Rise of Azshara Herbalism and Alchemy

Hey there guys! This is Reckles with WTBGold and welcome to
the most beautiful patch WoW has ever put out. Today we’re talking about everything you
need to know for Herbalism and it’s main crafting profession Alchemy in Rise of Azshara. So first off, all the profession ranks are
increasing from 150 to 175. I just happen to be such an amazing goldmaker,
that I made it to 190. Lol, I love the PTR. Bugs are fun. Herbalism is pretty simple. Not much is changing, but we are getting a
new herb in Nazjatar, called Zin’anthid. No new herbs in Mechagon, that’s actually
part of Kul’Tiras, so you get all the same gatherables. To learn rank 1 Zin’anthid, talk to your
factions new profession trainer in Nazjatar, and you’ll be able to gather an average
of 2 per node. For rank 2, just keep herbing until you get
a germinating seed. You’ll take this to a patch of fertile soil
in the Coral Grove, coordinates 55, 42, where you’ll feed Audrey 2 until he gets big and
angry. Kill him and you’ll get rank 2. Now there’s also an intro quest for this
that doesn’t count, so you might have to do it twice. Rank two gives a 25% boost per node. Rank 3 is a random item drop that you just
turn in back at headquarters and it gives a 2-5 per node, a 40% boost over rank 2. So, where should you farm? Pretty much anywhere. I usually recommend covering as many nodes
as possible for force spawning, I’ll link here to my video on what that means. That one was a lot of fun to make. Click it. But for Zin’anthid, I’ve noticed it seems
to have more nodes where the grass is purple, so you’ll be fine if you make a loop around
the east side of the map, from the Coral Forest to Zin-Azshari. Prices in the first month and a half are normally
higher than they’ll ever be again. Global prices drop 25-50% every two weeks
before settling down, so if you want to most gold for your time spent, focus on gathering
as much as you can handle during the first couple weeks. And since a lot of you have my recommended
dual-gatherer druid setup, mining is the same story. Rank 1 vendor. Rank 2 and 3 from mining. The new ore Osmenite spawns on cliffy things
and the cliffiest thing of them all is the area called Spears of Azshara in the south. Ok, let’s get into alchemy though, cause
raiders are in for a treat. First, I’m sad to say, no new transmute. There are new flasks though, greater flasks,
that use zin’anthid along with 5 Anchor Weed and 5 of one of the old herbs. Agility uses Sea Stalk. Int uses Riverbud. Strength is Siren’s Pollen, and lol Stamina
is Star Moss. Notice. No Akunda’s Bite or winter’s kiss. You’ve also got new main stat potions. And here, Akunda’s Bite and Winter’s Kiss,
again, along with Sea Stalk will see almost no demand. Akunda’s Bit and Sea Stalk are used in the
armor and stam pots. No one uses stam pots. Then you have some cool new ones I’m calling
Prepots. There are some basic ones, Unbridled fury
gives +fire damage on attack. Good for rogues and any melee with fast attack
speed. Wild mending with gives +healing on cast. Then you have Potion of Empowered Proximity,
and this one’s neat. +Main Stat per nearby enemy, so rather than
doing an AoE, the more enemies you’re against, the higher your attack power. Mythic plus. This is the Mythic Plus potion. Then you have focused Resolve, with gives
+20% damage if you’re single targeting. These are great, and I wanna hear down in
the comments where you think they’ll be best used, but here’s my thoughts as a goldmaker. These are potions are the only recipes that
use Winter’s Kiss, and only top end raiders and Mythic plus min maxers are gonna use em. The casual guys will just grab a main stat
pot, cause that’s what they know. So while the demand for old herbs are going
to be falling, Winter’s Kiss demand is going to fall a lot less if you’re on a server
with lots of progression guilds. So, your goals for day 1 are to max all these
out to rank 2 by just leveling up over at the vendor. Easiest way to go from 150 to 170 is with
Abyssal Healing Potions. It’ll cost 50 Zin’anthid. Next, get started on Nazjatar rep. Rank 3 Prepots are at revered and the new
cauldron is exalted, so do your main storyline, but there’s an additional 5000 reputation
for the first time you kill all the rares and beat all the new pet battles. So, bust out the ole unborn valkyr and ask
in your guild if anyone wants to go rare farming. I’ve got a link to my discord down below
if you want to start a group there. We’ve got like 5,000 people in it. You’ll find someone
Next flasks come from work orders, so just do a daily check for world quests. And the main stat potions drop from any naga
in the zone so if you’re ever bored, just join a gilded seaweed cloth farm and you’ll
get your patterns. Finally, when operation mechagon comes out,
some of the prepot rank 3s drop there. I want to close with 8.0 herbs, the basic
ones we all know and love, cause there’s a problem. Flippers and raiders, listen up. I did a little study on Kazzak EU, a high
pop raiding realm. I multiplied their daily purchases by how
many herbs those use, and then then looked at what would happen with the new recipes. Players buy about 3,500 flasks and 12,000
potions per day. That brings the daily AH demand to 300,000
base herbs. In the new patch, they’ll use 60,000 of
the base herbs, a drop in demand of 80%, and they’ll use 170,000 zin’anthid! People will buy Zin’anthid twice as much
as they’re currently buying riverbud! But lets break each herb down, the winners,
the old herbs that will do better than that 80% average, they’ll hold their value, are
Star Moss for sure, and Riverbud maybe. The losers were sea stalk and siren’s pollen. And the mega losers are akunda’s bite and
winter’s kiss. If you have any, dump em. The interesting one is Anchor Weed. It’s not found on Nazjatar, and yet the
new flasks require the same amount. In other words, the demand for every other
old herb is dropping by 80%, but we need the same amount of anchor weed. Wait wait, where’s that Ion clip… They want us to go out and experience the
new Nazjatar and Mechagon, but we have to spend the same amount of time herbing 8.0
zones. So what would normally happen? People would spend all their time in the new
zones, so the supply of anchor weed would gonna dry up. Half the servers out there would have 0 on
the auction house. Prices quadruple. Guilds go broke prepping for the raid, players
couldn’t afford M+ potions so they feel like they can’t progress, and alchemists
storm the forums. But, I don’t think that’s gonna happen. I’m gonna go out on a limb, and say that
blizzard is smarter than this. We have a problem with price elasticity. Flipping raw mats has become very popular,
and there are thousands of players with hundreds of stacks of Anchor Weed in personal guild
banks so there’s actually 2 supply. Here’s what I think is actually going to
happen. The first 2 weeks, the demand for anchor weed
will be constant but the farmed supply will drop dramatically, so all the flippers will
sell off their inventory and slowly raise the price. When their inventory runs out, the total supply
will fall away the price is going to skyrocket overnight. At that point, blizzard will roll out a buff,
already in place, to zin’anthid allowing it to sometimes spawn as an anchor weed. So just before it’s a problem, blizzard
saves the day and gives us a nice buff. Maybe it’s hopeful thinking, but I doubt
something as important as anchorweed wouldn’t just get forgotten on the back of a postit
note. That’s it for me though, enjoy the new zones,
stock up on anchor weed while you can. 8.2 drops tomorrow so share this with any
herbalists, alchemists, or guild leaders you know. Other than that, have a great day everybody,
good luck, and happy goldmaking.

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