urinate but
maintaining this full bladder for a long time will could cause damage to your
kidneys the urine that remains for a long time in the bladder will enhance
the growth of harmful bacteria which can cause kidney infections or urinary tract
infection also a full bladder will increase the pressure on the kidneys
which in turn results in renal failure so respond to the call of nature and
stay healthy to intake of sufficient water drinking plenty of water will help
the kidneys to flush out the toxins easily from the body or else they damage
your kidneys staying hydrated will increase the blood flow to the kidneys
and thereby it eliminates toxins from the body so drink at least 10 to 12
glasses of fluid daily to maintain healthy kidneys and hydrated body but
remember that drinking too much of water will put a slight load on kidneys
function 3 limit your protein diet we all are aware the proteins are good and
essential for your health but excessive intake of protein based foods like red
meat will raise the risk of getting kidney problems kidneys metabolize the
diet and expel nitrogenous the byproduct from protein foods but high-protein diet
will raise the metabolic load and thereby increase glomer other
pressure and hyperfiltration which in turn causes kidney problems so limit
your protein intake for the overall health of the body including kidneys for
reduce salt consumption whenever you consume salt in high quantities then the
kidneys need to work more to excrete the excess salt and thereby less working on
its functionality this might cause water retention in the body and increases
blood pressure and thus risk of getting kidney disease so consume salt for not
more than five grams a day about one teaspoon to prevent damage to your
kidneys and other health problems 5 quit smoking smoking is injurious to health
we all know this thing smoking damages each and every organ of the body
including kidneys it increases blood pressure and heart rate which in turn
reduces the blood flow and narrows the blood vessels in the kidneys so quit
smoking and the use of tobacco products will disrupt the kidney functioning and
increase the risk of getting kidney diseases take some suggestions from your
family doctors or professionals to eliminate this habit and stay healthy 6
reduce the use of analgesics most of us are having the habit of taking
over-the-counter pain relievers analgesics to get rid of pain
inflammation and fever but do you know that they damage different organs
including kidneys in your body it is proved in research that analgesics
reduce your blood flow to the kidneys and disturb the functioning of your
kidneys so avoid taking painkillers without consulting your doctor inhibit
if it’s necessary or else the long term use that will cause acute renal failure
or chronic kidney problems 7 avoid excessive alcohol intake drinking
alcohol will not damage your liver but also cause certain damage to the kidneys
why because this toxic substance puts a lot of stress on these organs excessive
intake of alcohol will cause uric acid deposits in renal tubules which lead the
tubular obstruction and kidney failure alcohol causes dehydration which is
another defect that disrupts the kidneys functionality if you don’t have this
habit then it’s good for but if you have then drinking in
moderation eight get enough of sleep a sound sleep of about seven to eight
hours daily is essential for overall health but due to our busy lifestyles we
are not getting that enough sleep do you know that renewal of organ tissues
occurs at night while you sleep if you don’t get enough sleep then there will
be an interruption in the renewal process which in turn damages not only
kidneys but all other organs studies have suggested that sleepless nights
raise the blood pressure levels and clog the arteries so have some healthy
sleeping habits and also maintain a good balance between rest and work for a
healthy life 9 cut down your caffeine content intake of too much caffeine
content will cause high blood pressure which in turn puts pressure on your
kidneys regular over-usage of caffeine will damage your kidneys and a little to
your heart caffeine increases the calcium excretion in urine and also
cause kidney stone problem so drink two cups of coffee and three cups of tea per
day it’s recommended to limit your intake of other caffeine sources such as
energy drinks cocoa chocolate soft drinks certain medications made from
caffeine extract etc to get rid of kidney problems 10 don’t ignore common
infections ignoring certain infections like flu cough tonsillitis cold
pharyngitis etc might be some symptoms of kidney damage people suffering from
kidney disease become more sensitive to weather changes and gets thick too often
hence avoid ignoring the infections caused due to bacteria or virus as it
damages your kidneys if not treated on time so when you’re suffering from these
common infections get treatment properly and quickly by consulting your doctor
rest your body till you feel better consider these things as a part of your
lifestyle habits to maintain healthy kidneys and thereby healthy body you

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