Reverse Liver Fibrosis by Ayurveda | Liver Cirrhosis Treatment

Reverse Liver Fibrosis by Ayurveda | Liver Cirrhosis Treatment

Greetings Mr. Vinay ji. Greetings. You are here regarding your consultation with Dr. Vikram Chauhan so, since when you are taking treatment from Dr. Vikram and for which problem? I came here on 14th June and since then I am taking the treatment. I was suffering from Liver Cirrhosis and this is something that never leaves you. When did this Liver Cirrhosis affect you? I came to know about Liver Cirrhosis in February but FibroScan was done on 26th December 2018, but even after the scan, I did not know that it is called as Liver Cirrhosis. The doctor kept giving me the medicines but I didn’t get any information about the disease. In February I came to know that I had Liver Cirrhosis. In spite of taking the allopathic medicine, it was 15.9 in may and even after having these medicines for 5 months it enhanced to 16.4. What was this? The FibroScan. It was the report of fibro scan. He did get the Fibro scan done. You remember any allopathic medicine? It was Tab. Urso. What was your initial Fibro scan reading when allopathic medicines were going on. At first, it was 15.9 Here, you can see, the first report as on 26th December his Median was 15.9 and the CAP that states how much fat is present in the liver (fatty liver) was 206 and the fibrosis/median was 15.9. OK, so it was his report in December, 2018. Yes, in 2018. Now we will do the comparison with the latest report done on 06-08-2019 the median has reduced to 9.1 from 15.9 and it had increased to 16.4 after taking the English medicine. When he came to me it was 16.4 and the CAP level was 256 and now it has come down to 178. Have you captured it, so that it becomes visible to other patients? Since when is this treatment going on? Since 14th June, I am getting treatment from Sir. Around for 2 months. I have consumed Sir’s medicine for 50 days and according to Sir I will have to take it for 40 more days. Sir recommended the medicine dose for 3 months, I took it for 2 months and have consumed it for 50 days. I felt a relief and went for a check-up in Ganga Ram hospital. How are you feeling right now? I am feeling absolutely great, as my life is returned back. As you have taken treatment for 2 months, so, which medicines you have consumed in it? In this, a medicine was Bhumi amla, other names of medicines by Sir were Yakrit Plihantak Churna, Echinacea, Livguard, and Liver Detox. These are written over here. Sir, please show us his prescription. I can explain it fully that what medicines I have taken from sir. Here, I have erased his phone number, it was Yakrit plihantak Churna with Echinacea capsules, Liver Detox, and besides these generally, I also give Tapyadi Lauh and Kalmegh. There is Phyllanthus Niruri or Bhumi Amla, I use this also. Sir, I have planted Bhumi amla in my house and taking its good and thorough care. That is Sanjivani Booti for you. It was not found anywhere else but near my banana farm. It is thrown near your area. Sir, whenever you need Bhumi Amla, I can bring you a whole godown of dried Bhumi Amla, I have it in such amount. So Mr. Vinay, where do you live? Thank you very much, he lives in Katihar, Bihar. It was a small plant and I took some time to recognize that it was Bhumi Amla as Sir used to display the Bhumi Amla plant randomly whose roots and leaves bear round shaped fruits. It is called as Bhumi Amla because it bears small fruits that are identical to Amla and basically it is Tikht Ras, when we eat it. We have a full lengthy video of yours about Bhumi Amla. Basically it is a tikht ras that calms the pitt inside the Liver. Liver is a kind of machine fitted in our body, the machine becomes hot, which is the place of pitt and we need to cool it down. Sir has explained in such an adorable way about the Liver in YouTube that I do not come here through anyone but only after understanding all that, whatever is explained in YouTube by Sir, I came here. It is a great thing. It has been explained very nicely on YouTube. If we talk about Liver Failures, so Liver failure is As I have a hope, that it is 9.1, and 5 to 7 is a super range, I will reach 7. This is my spiritual feeling. Yes, soon you will reach there. Dr. Sir, please tell us something about this Liver Cirrhosis as viewers will listen it, so provide some details regarding Liver Cirrhosis to them how it occurs and what??… Liver Cirrhosis is basically, understand it as Liver is like an immigration officer. Have you ever been abroad? In the way there is an immigration check, in which an officer scrutinizes, (asks you and checks) you whether it is right or not, in the same way the liver also is an Immigration officer which checks whether the food we eat is going into blood, or any virus, bacteria or chemical, the moment, any chemical comes, may be an English medicine, Pain killer, or an alcoholic drink, so it tries to halt it there only so that these things should not go inside the body. But when any of such things come in an excessive amount, at that time it fails to stop them and it goes into the blood. So, to digest it, Liver’s cell gets damaged, Some people drink alcohol daily, some people, what we call it, take allopathic medicines daily… Then there is their sedentary lifestyle too. He didn’t ask me where am I from? From where you are? I did ask you but you were too busy in your own conversation, then Doctor Sir told that you have come from Katihar. My name is Vinay Kumar Singh, I have come from Katihar district, Bihar. I am a social studies’ teacher at a high school known as Delhi Diwangan, Panchayat Lakhanpur and I had Cirrhosis and now I am perfectly alright through sir. That’s a very happy news, Sir and you too have taken a good care of yours, Sir, for the last one and a half year, my family and me, are totally in these medicines only. For the last one and a half year, basically you were stuck in the medicines only. Sir I have come from Patna to Delhi, but I was examined by 3, no 4 doctors in Patna only, and then came to Delhi to visit the fifth one. In Delhi, they healed me a lot such as Parathyroid by doing operation, then Vitamin D, after that ANA became positive, so was ASNA, They healed me from all these things. Alkaline phosphate was below level, SGPT & SGOT were jumbled up, these all were healed, but the Cirrhosis, instead of decreasing, it increased. It became 16 from 15; from 15.9 it went up to 16.4 to be precise. And when it became 16.4, he came to me first time. Yes, for the first time. Now it has been reduced from 16.4 to 9.1. And I am hoping and trusting do trust and am confident that the original range i.e., 7, I will reach there. You will reach to 7, 6.5 or 5. If it comes to 5, then it will be like I found God. Right now you were saying that you get up at midnight due to the happiness. From two days, when the report came 9.1, whenever I wake up in the night to urinate, I become happy that my report is 9.1 now. It means that the stress which was there, it has been eradicated. Yes, it’s all finished. Now I am feeling that I will live, that I was feeling, I could not live. A little time ago when I came, by seeing you, I didn’t feel that you are sick. says that you don’t appear sick and before coming here, now, when I went to Delhi to my brother’s friends’ place, they told that your face which I saw two months before when you visited here and today watching you, it is surprising and doesn’t feel that you are sick. Liver is like an aura in the body, aura that is called as grace, if Liver gets right, then the grace also becomes good. It fixes it’s whole body. I pay a lot of attention on food, say if 50 gms of milk chisel has to be eaten, I eat exactly the same, if 4 almonds is to be consumed then I take only 4, not 5 if chapattis have to be eaten 4, then only 4, even you still have hunger. How is your appetite now? It has increased immensely, very extremely. Earlier, you never felt hungry? No Sir. What other improvements are there? Now I like the taste of the food very much, now even after chewing a dry chapatti, saliva produces well, earlier saliva was not even produced. The food seemed bitter. Loss of appetite occurs and it doesn’t feel like eating anything due to sluggish Liver. But I used to eat 2-3 chapatis forcefully, to stay alive, as 3-4 hours have passed so it is to be eaten. Because of this only, my body is maintained for last one and a half year. The protein supplements, were prescribed to me for 4 times a day, but after Sir’s medicine I am taking it only once a day. But I take it sir, just to obey that doctor 2 spoons protein, once a day. I don’t recommend protein. I know you don’t recommend protein, I have learned all your things from YouTube. Actually, the protein is made from chemical, I don’t know how they prepare it and transfer it in a box, but my common sense says if we eat any packed food items, it would not be fresh and the chemicals that are filled in it, something must have been done with them, would so, the Liver will force to digest it. The food which is made by God, he must also have made protein, so better eat God made protein. You recommended Soyabean, so I eat it too. Eat soyabean, lentils, moong daal.. Yes, I eat soyabean, moong, our moong is pastoral, small one, Sir, that only we consume and pulses. That’s the best. Dr. Sir, as his condition has improved significantly, very early, so, such results never come too soon in allopathic, in case of this Liver Cirrhosis, even it increases for many patients. So, basically, on which principles do the Ayurvedic herbs work? See, the principle of Ayurveda is about Vata, Pitta and Kapha principles and we have to treat it upon these principles only. The strotas or channels of Pitta get blocked due to the fats. Medhdhatu blocks the pitta vyastrotas (diameters) and we have to calm down the pitta and open the srotas, the channels. Kutki opens the channels, Bhumi amla calms down the pitta, similarly, Aarogyavardhani Vati is given so that it can open the channels and get pitt virechan (purgation) done, as it is a saying, ”KUTKI PITTA VIRECHANA SARVSHRESHTHA”. Kutki is a herb and Aarogyavardhani vati contains the same. Yakrit plihantak Churna also contains it Likewise, Yakrit plihantak churna is a classical churna, it’s an old remedy that is extracted from our ancient texts, do you eat that bitter Churna? Churna, Yes Sir, I finished one bottle in one month and in this second month, took the other bottle, it is a 10 days dose that I am consuming. Is it bitter? It is bitter, but when it comes to death, bitter is nothing, even if the patient is asked to consume the poison in order to be healed, he will have it too. I didn’t put it in capsule, kept it as churna only, the reason is, because the capsule will hold a little dose only. The capsule can’t have a full dose, so a spoon of Churna, morning and evening each, contains 3-4 gms. Now, eating it has become a habit, it contains 4 gm very easily. Only the extracts can be poured in a capsule, like the concentrated extract, such as of Bhumi amla, Echinacea. Some things are possible; that Yakrit Plihantak Churna has so many herbs in it. That I do accordingly, so it can be treated with the ayurvedic principles, the principles of Vata, Pitta and Kapha. This is a very good thing. Thank you Vinay ji, for your information that you shared with us, it will motivate our viewers to some extent, and will enlighten the hope for life that they can get healed. I would like to add something, as he was not so complicated patient but he got a shock in his mind. But it was a very complicated case, Sir. I couldn’t walk normally; I was thinking how people with 40 and 60, stay alive as at 16.4 only, I was wishing to commit suicide like I could not live. I didn’t feel like doing anything. If I had got a call, I did not like to receive it, if someone had been talking to me, I didn’t feel like answering. He had 16.4, so it had such a bad influence on his heart, he went into depression. You also see other videos. Yes people with 75 reached to 25, Sir. People with 75 also reached to 25 and they are quite fine now, even it reduced more, we have made a video, it came from 75 to normal. In some people, it is reduced from 50 to normal, so, if a person with such a high fibrosis is getting normal I have uploaded those videos too, it means there is need to do work in Ayurveda I will also say this to other doctors, will request that you also do this work. It was like all ended, I had no strength in my arms, if someone would have touched these or pushed me, I should have fallen down, but now look, I have retained my power and now I can do the running, exercise, I’ve got so much stamina. Basically, in some cases I do give Tribulus Power also, have not given him. Tribulus Power, also known as Gokshura, is the extract of the Tribulus. Usually the albumin level falls in Liver failure, and it results in accumulation of water due to changes in the osmotic presssure, which is known as Ascites, and you have to undergo the removal of the water repeatedly, there is swelling in the feet, so he has to be transfused albumin and need to be given intravenous injections of albumin. So we give them Tribulus Power capsules or Musli’s extract or Musli capsules which makes the liver to produce its own albumin slowly and gradually. So there is no more scarcity of albumin and also the water accumulation in the abdomen stops and the patient gets some relax. I prescribe them Punarnava, generally allopathic medicines like Dytor & Lasilactone tablets are being taken by them, i.e the Diuretics, to flush out the water. But we have some medicines in our Ayurveda like – Punarnava tablets, if its concentrated extract is given and, the other one is, a Churna known as Mutrakrichhandak Churna, if that is used along with Yakrit Pihantak, it makes the urine to come out in larger amount. We have Punarnava capsules also for this. It doesn’t let the water to get accumulated in the stomach and what do you say, you get treated, you face no problem. Thank you very much doctor Sir, your information will help lots of patients. Thank you Sir.

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