Rogue Vaccine Research & HIV- Ethics/Politics or Medical Research

Rogue Vaccine Research & HIV- Ethics/Politics or Medical Research

I’ve tried I’ve tried to avoid politics
my whole life I never considered myself as very good at it and that really
wasn’t interested in it but here’s the thing you really can’t do public health
research without some involvement with ethics just like you can’t live without
being somewhat involved sometimes with politics and ethics now what’s the
politics what’s the ethics here in this video we’re going to talk about a
researcher who decided this vaccine is gonna work it’s going to help people and
you know what the review boards aren’t letting me do my research it’s a
travesty it’s unethical and I’m gonna do whatever I need to do to make this new
vaccine available it was a herpes vaccine and I’ll talk about it in just a
few minutes but before I do I’m going to talk about a one of my own stories I
understand from a personal perspective how difficult it can be to get through
human subjects review when I was at Hopkins I did a I did some consulting
with the Maryland State Department of Public Safety that included the division
of Corrections the prison system there was a day when I was driving out to a
blood drawing event at one of the maximum-security facilities they called
it The Cut. it was about 1,600 men the cut was built back at Civil War era
literally and we had to shut down that entire prison population that 1,600 men
know no more movement in no more movement out and we had to do three
three episodes of drawing blood on everybody because of syphilis
there was a syphilis epidemic going on now if you look at the history of IV
drug use and homosexual -or sex with men sex with other men by history coming
into a prison system IV drug use is admitted in 25% it’s a
little bit more when they’re on the way out then it on the way in so evidence that
there’s clearly some use inside but then the numbers of the history – the portion
of men saying they’ve had sex with other men is dramatically increased on the way
out. In other words something we all know you see it in in movies etc there’s a
lot of sex or at least there was 30 years ago maybe not anymore but there’s
a lot of sex that goes on between men in prison now why am I getting into all of
that again I had to do the the work on that syphilis outbreak but here’s the
thing do you remember by Bob Gallo he was one
of the heads of the NIH for a while and he became head of the NH because of the
announcement that I’m just about to tell you about on the way down to that blood
drawing activity for a syphilis but I was listening to the radio and it was a
major public health announcement he came on to announce that his lab at the NIH
had discovered htlv3 htlv 3 if you don’t remember was human t-cell
lymphatic virus 3 in other words at this point now we call it HIV it was the AIDS
virus at that point in time AIDS was a big big issue for the and still is I
don’t know of an issue that’s more important for the health of this
population and make population now so you can imagine what was going on in my
head the most we now have a test for the most important health determinants of
this population and we’re shutting it down so we can test the entire
population we should start looking at that well guess what happened I did
propose that and of course it was a huge political topic politically there were
concerns about are we putting men in prison and basically giving them a death sentence due to AIDS ?well that research proposal because
they had to do with inmates went straight to the the Supreme Court of
Human Subjects review it’s the human subjects or IRB it’s the human subjects
review board for the National Institutes of Health and they found they did agree
with me that that was critical to inmate health and it should be done but
it took them two years to agree to that research why did it take them so long
well you know the people that participate in ethics reviews for
research have – they come from a different world from a lot of it’s they
come from a world where they’ve heard a lot that- in that world and we know that-
it exists- man has abused man. Captive populations have been abused and used as
laboratory research animals for years in Nazi Germany it was it was a huge issue
it was done in Tuskegee Institute even though these these men were not were
not captive they were they deceived them so coming from a history like that
somebody that works on an IRB or human subjects review has to be paranoid it
and it’s not paranoia it’s it’s a concern it’s a valid concern so again I
got my research done it has it did have a huge impact on the health care in
health and prison policy for inmates in the country but let’s go back and let’s
look at what the New England Journal has to say about human subjects review in
fact they had a editorial recently called calling it a “parallel universe” did you know that there was a clinical
trial that was done on a live vaccine for herpes it was it’s under
investigation it allegedly totally avoided institutional review board IRB
is what all researchers have to go through it’s to protect the participants
in a clinical trial the principal investigator has died of cancer
he actually evidently gave injections in a hotel off campus this was at Southern
Illinois University the FDA is investigating this. He actually then flew
the 17 participants down to st. Kitts to inject them there as well interesting
huh so I tried to and this is not the the vaccine that we did a series on that
was a that’s a a killed vaccine with a lot of adjuvant stuff that it’s a very
different vaccine went through a very different process but while I was
investigating for that I came across this and there’s actually an article in
the recent New England Journal about this as much as I hate to deal with
politics again public health is about health of the public and politics really
gets involved in trying to manage and have a positive impact on health so
what’s going on here is this the bottom line is it’s a another argument between
free rights advocates or libertarian type of thought process versus
protection of public health and we’ll get into a little bit more detail in
just a minute but first a introduction my name is Ford brewer brewer and I give you a mostly science but sometimes
giving a little bit of the political background associated with the things
that disable and kill us heart attack stroke those are the big disablers and
killers a lot of information on cardiovascular inflammation which is a
big driver of this and only now just becoming recognized as a big driver we
also look at cancers and we’ve done several videos on herpes vaccine because
herpes is a significant disabler if you don’t know it you maybe should look it
up or look at some some of our other videos the FDA launches criminal investigation
into rationale vaccines that’s the name of the company over under unauthorized
herpes research so what happened here was dr. William Halford this is actually
again the new recent New England Journal of July 12th actually the first article
a parallel universe of clinical trials New England Journal of July 12 2018 and
the parallel universe they’re talking about is again the right to try
medications and procedures versus clinical trial standards
so William Halford has a PhD -or had a PhD in immunology and microbiology .he
was faculty at University of South Illinois he developed this vaccine it
was a live virus vaccine for herpes and injected himself injected others once in
a hotel off campus and then evidently another time in st. Kitts maybe he got
the idea that it’d be safer to to do this unauthorized research offshore he
actually has some some investors had some
investors with him there I guess there remaining with the company the first is
Agustin Fernandez the 3rd Agustin Fernandez the 3rd says look (he’s by
the way an oscar-winning film producer) mr. Fernandez that says film industry is
good training for running a non-traditional pharmaceutical company
because it requires thinking out of the box
Peter Thyeil or tile depending on how you pronounce it is also an investor Peter
Thiel is a an outspoken critic of the FDA and has invested in the company now
he did stipulate later on that future studies adhere to FDA requirements now
this story was broken by the kaiser Health News Senator Chuck Grassley heard
about it and the university launched a an investigation they found that he
didn’t use the IRB institutional review board didn’t get review of the study
didn’t go through either Federal Regulations follow federal
regulations or a university policy but they do on the copyright the university
does on the copyright to the vaccine I’m not sure they’re too proud of that
ownership at this point since that article was published by the kaiser
Health News the southern Illinois has launched an investigation which said he
didn’t follow what he was supposed to do these regulations or our policies
the FDA has opened the investigation and I showed a few minutes ago and the on
the first video or on the first headline no deaths or hospitalizations have happened
yet other than dr. Halfords death from a seemingly unrelated cancer one participant has said you know what
my outbreaks of herpes have declined and actually even recently gone away so
there’s a couple of people that are still major proponents now why is this a
big deal well we also covered things like the food calorie labeling law where
again there’s a significant debate regarding whether or not the government
should tell us how to practice medicine tell patients what medicines they can
take tell food manufacturers and sellers how to label their food and again the
list goes on and on and on as I’ve mentioned and we all know believe it or
not there’s a lot of literature indicating that helmet use within cars
would cause a huge decrease in car crash fatality we know that debate just never
happened we know that the debate about helmets
for motorcycles has happened we know what happened there obviously gun
control laws have happened what’s going to happen with randomized clinical
trials I don’t know but Dr Ho who wrote the article for the New England Journal
said there’s some good reasons why these these people are arguing with clinical
trials number one they say folks need Liberty which we we already talked about
they say this assumes that you and your doctor are not smart enough to assess
relevant data well that does assume that and personally I think that’s a quite
often an accurate thing it it doesn’t assume that everybody does but it
assumes that enough people that do that there would be harmful deaths this
actually reminds me of a novel that I remember reading as a teenager it was an
old classic novel I can’t remember it I tried looking it up too
to show a picture of it but it was a -I think of a barber who decided he
wanted to act like a doctor. he tied off a leg that was sick –
gangrene and I don’t remember if it killed the patient or if they had to
amputate but it was it was very similar to to this issue now one of the second
issues they say is that the current FDA and IRB regulations harm patients by
withholding helpful treatments again I understand that and that clearly does
happen but if we have no regulations around clinical trial participation
we’re not gonna get any clarity regarding what actually works and what
doesn’t and we’ll have popular treatments that hurt people third supporters of Halford believe that
scientists whose work has been rejected by peer review or violate regulatory
requirements are actually courageous heroes these folks the president of the
foundation for economic education praised how Halford as “a genius who
challenged conventional wisdom blazed new trails in scientific research
dedicated his life to helping others developed promising new tools against a
terrible affliction and lighted a path for policy changes to end the suffering
of millions” basically you’ve got debate here and you go one side may be
doing a little bit better job in terms of developing stories
reaching out to the right constituents and getting political airtime again
whether we like it or not if we want to improve the health of the public
sometimes we have to play the political games thank you for your interest

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  1. Dr. Brewer, thank you for your educational vids. This is off the subject but, the latest research showing up in the press indicates a strong need for lots of fiber in one's diet – like 30g per day for a senior male. It seems to me this amount will be difficult to attain on a low carb diet for insulin resistance. Your thoughts?

  2. Hello! I am working on my master's thesis and it involves a survey to determine what the population believes/how they feel about vaccines! If you could please take 5 minutes to answer it would be greatly appreciated!

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